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Money Transfer Job Scams: May 2008

Please be aware that:
  • No legitimate company will use bank accounts of private individuals for forwarding wire transfers from its customers.
  • No legitimate company uses employees' private bank accounts for cashing checks from customers.
  • No legitimate company uses private individuals to receive and forward parcels for them.
  • No legitimate business will pay 5% and more for international money transfers (for example, $250 out of $5000), when banks provide such services for only $30-50 per transaction and businesses and individuals can set up their own bank accounts in other countries if needed.

Any job offer that involves any of the above activities is a fraud!

Job offers on the internet such as the ones listed here involve stolen money and stolen goods. If you participate in these scams, even without criminal intent, you could be held liable and face criminal charges. If you have been recruited, contact the police and notify your bank. Do not withdraw any cash wired to your account! Do not forward any parcels mailed to your home! Talk to the bank and the police first!

(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

May be connected to:

Sent: Saturday, May 17, 2008 07:58
Subject: We give you many opportunities to get a new work!

The prospective commercial company looks for new workers

If you possess 5 free hours every week, a little experience in PC and free phone to which we can join you, you have possibility to commence cooperation with us and earn more than 2000 dollars

If you are interested in our vacancy, contact us by e-mail: and we will send you additional information.

Sincerely yours


Fargo Shipping Inc Jobs (
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

See also:

Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 01:17
Subject: Looking for a job?Good chance for you!

Hello, my name is Greg Steward.

If you are looking for 100% a legit job where you have
to work to earn
money not stay to earn money then this is the job for

Fargo Shipping Inc - As the world's largest package
delivery company and a leading global provider of
specialized transportation and logistics services,
Fargo Shipping continues to develop the frontiers of
logistics, supply chain management, and e-Commerce . .
. combining the flows of goods, information, and
Our company assumes full responsibility for insurance,
customs and tax registration of packages. You will not
have to pay customs duties and other charges! For the
initial period you will be offered a part-time
employment, later depending on your activity results
you can turn to the full-time employment. We will
provide our workers with any equipment that will be
needed for this job.
Our offices and warehouses are located worldwide
(Europe, USA , Asia)

We are currently accepting applications for Shipping /
Receiving Clerk/ Forwarding agents.
So as our business grows and our customers order big
batches of our goods, we are in need in couriers
(forwarding agents).
We employ people for a home-based work. You must
enjoy working in a fast-paced, hands-on environment and
have strong multi-tasking abilities and interpersonal
skills.This job requires punctuality, good
organizational skills and basic knowledge of Microsoft
office programs to maintain inventory and fill in
necessary forms. You have to comply with all
requirements of the company and obey all instructions
received from the company and be able to: scan, fax,
receive and forward parcels/emails, repack (if
requested), partner with major shipping companies
(FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS).
High salary guaranteed! If interested, please do not
hesitate to contact us via e-mail.
You need not any education, qualification or any
special skills. Everything you need is a great desire
to work.

Under general supervision, performs routing manual and
clerical duties related to the shipment or receipt of
materials, supplies, equipment, and finished products.
Checking goods against shipping documents, packing
goods for shipment according to specifications,
verifying identification and quantity of products,
preparing bills of lading, posting weight and shipping
charges, maintaining inventory of packaging supplies.
Receiving activities include receipt and unpacking of
goods, verifying identification and quantity,
inputting records of goods received, rejects damaged,
excess or misdirected goods, routes materials to
proper destination. Must have experience with UPS and
FedEx shipments, stable Internet connection at home.
Computer Literate a must
Ideal candidates will need to fill requisitions and
orders in a timely manner, ability to lift up to 50

- Computer basic skills (MS Office , Windows)
- More than 18 years old.
- An ability to reply promptly to the e-mails every
- An ability to receive phone calls from us.
- Weekends and holidays off (except Air Hubs);
- Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and
your dependents;

We offer excellent compensation, benefits and
opportunities for personal growth, flexible hours,
training and development, as well as the vacation
schedule. Great opportunity to work in a fast paced
environment and learn from a world-class organization.

If you are looking for a great job at a great company,
solid opportunity and a career path to success, you've
come to the right place!
We would LOVE to work with you, so reply to this
posting and send us your resume today. Don't put your
career in the hands of just anyone, put it in the
hands of a specialist.

Send your resume to our e-mail:

Welcome to Fargo Shipping Inc.

Employment manager: Greg Steward, Fargo Shipping

Additional Information:

Employment Type: Part-Time
Position Location: any

Contact Information:

Greg Steward

Fargo Shipping Inc Job Post - Fargo Shipping Inc Jobs
And Employment Resources

CargoEx (
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:56
Subject: Re: HOT- JOB!

Dear 411law, Job Seeker!

Our firm has an opening vacancy: Correspondence manager.

Please attach your resume in DOC or reach text format and apply right now. This position is limited.

Company Name

Job Category

United States

Position Type
Part-Time/Home Based

$ 35,000 - $ 50,000


Desired Education Level
High School or Equivalent

Date Posted
March 17, 2008

Job Summary:

You will make some basic tasks from your manager daily; manage personal assets; making simple correspondence operations. You don't need to have any kind of education or experience. We will make online training for position offered. You will have more information in job description document. Apply now.

Requirements: US citizenship or US permanent residency
High school or College in relevant field or 1+ years experience in management; basic computer, good verbal and grammar skills; must have a cellular phone for urgent tasks; must be able to work part-time; must provide resume for qualification process.


If you're interested send your full name, phone number, age and RESUME mailto: and I'll redirect it to our HR department.