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Money Transfer Job Scams: June 2007

Please be aware that:
  • No legitimate company will use bank accounts of private individuals for forwarding wire transfers from its customers.
  • No legitimate company uses employees' private bank accounts for cashing checks from customers.
  • No legitimate company uses private individuals to receive and forward parcels for them.
  • No legitimate business will pay 5% and more for international money transfers (for example, $250 out of $5000), when banks provide such services for only $30-50 per transaction and businesses and individuals can set up their own bank accounts in other countries if needed.

Any job offer that involves any of the above activities is a fraud!

Job offers on the internet such as the ones listed here involve stolen money and stolen goods. If you participate in these scams, even without criminal intent, you could be held liable and face criminal charges. If you have been recruited, contact the police and notify your bank. Do not withdraw any cash wired to your account! Do not forward any parcels mailed to your home! Talk to the bank and the police first!

ProCardio Group Ltd. (

Same scam as NuCardio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (,,,

From: Peter Saldelman <>
Date: 06/14/07 01:18:54
Subject: Trial period offer from ProCardio Group ltd.

Dear victimname

On behalf of ProCardio Group Ltd. I would like to thank you for taking the time to apply for a position of Regional Administrative Coordinator for our team in Australia.

After careful consideration of your qualifications, it has been decided that you meet our minimum selection criteria for the position offered. Now that we have taken your application further I would like to briefly clarify some of the key points related to the job offer. More detail will be revealed later in the employment agreement.

Company: To become familiar with our services please refer to our website at
Job Title: Regional Administrative Coordinator

Duties: The position entails the communication and coordination of activities of workers engaged in one or more projects. Administrative Coordinator may perform work of a similar type and level as that of subordinates. Administrative Coordinator provides liaison with clients and reports to senior management.

Wage Details: Once you are hired, your base salary starts at $52k (plus commission on every project you close and bonuses when your team meets its goals). The base salary is paid on a weekly basis.

Benefits: 9% superannuation, 4 weeks annual leave and 15 days sick pay. When benefits and bonuses are added to the base salary, the average total compensation for this position would be at least $61,000 annually (after deductions).

Working Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (1 hr for lunch) – your local time zone.

Job Location: Travel/relocation is not required. You can work anywhere just as long as you have access to the Internet. Day to day communication with clients/employees is held via email and / or VOIP telephony.

Minimum Job Requirements: Computer literacy, basic math skills, good interpersonal skills, ability to work independently and communicate with co-workers and customers.

Costs and Fees: There are no costs.

Advancement Potential: Administrative Coordinator, as a key person in one or more projects, will find significant challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Further Hiring Process: We are offering you a position within our company on a trial basis for two weeks starting from the beginning of the work. This is the period when you will be trained. You will receive online support while working and being paid. The evaluation of employees on a trial period is usually done at least 3 days prior to the end of their trial period. During the trial period, the supervisor can recommend termination. At the end of the trial period, supervisor makes his final decision.

Next Step: In order to proceed please submit your details once again via email and confirm that they are correct and up-to-date (your details will be treated in the strictest of confidence):

Current address:
Landline and mobile phone numbers:

I assume that you would be able to start working as soon as possible. Please confirm this. Also, during the next several weeks, please keep me informed of any deadlines that you may be facing (i.e. pending job offers, current employment obligations). Thank you once again and feel free to email me any questions that you may have at this point.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Saldelman
HR manager
ProCardio Group Ltd.