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Hoaxes and Urban Legends: Bayer drug contains HIV

Whenever you receive an email that urges you to immediately forward that mail to everyone you know, there is a very good chance the email is a hoax. Please take the time to verify the message by doing a Google search before you send it on to anyone else. In most cases when you take an arbitrary sentence from the message and google for it you'll end up with many hoax warning pages as the result.

The following email is one such hoax. It claims that a drug called "FACTOR AID" or "FACTORED" manufactured by Bayer is infected with HIV and is spreading AIDS. The truth is that blood clotting agents known as "Factor VIII" were produced from donated blood and some such products were tainted with HIV before proper screening was introduced in the mid-1980s. HIV infections did result in many countries. However, current blood clotting agents made by Bayer are not made from donated blood (see Recombinant factor VIII), so there is no risk of HIV infections.

Please review:

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Papaya Juice - (NOT!) A Cure for Dengue
Hiroshima 64 years later (is actually Yokohama)
Lou Dobbs video on Immigration/Amnesty bill (dead since 2007)

Example chain letter:

It's not a joke

This drug contains HIV virus factors
دواء يحتوي فيروس الايدز

ليس الأمر مزحة

The company name that made this product is BAYER one of its products in the Middle East is the famous ASPIRIN , be aware when you buy drugs, ask where it' s manufactured and who is the supplier and if there are any local alternative الشركة التي أنتجت هذا الدواء تسمى BAYER وأحد منتجاتها يستخدم في الشرق الأوسط وهو مايعرف بـ ASPIRIN لذلك كن حذر عندما تطلب أي دواء تكون هذه الشركة منتجة له وحاول الحصول على البديل والمنتج محلياً


The medicine they are talking about is for hemophilia daises and is used on children and contains the HIV virus factor that it is called FACTOR AID OR FACTORED

كن حذراً

الدواء الذي يحتوي على فيروس الايدز يدعى (فاكتور ايد) أو (فاكتورد) ويصرف هذا الدواء للأطفال المصابون بمرض الهيموفيليا .
قامت شركة الأدوية (باير) والذي أحد أشهر منتجاتها في الشرق الأوسط دواء الأسبرين، بتسويق دواء يحتوي فيروس الايدز. وتم تسويق هذا الدواء لعدة دول منها فرنسا وأسبانيا واليابان ودول أمريكا اللاتينية وبعض دول أسيا، وذلك بعد أن أوقفت إدارة الدواء والغذاء الأمريكية ( (FDA تسويقه داخل أمريكا بعد أن أثبت عدد من المحامين للقضاء الأمريكي وجود فيروس الايدز في مكونات الدواء والذي أدى إلى قتل عدد من الأطفال المرضى وبعض أقاربهم نتيجة العدوى.

The drug used to be sold in USA but later banned when attorneys could prove its link to HIV virus and Aids disease. Eventually it was stopped in USA but still being sold to France, Spain, Japan , Latin America and other countries in Asia and middle east.

Many children with hemophilia died using this product and their infected relatives as well. You can see the CNBC TV interview on the link below.

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استخدم الرابط لتسمع ما دار بين المذيع في قناة سى ان بى سى الامريكي

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