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Hoaxes and Urban Legends: AOL will donate five cents for baby's brain cancer operation

There are many hoaxes that encourage you to forward emails because some well-known corporate will donate money to some worthy cause for every email forwarded. Every such email is a hoax, because there is no way for such corporates to know when an email has been forwarded.

This particular hoax claims that 14-month old baby Natalie has brain cancer and her mother Krista Marie is appealing to people to forward this email, because AOL will somehow donate five cents or centavos for every forwarded email. This claim is completely fake. The Baby shown is neither called Natalie, nor did she have brain cancer. She's actually 10 years old by now.

Please review:

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Example chain letter (received in April 2008):

Has Una Obra de Amor con solo mover tus dedos

Hola Mi nombre es Krista Marie y acabo de tener una Bebita, que se llama Natalie. La Traje al Mundo, y recientemente los doctores descubrieron que mi pequeña Natalie tiene un Cáncer en el Cerebro.

Desafortunadamente mi marido y yo no tenemos el Dinero para pagar la Operación, pero mi esposo y yo conseguimos una ayuda con AOL, y ellos nos ayudaran con 5 centavos por cada persona que reciba este Correo. Por Favor, Reenvía este correo a cada contacto que tengas, y ayúdenme a darle vida a mi pequeña NATALIE.

 Se que le ayudaras!! Solo reenvía este a Tus AMIGOS!!. Dios te guarde!! Y te retribuya todas tus buenas obras
Mil bendiciones

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