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Money Transfer Job Scams: February 2009

Please be aware that:
  • No legitimate company will use bank accounts of private individuals for forwarding wire transfers from its customers.
  • No legitimate company uses employees' private bank accounts for cashing checks from customers.
  • No legitimate company uses private individuals to receive and forward parcels for them.
  • No legitimate business will pay 5% and more for international money transfers (for example, $250 out of $5000), when banks provide such services for only $30-50 per transaction and businesses and individuals can set up their own bank accounts in other countries if needed.

Any job offer that involves any of the above activities is a fraud!

Job offers on the internet such as the ones listed here involve stolen money and stolen goods. If you participate in these scams, even without criminal intent, you could be held liable and face criminal charges. If you have been recruited, contact the police and notify your bank. Do not withdraw any cash wired to your account! Do not forward any parcels mailed to your home! Talk to the bank and the police first!

Zeus Financial Pty Ltd
17 Belmore St, Burwood,
NSW, 2134, Australia.

my name is Michael Brown and I am Zeus Financial Pty. Ltd. Staff manager.
We have found and reviewed your resume at and decided to
offer this job to you.

Here is the information about Payment Protection Agent job position:

Job Basis
As the basis of our service is to provide payment protection deals on the
Internet we need payment protection agents all over the world. Attracting
clients from different corners of the world we should have our agents
everywhere in order to be able to provide instant payment protection
solutions (in-state bank transfers take no more than a few hours). We
engage new technologies to deal with thee-document exchange, which makes
the process reliable and safe. Our servicedeals only with the paperwork,
leaving the financial part (accepting funds on your personal bank accounts
from the buyers, and routing them to the sellers according to our
instructions afterwards) for you. We can't bare the financial
responsibility because in today's world of extremely fast solutions it is
time that is of significant importance to our clients. Having an escrow
agent in every country we can quickly transfer funds inside the country
without wasting time on the international bank transfers, and continue our
rapid growth rather than overwhelming our own bank account with inbound
and outbound transactions leading to severe hold times and probably
service interruption.

Career and Benefits
Your main task will be receiving money transactions to your personal bank
accounts and forwarding them to the next party of the payment protection
process, according to our instructions. You will benefit from the
commissions, which are 5-7% of each transaction and depend on the quantity
of completed transactions and the speed of your work + you will be paid a
basic salary of 1500 GBP per month. For your convenience there will be no
paychecks, your commission will remain in your account after every
successfully completed transaction. The money transfer fee is not included
in your commission, meaning that you will deduct it from the received
amount, not from your commission. Also you receive 5-7% of the transaction
amount. Normally the amounts that we process vary from 2,000GBP to
10,000GBP, but can go higher on special occasions.

If you are ready to proceed, please provide us with your AVAILABLE phone
number and send it back to our Staff Manager at

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Brown,
Zeus Financial Pty. Ltd.
Visit us at (

See also:

Sample email:


We appreciate your interest in open vacancy in our Company.

In the future please contact me at the following e-mail address:

The main strategic objective of River Group Inc. is to dominate in the corporate
market of internet trading by means of providing internet users with universal
and versatile financial instrument of payment for goods and services available
for sale in the web. The tactical goal of our Company is to ensure the most
reliable security level and at the same time simplicity of use and availability.

We are happy to offer you the Financial Agent position. The job qualification
does not require either any special knowledge or great deal of time and effort.

Job Requirements:

- 18 years and older;
- bank account (business account in preference);
- internet access and contact telephone where you can be reached at any time

We welcome competent and reliable attitude to work, responsibility and initiative
in search of the most efficient ways of job implementation. You have to be
available for contacts during the working hours and strictly follow directions
of the Company.

You have a chance to make a first step to your successful future today!

Each Independent Agent is provided with employment benefits after successful
probationary period (30 days). The employment benefits include:

- stock options;
- child care subvention;
- flex-time;
- business casual attire;
- professional development programs

Also you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

-long term credit (up to 8 year period);
-free training in improvement of professional skills in international
educational centers
-participation in incentive bonus programs
-unlimited opportunities for career promotion

You will find detailed description of your future job following the link:

FAQ (we strongly recommend to read) :

Complete information about our company is here:

About River Group Inc. :
President's word:
Management Team:

Some important facts:

1. You don't need to invest your own money to get started.

2. Our Company undertakes to reimburse part of expenses which are incurred in
connection with money transfer (WIRE or by Western Union/Money gram system)
should money transfer charges exceed 3. At that, your net profit will amount
to 5-8 of the total sum of payment processing operations.

3. Each remittance will be accompanied by an invoice ensuring legal validity of transaction

4. The Company offers incentive bonus program based on results of work and including
several factors, i.e. total sum of money transferred, payment processing time, etc.

If you are interested in the offered vacancy or have any questions please
contact us at e-mail address:

Please read our FAQ before asking any questions. Most answers could be found there.

We sincerely hope to see you in River Group Inc. team as soon as possible!


Jorge Benitez
River Group Inc.
HR Department
Phone: +1 (347) 756-4379
Fax: +1 3094236764

Focal Financial Group (

Wir möchten Ihnen eine Stelle des Finanzmanagers in Focal Financial Group anbieten. Focal Financial Group entwickelte sich
erfolgreich auf dem Finanzenmarkt im Laufe von mehr als 10 Jahren. Wir bieten professionelle Finanz- und Investitionslösungen
privaten Investoren sowie Korporationen an. Focal Financial Group funktioniert auf dem Markt mit dem unaufhörlich
wachsenden Potenzial und mit den neuen Möglichkeiten. Wir öffnen neue Horizonte des Erfolgs und bieten auf solche Weise die
modernen und aktuellen Qualitätsdienstleistungen an. Jetzt hat unsere Gesellschaft eine freie Stelle – die Stelle des
Finanzmanagers. Besonderheit von Arbeit eines solchen Fachmannes besteht darin, dass man mehrere private Rechnungen bei der
Transaktionen benutzt. Das ist eine der Bedingungen für die langfristige Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden, weil das
zur Vermeidung der Besteuerung (Kommissionsgebühr für Geldüberweisung, die von der Bank erhoben wird) und zur
Beschleunigung des Transaktionsprozesses dient. Aufgaben eines Finanzmanagers schließen Verarbeitung von Transaktionen,
die auf unsere Rechnungen von unseren Kunden überwiesen werden, weitere Überweisung der Geldmittel auf Rechnungen, über welche Sie genauere Informationen von uns bekommen werden. Um all das zu leisten, sollen Sie nur 3
Stunden pro Tag dieser Arbeit widmen und gewiss einen Wunsch, das zu machen, haben. Ihr Lohn am Anfang wird ˆ900 pro Monat plus 5 % von jeder Transaktion sein.

Wir bieten an:
-Weitere Training
-Kariersteigen und persönliche Entwicklung
-Training und Arbeit in einer dynamischen und freundlichen Atmosphäre
-Lohnsystem plus Bonus, falls Sie gute Ergebnisse haben

Fälls Sie für unsere Vakanz Interesse haben oder irgendwelche Fragen an uns stellen möchten, schreiben Sie bitte an unsere e-mail:
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 12:00
Subject: Online Account Receivables Clerk Needed!!!

Dear Prospective Employee,
Are you looking for Online Account Receivables Clerks for online jobs, have basic internet skills, a phone, a valid e-mail account, minimal typing skills, able to conduct business in a professional manner online via customers emails, can read and follow simple instructions, then you have what it takes to Work with us! Ability to multi task Work on your own schedule. We will even train you.

Our offices are located in the industrial section of South San Francisco not far from the Caltrain station. We are the largest tenant in the San Francisco Airport with over 25 stores through all terminals. We are a retail business providing travelers in the San Francisco Airport with beautiful stores that carry snacks, reading materials, souvenirs, and incidentals. We are looking for the best of the best.


What we offer:
A quiet comfortable work force
5 sick days per year.
Vacation time starting with one week per year.
2 paid personal days.
6 paid holidays.
Congenial working atmosphere.
401K participation after one year.
Employer paid health and dental benefits for employee.

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
Knowledge of accounting principals.
1-2 years experience in an accounts receivable position including accounts Receivable entry.
Accurate, detail oriented, and organized a must.
Strong computer skills.
Ability to communicate and work effectively with customers

Basic Pay: Negotiable

Qualified applicant will provide:
A detailed resume.
A cover letter telling us about who you are and what you are looking for.
Salary history.

Please send your resume . All emails should have word attachments to:
Yours Faithfully