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Hoaxes and Urban Legends: GRATIS - HP iPhone3G dari AppleCorp (no, Apple doesn't give away iPhones)

Whenever you receive an email that urges you to immediately forward that mail to everyone you know, there is a very good chance the email is a hoax. Please take the time to verify the message by doing a Google search before you send it on to anyone else. In most cases when you take an arbitrary sentence from the message and google for it you'll end up with many hoax warning pages as the result.

The following email is one such hoax. There's absolutely no truth to it. Apple is not giving away iPhone in Indonesia or anywhere else for that matter. A similar hoax circulated for several years about Ericson. The wording of this hoax is derived from the Ericson hoax. The most likely purpose of the Indonesian Apple hoax is to harvest email addresses for spamming them with fraud emails.

Please review:

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GRATIS - HP iPhone3G dari AppleCorp (no, Apple doesn't give away iPhones)

Example chain letter (received in April 2010):

From: Jakarta Promotion <>
Subject: GRATIS - HP iPhone3G dari AppleCorp
To: <undisclosed-recipients>

Pelanggan yang terhormat,

Kami beritahukan kepada seluruh pelanggan bahwa perusahaan kami, Apple Corporation
yang berkantor pusat di Cupertino, California US membuka kantor pemasaran di
Jakarta, Indonesia

Produk yang kami pasarkan adalah Hand Phone tipe iPhone3G yang dilengkapi dengan
teknologi GPS, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, video-audio, camera-photo, 16GB flash drive
capacity, dll.
Details produk kami silakan kunjungi:

Untuk peluncuran perdana di Indonesia, kami akan memberikan secara gratis produk
terbaru HP iPhone3G yang dilengkapi features seperti diatas.

Dengan memberikan iPhone3G ini, kami berharap akan mendapatkan umpan balik yang
berharga dari para pelanggan dan mendapatkan efek promosi berantai yang besar.

Yang harus anda lakukan adalah:

- Fowardkan pesan ini kepada 20 orang teman. Setelah 2 minggu waktu pengiriman,
anda akan menerima sebuah iPhone3G. Sebelumnya kami akan mengontak anda untuk
alamat detail pengiriman, atau

- Forwardkan pesan ini kepada 40 orang, anda akan menerima 2 produk: 1 bh iPhone3G
+ 1 bh iPod classic berkapasitas 120GB. Detail produk iPod classic kunjungi:

Harap dikirimkan sebuah copy / Cc email kepada kami:
agar kami mengetahui bahwa anda telah memforward pesan ini.

Hormat kami,
Julia Christvanie
Regional Sales Manager
Apple Corporation - Jakarta Office
Sudirman Square Office Tower, Tower B Lt. 23
JI. Jend Sudirman Kav. 45-46 Jakarta Selatan 12930

Google translation into English:

From: Jakarta Promotion <>
Subject: FREE - HP iPhone3G from AppleCorp
To: <undisclosed-recipients>

Dear Customer,

We advise all customers that our company, Apple Corporation
Headquartered in Cupertino, California U.S. opening a marketing office in
Jakarta, Indonesia

Our products are marketed mobile phones equipped with the type iPhone3G
GPS technology, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, video, audio, camera, photo, 16GB flash drive
capacity, etc..
Details of our products please visit: / iphone / specs.html

For the soft launch in Indonesia, we will provide free product
HP's latest iPhone3G equipped with features such as the above.

IPhone3G By providing this, we hope to get feedback
securities from their customers and gain promotion effect of a large chain.

All you have to do is:

- Foward this message to 20 friends. After two weeks of delivery time,
you will receive an iPhone3G. Previously, we'll contact you to
detailed shipping address, or

- Forward this message to 40 people, you will receive two products: 1 pcs iPhone3G
+ 1 bh iPod classic 120GB capacity. IPod classic product details visit: / ipodclassic

Please send a copy / Cc email to us:
so that we know that you have forwarded this message.

Julia Christvanie
Regional Sales Manager
Apple Corporation - Jakarta Office
Sudirman Square Office Tower, Tower B Lt. 23
JI. Jend Sudirman Kav. 45-46 South Jakarta 12 930

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