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Job offer spam: "Rizhao Electronics" (

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"Rizhao Electronics" ( is a fraud
The following job offer was sent out as spam by an organized crime group. The domain was only created three weeks before the spam was sent. The purpose of this job offer is to trick people into helping move stolen money out of the country for the gang.

From: "Emerson Gibbons" <>
To: <emailaddress>
Subject: Job offer from Rizhao.
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 02:57:35 +0500

We found your resume at careerbuilder job site and

we are glad to offer you for a job position at our company, 
"Rizhao Electronics". Rizhao Electronics specializes in the 
distribution and expansion of high technology and niche-market
of notebook computers. Established in 1991, our emphasis on 
affordability, personal service and flexibility enables our 
products to steadily compete in the world of notebook technology. 
You can visit and learn more about the company.

The average monthly income is about $6500.00
No any investments from you.
This job takes only 1-3 hours per day

About the job:
If you visited our website you should know that our company 
sells electronic products and accessories. We have sales 
representatives all over the world to distribute our 

You know, that it is not easy to start business in a new market. 
There are hundreds of competitors, close direct contacts between 
suppliers and customers and other difficulties, which impede our 
sales promotion. We have decided to deliver the products in upfront, 
it's very risky but it should push up sales on 25 percent.
Thus we need to get payments for our products as soon as it possible 
because customer can just "forget" to pay. Unfortunately we are 
unable to open bank account in the USA and we can't receive payment 
from US customers immediately. We lose about $125.000 of net income 
each month because we have money transfers delays.

Your  task is to coordinate payments from customers and help us 
with the payment process. Our sales manager sells products. Once 
he makes a sale we deliver the product to a customer (usually 
through FEDEX). The customer receives and checks the products. 
After this has been done the customer has to pay for the products. 
About 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through wire transfer.
Usually international wire transfers take 5-7 business days, but they 
can also take about two weeks. And there is no way to check transfer 
status. We need more guarantees that the customer has made the payment.

We have decided to open this new job position for solving this problem.
Your tasks are to receive payment from the customer to a bank account, 
take your income (5 percent from the amount) and send the rest to us.
Local wire transfers take less then 1 business day so it will give us a 
possibility to get customer's payment almost immediately.

For example you've got $3000.00.
You take your income : $150.00 
Send to us:            $2850.00

First month you will have 15-20 transactions on $3000.00-4000.00. 
So you may calculate your income. 
For example 18 transactions on $3500.00 give you $3150.00 
Plus your basis monthly salary is $2500.00.
Total: $5650.00 per month

After establishing close co-operation you'll be able to operate with
large orders and you'll be able to earn more.

Your income= 1+2
1) monthly salary: $2500.00.
2) 5 percent from the total amount which you receive to your bank account.

What do you need for getting payments.
You must have any type of bank account which is able to receive funds
in any of the following banks: Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, VEC Bank, 
TFT, Amcore, Citibank, Premier Credit Union, Member One Federal Credit 
Union, Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union, Zions bank, Navy Federal 
Credit Union.

If you already have an account in one of these banks and interested in 
working with Rizhao Electronics you need to mail to 
and you start working almost immediately.
If you do not have any bank account in these banks you can open it.
Opening account for US residents takes only 24 hours. Corporate bank 
account will be also ok. As you open an account you should contact to with a confirmation that your account has been 
created. It's not a seasonal job It's a regular job and you will work at
least 12 months until we open our affiliate in the USA. We understand it 
is an unusual and incredible job position. This job takes only 3-7 hours 
per week. You'll have a lot of free time for doing another job, you'll 
get good income and regular job.
But this job is very challenging and you should understand it. We are 
looking only for the worker who satisfy our requirements and will be an 
earnest assistant. 
We are glad to offer this job position to you. If you feel that you are 
a serious and earnest worker and if you want to work for Rizhao Electronics 
you need to send a letter to and you will 
receive necessary information in 1-48 hours.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. 

P.S.If you are interested in our job offer please add our emails to your 
approved cotnacts because they can be automatically redirected to your 
bulk folder. 

Rizhao Electronics
No. 1, Rizhao North Rd.,,
Rizhao   276800

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Chambers, William
   UNU/IAS, International Organizations Cent
   Yokohama 220-0012

   Domain Name: RIZHAORLTD.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Chambers, William
      UNU/IAS, International Organizations Cent
      Yokohama 220-0012

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   Record created on 01-Mar-2005.
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