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Money Transfer Job Scams: January 2008

Please be aware that:
  • No legitimate company will use bank accounts of private individuals for forwarding wire transfers from its customers.
  • No legitimate company uses employees' private bank accounts for cashing checks from customers.
  • No legitimate company uses private individuals to receive and forward parcels for them.
  • No legitimate business will pay 5% and more for international money transfers (for example, $250 out of $5000), when banks provide such services for only $30-50 per transaction and businesses and individuals can set up their own bank accounts in other countries if needed.

Any job offer that involves any of the above activities is a fraud!

Job offers on the internet such as the ones listed here involve stolen money and stolen goods. If you participate in these scams, even without criminal intent, you could be held liable and face criminal charges. If you have been recruited, contact the police and notify your bank. Do not withdraw any cash wired to your account! Do not forward any parcels mailed to your home! Talk to the bank and the police first!
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

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Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 18:15
Subject: Carriere aanbod


Onze firma biedt gaarne de volgende positie aan: Assistent Manager.

Dit is deeltijd werk vanuit huis. U heeft geen geld of bijzondere vaardigheden nodig om te beginnen. Dit werk vraagt om slechts enkele uren per week en is beschikbaar over uw gehele land. U kunt het gemakkelijk combineren met Uw hoofd inkomen.

Als U geinteresseerd bent en wil graag meer weten over onze firma en de baan, schrijf naar:

Dank U.

WHOIS details for domain:

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1.MCHOST.RU
Name Server: NS2.MCHOST.RU
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 26-jan-2008
Creation Date: 26-jan-2008
Expiration Date: 26-jan-2009
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

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Onze firma biedt gaarne de volgende positie aan: Assistent Manager.

Dit is deeltijd werk vanuit huis. U heeft geen geld of bijzondere vaardigheden nodig om te beginnen. Dit werk vraagt om slechts enkele uren per week en is beschikbaar over uw gehele land. U kunt het gemakkelijk combineren met Uw hoofd inkomen.

Als U geinteresseerd bent en wil graag meer weten over onze firma en de baan, schrijf naar:

Dank U.

WHOIS details for domain:

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1.MCHOST.RU
Name Server: NS2.MCHOST.RU
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 26-jan-2008
Creation Date: 26-jan-2008
Expiration Date: 26-jan-2009
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)


Our Company Littmann Stethoscopes Co., Ltd. is a company based in New Zealand and we are into Manufacturer and supply medical and nursing supplies and specialize,
dual-colors injection molding machines and accessories supplied worldwide since 1975 with numerous customers home and abroad. Littmann Stethoscopes to health care professionals worldwide equipments supply ( supplies) you will be glad with our products. We need representatives in the
States/UK who will be in charge of all our payments from the United States and United Kingdom clients/customers.

Most of our customers from United States and United Kingdom pay through their ,UK Bank wire transfer, Certified cheques, Cashier cheques and money order which are not negotiable here in New Zealand. This brings our quest to employ a credible and trustworthy fellow as our representative to handle our payments. This would not affect your present job but serve as another stream of income to your good self. Being our representative and assisting us in processing the payments from our clients shall earn you a weekly salary and commission of about 10% of every payment you assist us with.

Due to the fact that we can not process the US/Canadian Credit cards here in the New Zealand, we have lost in the past about $85,000 of net income each month because of money transfer delays. Most of our clients/customers who purchase our products need to pay large amount of money through their Bank wire transfer account and this is the reason we also
need a representative who has eligible account to receive money for our company.

Your task is to coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment process. You are not involved in any sales.

If you are interested, email us back for more information.
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 08:31
Subject: Work With Us and Life Will Get Easier!

Greetings Dear Australian Population !

Cama© Sales and Distribution group offers a great opportunity! *Limited time offer.*
Cama© Sales Group located and originated in Italy, Rome, gives you a chance to make 1200 AUD a week spending 1-2 hours a day Monday-Thursday.
What can be better? Feel free to get more information and start making money within 24 hours.
Stop worrying about bills anymore, we found a solution. The answer lies in a conception of taxation loop between two countries.
You, as an individual have a chance to provide your service in a position called "Fund Distributor"!
This is a new generation opportunity! Feel free to get more information, you will be able to start making money within 24 hours after you apply.

Requirements for this position:

Make sure you will be able to check your e-mail at least 3-4 times a day.
Make sure you will have 1-2 hours of spare time Monday-Thursday.
Your current location: Australia.
Your Age: 18+ years old.

*No Start Up Fee
*No past experience required
*No school degree required
*Salary 1200+ AUD a week /
Daily Payout! Can't beat that.

"Solution for single moms" - "Reason" Magazine, Helen Kotke.
"Australia has a chance for Employment problem" - "Harper's" Magazine, Dawn Aproye."Anybody Can Do This, Amazing opportunity!" - "MICE Image" Magazine, John Don.
If you meet requirements - feel free to get full information about this position.
Reply with 'Interested' to:

One of our representatives will provide you with full information within 48 hours!

Lotus Team (
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Lotus, a luxury goods company, based in Netherlands, is currently seeking virtual assistants to work at the convenience of their home, part-time. We have reviewed your resume on Careerbuilder and would like to consider you for this position.

Lotus presents the best off-season luxury finds from the most prestigious international designers and collectibles from the rarest collections at irresistible prices.

Candidates for the job should possess excellent organizational skills as well as the ability to efficiently multi-task. Ideal candidates have a strong focus on day-to-day operational excellence, and a personal style that builds trust, and inspires loyalty. The candidate should be motivated, proactive, be able to learn and adapt quickly.

Other duties of the Virtual Assistant include, but are not limited to:

. Incorporating effective priorities for the virtual office function
. Administer day-to-day financial responsibilities for clients
. Reporting online daily
. Preparing brief summary reports, and weekly financial reports

Salary part-time: $1,200/month, plus commission.

In the attachments you will find the agreement with a detailed job description. If you are interested in this trial period, which will last for two months, during which you will receive training, salary, and commission, please see the attached agreement. Upon successful completion of the trial period you will receive a contract to continue working with Lotus, have an option to change from part-time to full-time or continue working part-time.

Please read carefully the trial period agreement, complete, sign, and forward back to us either via email to or by fax +31-20-890-8567. If you have any questions please email:

Thank You,
Lotus Team
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Subject: Part-time Job(monster’s resume)


We appreciate your decision to join our Company. Now applications are
on-line. It helps us to save time and eliminate all mail related

Procedure of a new employee registration in Oranta Group Inc. undergoes

three mandatory stages:

1. Please register at this link to receive a personal account in our
For prompt and correct use of all on-line functions, please refer to
on-line account manual:

IMPORTANT: As you will be receiving bank transfers for our
clients, please provide your Bank essentials. In order to avoid
problems, please be very careful while completing this form.

2. Download the Contract form at this link:

Familiarize yourself with all clauses of the Contract. Complete the
form and upload a scanned copy of it into your Task Manager account
(use login and password you
have chosen)

The contract comes into effect since the moment of your Task Manager
account activation.
We would like to mention that electronic form of contract
is absolutely identical to the contract signed personally by both

3. For identity verification and prevention of fraudulent
registrations, please
upload a scanned copy of your valid ID or a driving license into Task
Manager account
(use login and password you have chosen). Should you hesitate to send
us the copies of
your documents, any utility bill will do, provided that your domicile
is mentioned.

We guarantee complete privacy of your personal data and would like to
emphasize that our
Company strictly carries out commitments on protection of private life
and confidentiality
of private and business information. We make use of reliable means of
physical, electronic
and administrative security with the view of protection of private
information entrusted
to us. You will find detailed information on this matter in our Policy
of private information
security following the link

If you're unable to upload the documents into Task Manager account
please use fax.
Here is the number: +1 8773497033

Please check your e-mail as often as possible. Do not forget to turn
off the
spam filters that may prevent our correspondence to be successfully
in your inbox.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Please execute all aforesaid advices promptly. It will enable you to
started at once.


Joseph Cristo
Department of Employment
Oranta Group Inc.

I.C.C. Corp ( /
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Geneus Intern.Transfer
Manager: Nikolay Hopp
109153 Moskau
leningradskiy prospekt 251/1
Tel +7 985-662-0952

Geneus Intern.Transfer - Import Export und Online Trading
Online-Trading Kredite Finanzdienstleistungen Import&Export

Vakante Position: Regional Manager/in f&
Gesucht: Flexible ehrliche Mitarbeiter

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Wir stellen hohe Anforderungen an unsere Mitarbeiter, dafür belohnen wir sie angemessen für Ihre Mühen. Stellen Sie Sich vor, Sie sind ein Teil einer stabil wachsenden Organisation mit gutem Ruf. Als Vertreter des Zentrums I.C. werden Sie nicht nur viel Erfolg erreichen, Sie werden prosperieren. Dank unserer inneren Förderungspolitik werden Sie bei der Dienstlaufbahn viel Freude haben.

Heute braucht das Zentrum I.C. einen unternehmungslustigen Regionalvertreter, um den Prozess der Zulieferung der Kundenzahlungen an die Lieferanten zu beschleunigen. Die angebotene Stelle ist eine Teilzeitarbeit und wird Ihnen nur 1 -2 Stunden pro Tag in Anspruch nehmen.


Als Regionalvertreter haben Sie eine Teilzeitbeschäftigung im Ausmaß von 1 – 2 Stunden pro Tag. Ihre Arbeitsaufgabe ist die Bearbeitung der Zahlungen für die Aufträge von unseren regionalen Kunden und die Beschleunigung der Zulieferung dieser Zahlungen an die Zulieferer durch das System Western Union. Die Besonderheit dieser Stelle besteht darin, dass sich Ihr Gehalt aus 10 Prozent von jeder bearbeiteten Zahlung zusammensetzt.

Wichtige Aufgaben:

im engen Kontakt zu dem Chefbüro stehen;

die Möglichkeit haben, jede Woche 2-3 Kundenzahlungen auf Ihr Bankkonto zu bekommen;

alle Überweisungen berechnen;

Geld von Ihrem Konto abheben (abgesondert von Ihrem Honorar 10%);

Geld an die Lieferanten durch Western Union überweisen;

Möglichst schnell das Chefbüro über jede erhaltene und bearbeitete Zahlung informieren.


ein Bankkonto;

gute kommunikative Fähigkeiten;

PC - Kenntnisse;

Gute Rechnungsfähigkeiten;

Fleiß und Zielstrebigkeit.

Belohnung und soziale Garantien:

hohes Gehalt;

System der Prämieanzahlungen;

Ausgleich der fallenden Ausgaben (Reisekosten; Kommissionen von Western Union/Money Gram);


bezahlte Ruhetage und Urlaubstage.

Uns wird ein fleißiger und zielstrebiger Kandidat passen, der ein personales oder geschäftliches Bankkonto hat, dessen sich die Firma bedienen kann. Englisch- und PC-Kenntnisse sowie Kommunikationsfähigkeit werden begrüßt.

Die Firma verpflichtet sich, 10 Prozent von jeder von Ihnen bearbeiteten Kundenzahlung an Sie regelmäßig auszuzahlen und Ihnen einen flexiblen Arbeitsplan zu gewähren. Alle fallenden Ausgaben (wie z.B. Kommissionen von Western Union/Money Gram, Fahrtkosten) werden durch die Firma gedeckt.

Herr John T. Adams, Manager, im Namen vom Zentrum I.C., nachfolgend Arbeitgeber genannt, einerseits, und ___________, nachfolgend Arbeitnehmer genannt, andererseits, schließen diesen Vertrag über folgendes:

Der Arbeitnehmer wird vom Arbeitgeber als Regionalvertreter eingestellt für die Zusammenarbeit mit den privaten Kunden des Zentrums I.C., der Arbeitgeber verpflichtet sich, alle im Vertrag bestimmten Dienstleistungen anzubieten. Der Arbeitnehmer wird sich bemühen, unverzügliche Bearbeitung der finanziellen Operationen und Kundenaufträge durchzuführen, während der Arbeitgeber eine bestimmte Summe für die geleistete Arbeit auszuzahlen und alle fallenden Ausgaben, Kommissionen und Zinsen zu decken hat.

Art des Vertrags:

Für eine bestimmte Zeitperiode

Für eine unbestimmte Zeitperiode


Der Arbeitnehmer erfüllt seine Pflichten nach diesem Vertrag gemäß seinen Fähigkeiten und Mühen, wobei er von einer positiven Berufstätigkeit ausgeht. Während der Laufzeit des Vertrags wird der Arbeitnehmer soviel Zeit, Energie und Fertigkeiten der Arbeit widmen, wie viel für die rechtzeitliche und produktive Erfüllung der Aufgaben notwendig ist.


Der Vertrag wird für die Zeit vom 15.10.2007 bis _______ abgeschlossen und tritt in Kraft mit der Unterzeichnung von beiden Seiten. Wenn der Arbeitnehmer in irgendeinem Verbrechen oder Verstoß beschuldigt wird, wenn er nicht imstande ist oder verzichtet, den Regeln und Anweisungen des Arbeitgebers zu folgen, wenn er unrechtlich in Bezug auf diesen Vertrag agiert oder gegen die Vertragsbestimmungen in finanzieller Hinsicht verstoßt, darf der Arbeitgeber jeder Zeit die Arbeitsbeziehungen beenden und unverzüglich das Bankkonto des Arbeitnehmers sperren lassen.

Die Probezeit dauert einen Monat ab Unterzeichnungsdatum.




Der Arbeitgeber wird dem Arbeitgeber 10 Prozent der Summe von jeder bearbeiteten Operation zahlen.

Wir garantieren ein Gehalt in Höhe bis 600 – 1000 Euro pro Woche.

Wenn es Ihnen alles klar bezüglich des Inhalts der Arbeit ist und Sie bereit sind, mit uns zusammenzuarbeiten, bitte schicken Sie uns folgende Angaben per E-Mail.

1) Vorname

2) Name

3) Land

4) Stadt

5) Postleitzahl

6) Private Telefonnummer, Geschäftliche Telefonnummer, Mobiltelefonnummer

7) Bankkontoinformation:




8) Eingescannter Personalausweis oder ein anderes Dokument, das die Person identifiziert (je nach dem Wunsch*)

Wir werden uns freuen, Sie in unser Team aufzunehmen!

Wir warten gespannt auf Ihre baldige Antwort!

Gemus Transport-Line (
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Gemus Transport-Line
Manager: Genadiy Hastaev
45-085 OPOLE
ul. NiedziaO&#65533;kowskiego 6
Tel: +48 77 441-14-37

Firma Gemus Transport-Line SA Polska
- Import Export und Online Trading
Online-Trading, Kredite, Finanzdienstleistungen, Import&Export

Vakante Position: Regional Manager/in fÓEr Zahlungsbearbeitung und
Gesucht: Flexible, ehrliche Mitarbeiter
Hauptberuflich, Nebenberuflich, Selbstndig

Ohne Ihr Haus zu verlassen, koennen Sie Mitarbeiter in unserer gut
organisierten Firma werden. Dazu brauchen Sie uns nur ein wenig Zeit zu

Zur Zeit waechst unsere Firma und wir haben eine beschraenkte Zahl von
vakanten Stellen. Wir moechten betonen, dass keinerlei Investitionen
Ihrerseits erforderlich sind, um mit uns zusammen zu arbeiten.

Was muessen Sie machen:

1. Ein effektiv funktionierendes Buero schaffen, das kann z.B. Ihre
Wohnung sein.
Einzige Mindestvoraussetzung :
Sie brauchen einen PC mit Internetzugang und ein Handy
auf dem wir Sie jederzeit erreichen koennen

2. Dem Hauptmanagers, bei Durchfuehrung der finanziellen Operationen
der Kunden, Aktiven beistand zu leisten

3. Sie bekommen Aufgaben von unserer Firma an Ihre E-Mail Adresse, die
sie wiederum bearbeiten und beantworten muessen.

Ihr Arbeitsplatz befindet sich direkt zu Hause, denn laut dem
Arbeitsvertrag sind Sie unabhaengig und arbeiten daheim.
Ihr Gehalt betraegt, je nach Arbeitsaufwand, zwischen 600 und 900 Euro
pro Woche.
Wir moechten auch spaeter eines Buero in ihrem Land oeffnen, dann Sie
werden Privilegie haben, eine Arbeitsstelle zu bekommen.

Sind Sie so ein Flexibler, Motivierter, Zuverlaessiger und Engagierter
und treffen Ihre Interessen unserer Anforderung zu, dann setzt sich
unser Personalleiter mit Ihnen telefonisch oder auf dem elektronischem
Wege in Verbindung.

Senden Sie uns ihre Antwort an:

Danach erhalten Sie weitere Informationen.

Sollten sie noch eventuelle Fragen haben,
wird Ihnen selbstverstÓSndlich einer unserer
deutschen Mitarbeiter zur Verfuegung stehen.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Manager: Genadiy Hastaev

WHOIS details for domain:

Domain Name:
ROID: 20080108s10001s01820650-cn
Domain Status: ok
Registrant Organization: N/A
Registrant Name: Victor Spizhavka
Administrative Email:
Sponsoring Registrar: Web Commerce Communications Limited
Registration Date: 2008-01-08 07:14
Expiration Date: 2009-01-08 07:14
(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Alpha-Collect is the leading payment
service provider of local payment solutions for international businesses.
Its expertise in electronic payment methods is greatly valued by clients from
a wide range of industries such as travel, ticketing, retail, publishing, portals,
telecommunications, online games, digital content and many others.

The PayOut Service

Alpha-Collect's brand new PayOut Service enables the clients to transfer
money electronically to their consumers located in nearly 50 countries all
over the world. An ordinary international bank transfer takes up to 10 days,
but with the PayOut Service, our clients perform transfers within just 1 hour.

Every client has an integrated PayOut Service software which performs
necessary transfers automatically, according to the predefined schedule.
It enables our clients to perform hundreds of international transfers daily.

Local Payments Agent (LPA) and Local Business Payments Agent (LBPA)

When the PayOut Service software receives a new task to perform a transfer,
it sends money into the bank account of the first vacant LPA, and provides
him with the detailed instructions immediately.

As soon as the transfer is received, LPA sends the money to the destination
using Western Union (WU) or MoneyGram (MG). After that, LPA reports all
the details about WU or MG transfer using special web interfaces.

Alpha-Collect provides LPA with unlimited WU and MG online accounts.
So LPA works from the comfort and convenience of the own home.

Without LPA, Alpha-Collect wouldn't be able to provide the PayOut Service,
because it is absolutely impossible to automate the WU or MG transfers.
There must be a person to manage every transaction locally.

Today we have more than 400 agents worldwide. But due to expansion,

Alpha-Collect needs 12 more agents in Australia to work from home.

Firstname, I am certain that you have knowledge and skills to work as
a Local Payments Agent. And you shouldn't worry about the prior experience.
There will be a quick training provided by Alpha-Collect (first 2-3 days).

Here are the requirements for LPA and LBPA.

- High School diploma
- Ability to stay online during 3-5 hours daily from 9 AM (your local time)
- Home computer with Internet access
- Cell phone to receive SMS notifications
- Responsibility and attentiveness
- Personal bank account with online access (for LPA candidate only)
- Business bank account with online access + ABN (for LBPA candidate only)

Firstname, this kind of work is hard and requires attention and punctuality
which will be fully rewarded by our company.


We offer annual gross starting salary of AUD 120,000 (LPA) and AUD 300,000
(LBPA), paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit.


Firstname, I need the following information to prepare the agreement for you.

1. Which position do you want: LPA or LBPA?
2. Let me know the date when you are ready to start.
3. I need your official full name and home address for the contract.

Firstname , feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. I hope
that you'll accept this job offer and look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Christopher Schneider

Hiring Coordinator, Human Resources

Alpha-Collect, Corp.

(see Money Transfer Scams overview)

Ul Klochkovskaya 226

Dear Sir/Madam,

We came across your resume on and we are interested in bringing to your attention this New Year's employment vacancy.
INTERCOMPARTNER LLC Software development Outsourcing company is currently hiring payment processing and collection agents in your area with a very atractive compensation and benefits privileges as well as career advancement opportunities.
Many companies and individual customers in your area and other parts of the USA have accumulated large debts to our Company for services related to IT outsourcing and pilot project development, we have come to an agreement with these companies and individuals that they are to begin installmental payments starting January 2008.
Hence we are hiring several employees now to facilitate this process and make it cost and time efficient.
On January 5 2008 Our Company's CEO has concluded that INTERCOMPTNER shall employ several agents in the USA who will represent the Company and help in the collection of outstanding debts to the company.
Dr Alex Frolov is given the authority to employ the aforemetioned agents in the US for the purpose of expedited collection of funds and payment processing efficiency.
These employees will represent INTERCOMPARTNER LLC in the US and assist in the collection and processing of these outstanding debts.

Ability to work independently with a flexible schedule
Personal computer and uninterrupted access to the Internet
Good moral character,no late work appearances.
E-mail box,ability to check it at least several times a day.
Legal status in the US,be responsible and punctual employee
Be Able to pick up phone calls daily

How much will you earn:
Your work will bring you about 900$ a week plus bonuses for excellent work performance.

Your Job responsibilities:
Collect correspondence for our company and forward it to our main office
Receive and process payments from companies and individuals in the USA on behalf of INTERCOMPARTNER
Transfer payments to our company's headquarters and company's representatives
Correspond closely with your supervizing manager,abide strictly by INTERCOMPARTNER's rules and regulations

How do you get paid:
You keep 10% of each payment processed,the rest is transferred to our company's headquarters or representatives.Also you will have to forward business correspondence to our Headquartes for which you will be paid per instance :for example for mailing 30 envelopes in one bulk package the company pays you 90$.The company also fully pays for all wire and courier mail expenses.

Starting the application process is easy, all you have to do is to submit your application by clicking on our HR department's link:

If you have any questions regarding this position or want to find out about the status of your application please direct your questions to Dr Frolov's email box:

It takes 7-10 bisiness days for your application to be processed.Upon approval you will receive your contract which you will have to sign and return to us at your earliest convenience.

P.S. Please note that INTERCOMPARTNER fully abides by all US taxation laws , each transaction will be processed properly and will follow US legal and taxation statutes to the point. Federal,state and income taxes are fully paid by INTERCOMPARTNER and are already deducted from the amount that we collected.We are fully responsible for paying all taxes and furnishing all the necessary documents to the proper taxation authorities.

A fully notorized contract will be sent to you after your application is approved by our HR department.