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Money Transfer Job Scams: September 2009

Please be aware that:
  • No legitimate company will use bank accounts of private individuals for forwarding wire transfers from its customers.
  • No legitimate company uses employees' private bank accounts for cashing checks from customers.
  • No legitimate company uses private individuals to receive and forward parcels for them.
  • No legitimate business will pay 5% and more for international money transfers (for example, $250 out of $5000), when banks provide such services for only $30-50 per transaction and businesses and individuals can set up their own bank accounts in other countries if needed.

Any job offer that involves any of the above activities is a fraud!

Job offers on the internet such as the ones listed here involve stolen money and stolen goods. If you participate in these scams, even without criminal intent, you could be held liable and face criminal charges. If you have been recruited, contact the police and notify your bank. Do not withdraw any cash wired to your account! Do not forward any parcels mailed to your home! Talk to the bank and the police first!

From: "David Owen" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2009 3:44 PM
Subject: Re: Customer Manager

Good Afternoon

We have received your resume and we are happy to inform you are acceptable for
a Customer Manager Job.

Receive payments from our customers in your area; assist in company?
financial business.

1. Receive payments from our customers* in your area (The payment from our
customers for services provided under the contract.
You'll receive transfers from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000. An average of 2-3
transfers a week.)
2. Create reports for each transaction
3. Follow the instructions from senior manager
* All customers pass the verification control, we care of yours security.

1. Assistance in company? financial business

1. Team work
2. Basic knowledge of MS Office
3. Accuracy

1. Our customer from your region make a payment on your account
2. Withdraw money from your account and send it to our office
3. Make a financial statement on payment
4. Receive 5% for every transaction immediately + $ 3,000 every month.

To register:
1. Read the job specifications and descriptions.
2. I send you the employee? Registration form .
3. Also you will find document for inserting bank data .
4. You should fill it in correctly and send it back.
5. Send everything to
( We guarantee you complete confidentiality of your data )

You can easily find additional information on our website or feel free to ask
any questions about your duties and salary.

Best regards,
David Owen
United Kingdom, FAX: +4420 32860762
USA, FAX: +1 866-516-9578