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Spam advertising / (Kaplan College)

Since at least February 2004 we've been receiving spams advertising This domain kept popping up in the list of advertised domains produced by jwSpamSpy, our commercial spamfilter.

Since it is very rare for an educational domain (.edu) to be advertised in spam, we assumed there was some kind of mistake somewhere. We did filter those spams anyway, but only because they were sent from the domains of various other hardcore spammers, not because they mentioned /

However, we finally chose to blacklist the domain in June 2004, after having researched such spams. A Google search for complaints about spams involving Kaplan College turned up 106 postings in *abuse.* usenet-groups (duplicates not counted) made between January 2002 and June 2004. It appears that the college has been using spam to advertise its courses for more than two years. This is not exactly what you would expect from a company that's part of the Washington Post group.

We have contacted the college to ask how we got on their list of spam targets. In the meantime, will stay on our blacklist.

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