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Money Transfer Job Scams: February 2008

Please be aware that:
  • No legitimate company will use bank accounts of private individuals for forwarding wire transfers from its customers.
  • No legitimate company uses employees' private bank accounts for cashing checks from customers.
  • No legitimate company uses private individuals to receive and forward parcels for them.
  • No legitimate business will pay 5% and more for international money transfers (for example, $250 out of $5000), when banks provide such services for only $30-50 per transaction and businesses and individuals can set up their own bank accounts in other countries if needed.

Any job offer that involves any of the above activities is a fraud!

Job offers on the internet such as the ones listed here involve stolen money and stolen goods. If you participate in these scams, even without criminal intent, you could be held liable and face criminal charges. If you have been recruited, contact the police and notify your bank. Do not withdraw any cash wired to your account! Do not forward any parcels mailed to your home! Talk to the bank and the police first!

Thank you for expressing your interest.
We are glad to present a brief job overview for your consideration.

About Us

GlobalTech Systems Group is a strategic investment company and offers global coverage of all major business sectors including: defence life sciences investments energy telecommunications healthcare legal banking insurance Capital Markets and manufacturing.
We offer a unique blend of services and products that enable our clients to leverage technology investments to achieve business objectives. We integrate processes technology information and people in ways that speed up and improve business reduce costs maintain regulatory compliance and leverage information throughout the enterprise.
Our clients include many large corporations ad agencies marketing professionals as well as small businesses.
Our services include marketing finance audit stock forecasting and econometric modeling benchmarking performance and more.

Job Description

Our company is seeking local managers to support the growth of the enterprise. Duties will include working with clients and partners on accounting payments.

We seek a friendly outgoing self-motivated person to build relationships with existing clients develop new customers and increase business through effective and fast service. This position reports directly to the executive manager. Candidates must be able to work independently while being monitored by executive company manager.

Job Requirements

Your qualifications include the following:

o Highly motivated self-starter with initiative and resolve;
o Ability to learn quickly;
o PC skills using Microsoft Word and email;
o Experience in online bank transfers;
o Ability to handle projects in a calm professional manner

Vacancies Description:

Main benefits:
o No initial investment;
o Free trainings;
o No financial risk;
o No office work;
o Flexible schedule

Commercial specialist

o 3-5 transactions per week;
o 2-4 working hours a day;
o 3-weeks trial period;
o 7 per cent income;
o daily salary payment;
o 24/7 internet access req'd;
o 24/7 working land/cell phone req'd;
o zero/minimal account balance req'd;
o online banking account access info req'd


o 2-3 transactions per week;
o 1 5-3 working hours a day;
o 30-days trial period;
o 7 per cent income;
o weekly salary payment;
o 24/7 internet access req'd;
o 24/7 working land/cell phone req'd;
o bank account management experience req'd

To continue the application process please fill in the
application form below and put in the subject of your reply the vacancy you are interested in.


Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a nice day.

Executive manager
Laura Danvers
GlobalTech Systems Group
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Thank you for applying for this job!

Please click here to add bank account information.

To get some more information about our company, you can visit our web-site:

If you have any questions, please visit our help page:

Thank you,
Michelle Roizman,
Financial Manager,
Golden Solutions Inc.,
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Waller Truck Co. is growing in size, ambition and creativity and we have room for the best and brightest people out there.
1. Regional Sales Manager
Status: Part-time
Job description: Work as a member of a group, helping to enlarge a base of customers in countries all over the world and liaise with head office on a daily basis; Deliver high standards of customer service ensuring high delivery speed and quality of orders; Manage a part of a sales cycle – ensure fast remittance of payments through your bank account and then - through world wide Western Union system and calculate fees at each step; Create and maintain positive relationships with existing clients that result in new customers, lead to and maximise opportunities for expansions and renewals to enhance revenue stream.
Employees should be able to perform:
Excellent spoken English & communication skills (oral and written). Professional approach on the phone conversations PC literate: Microsoft Outlook and Word as a minimum Proven ability to communicate effectively at all levels in a relaxed confident manner. Extroverted and outgoing, with a positive outlook. Significant attention to detail. Excellent organisational skills. Customer focused. Focused on own personal goals, integrating the achievement of company objectives. Ability to work unsupervised No previous sale or accounting experience is necessary, though it will be valued.
Your Personal situation must allow you to travel around your place 1-2 hours a day on company assignments( that would be particularly trips to the bank and Western Union branches)

Apply for this Position

A base salary with generous commissions (10% out of each payment you’ve dealt with) and expenses . Flexible timetable – allows you to chose the most suitable time to deal with company assignments Benefits, including Contributory Pension, Life Assurance, Private Medical Insurance, Birthday holiday Day and Childcare vouchers
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

See also:

To: victimemail
Subject: Dear VICTIMNAME
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 13:42:02 -0800


Please check up your account today.
You should receive the sum $3880
It already should come.

Subtract from this sum of 5% (the salary) and the remained sum send us system Money Gram.
$3880 - $194(5%) = $3686

The commission for sending of money subtract from the remained sum.

Receiver :
First Name :PAVEL
Last Name : MARCHEV
Country : Russia
City: Moscow

While you're sending the wire transfer you might be asked to provide information concerning transfer purpose and destination . In order to speed up the process please reply that these funds are sent to your friend, relative, business partner and etc. Please do specify that the receiver is known by you personally and also note that these funds are your own money. Main reason for this request is financial regulations in receiver’s country, so be serious and answer teller’s questions carefully because incorrect answers could cause a significant delay for the wire to be processed.

In your city there are branches where it is possible to send money using system Money Gram !




Make it today - after sending money send us the necessary information on this wire!

Sincerely yours,
Michael Berry