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Job offer spam: (2004-07-22)

Other job offer scams: is a fraud
The following job offer was sent out as spam by an organized crime group. The domain was only created in 2004, even though on their website the company claims to have been in business since 1998. Surely as a web design company they would design a website for themselves as soon as they got started?

The fake company website contains text lifted off, the site of a Houston web design company. For example, compare these two paragraphs:

The fake...
...versus the original
ITC has been in the web application development and website design business since 1998. Located in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, ITC designs, develops and implements custom software applications designed to meet our clients needs. That's why we can say that we are the realistic solution to the Internet. We give you, the client, what you want: custom design based on your specifications. To learn more about our services, click on a link below.
IST has been in the web application development and website design business since 1996. Located in Houston, Texas, IST designs, develops and implements custom software applications designed to meet our clients' needs. That's why we can say that we are the realistic solution to the Internet. We give you, the client, what you want: custom design based on your specifications. To learn more about our services, click on a link below.

The purpose of this job offer is to trick people into helping move stolen money out of the country for the gang. By withdrawing cash and forwarding it by Western Union or MoneyGram, the money becomes untraceable to the police. If you have been recruited:

  • Do not withdraw or forward any money that arrives in your account or you may be liable for that amount.
  • Contact the bank and alert them to the fraud.
  • Report the fraud to the police.
From: "Assistant manager" <>
Date: Tue May 10, 2005  1:27:33 PM US/Pacific
To: <emailaddress>
Subject: [ITC] Job offer.
Dear Firstname Lastname,

We took a keen interest in your information on the web. It fully
meets our requirements. And in this regard we offer you a position
of a Manager in Info Tech Community, Inc. If you are still in search
of a secure job and if you got interested in our offer, please, respond
to this e-mail. 
We will be delighted to answer any of your questions and to give
you some more details on this opportunity.
Your personal id is:"xxXxXXXXxx"

with due respect,
Assistant Manager of Info Tech Community , Inc.

Another email:

From: Alexander Kozlov <>
Date: Thu May 12, 2005  11:21:55 AM US/Pacific
To: Firstname Lastname <emailaddress>
Subject: Re[2]: [ITC] Job offer.
Reply-To: Alexander Kozlov <>

InfoTechCommunity, Inc
666 Fifth Ave, #310
New York, NY, 10103
Phone/Fax: (928)223-8374


My name is Alexander Kozlov.

I am Assistant Manager of InfoTechCommunity, Inc.

I thank you for your response and will be very glad if you find
interesting the detailed information given at the attached PDF
files and on our web site and get
back to me at your earliest convenience.

P.S. Please read attentively our General Instructions and FAQ 

Thank you very much.
Alexander Kozlov
Assistant Manager of InfoTechCommunity, Inc.


Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for that you have revealed interest in our offer and contacted us! We are sure you would like to know the details of our business and the duties you are going to perform. Regarding this we below enclose the following article of general description. As a result of expanding web-design business InfoTechCommunity, INC needs a Partner willing and able to perform as Project Assistant.

The main objective of the partnership program:

InfoTechCommunity specialists from Marketing Department did an extensive research, which proved that the most effective way of increasing sales volume of web templates and web design services is creating a number of subsidiary companies. The advantage of having such subsidiaries lies in having different business names sell our web design services. It is very simple, imagine you already have a registered business (if not, do not worry, the process of incorporating is easy and we have a few very helpful hints on how to do it), InfoTechCommunity will create a website in the name of your business, which will be selling our products online. As a president of subsidiary company you will be entitled to 10% commission on gross sales realized via your subsidiary website. I would like to emphasize that once you are done with registering business and opening business and merchant accounts at bank your only responsibility will be subtracting 10% commission from all funds incoming to your business bank account and transferring the rest to InfoTechCommunity.

As a Project Assistant you will perform the tasks listed below:

1. To register a business in your state (city).

* It is up to you to make up the name for the company but it is necessary that it reflects its activity—in our case it is selling Internet Technology solutions. The company must be registered as a Corporation (please, see “How to incorporate” PDF file).

* It is great if you already have a business name. It can considerably expedite the starting up process.

2. To open a business account in a bank.

* It should be done for the purpose of receiving payments from the people who will order web design services from your website. The compulsory condition with regard to the account is that it is provided with on-line access service. Your commission will be also available in this account.

* It is created for companies only. It means that if you have a registered business you can easily open the business account. For opening it you just need to have THE CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION and FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number).

3. To open a merchant account in a bank.

It is opened on the basis of the business account and THE CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION. Unlike business account merchant account is set up to process customers' payments, but you cannot accumulate funds on it for it is only a transit account. Thus, all transactions will be processed by merchant account to be finally accumulated on business account.

The next step of our teamwork is creation of an online shop (original subsidiary website for selling webdesign services ) for your new company. This work will be done solely by InfoTechCommunity, INC because it will require definite skills and experience in programming and web-design.

After the above-mentioned steps are fulfilled we launch our joint project. InfoTechCommunity specialists will commence a large-scale advertising campaign of your Internet shop. Our experience has proved that already the next day brings in the results. The daily volume of sales averages 50-70 units of product, each of them costing $10-50 (average $30). The approximate gross daily income from your affiliate website equals $1500 at the beginning and up to $2000 when the site is fully promoted. According to the provisions of your Employment Agreement you will be entitled to a 10% commission on gross sales of units of product via your affiliate website, consequently, your net daily profit will be in the vicinity of $150-200. This compensation will be available on your business checking account. Your estimated personal monthly income will accordingly be in range of $4500-$6000.

After the launched project acquires its final desired shape your major responsibility will be managing business account (withdrawing your 10% commission and transferring the balance to InfoTechCommunity.). All technical and customer service questions will be settled by the specialists of InfoTechCommunity, INC. No knowledge of information technologies is necessary on your part.

I would like to draw your attention that InfoTechCommunity’s offer is for those busy people who wish to work full time in some other company and at the same time have a side income which will require minimum of time and effort. Let me emphasize the fact that NO special talent is needed from you! NOR will you do any retail operations! Your mission in the whole undertaking is just to register the business and open business and merchant accounts. It is going to take some time at the very beginning, it's true, but in the long run you will only have to care about withdrawing money from the business account. You will never have to advertise or sell anything. Should you have any questions while working as InfoTechCommunity Project Assistant you will be provided with our professional guidance and exhaustive instructions by e-mail or over the phone. Communication by e-mail will be playing the prime role during your engagement. The e-mail address from which you will be obtaining all starting up and further instructions and to which you will be referring with all your questions is the following:

Use this e-mail address for clarification of every question you might ever have. We would also like to notify you that according to our security policy a routine background check will be done on you before executing the signed Employment Agreement. Since we are engaged in on-line business we cooperate with law-enforcing bodies. But we hope that in your person we will find a conscientious and responsible staff. We would highly appreciate your efficiency and desire to contribute to developing our joint business. Our primary concern is to have you working in our company for as long as possible!

ATTENTION! All rights for the program complex and webdesign services of the Internet shop, which will be installed on the dedicated server are reserved in the sole and undivided possession of InfoTechCommunity, INC.

Please, consider the Employment Agreement (PDF file) carefully and make sure everything is clear to you. If you agree to the terms and conditions of the Employment Agreement, you should print out the document, fill in all necessary information in neat print letters, sign and fax it at:


The documents required by the Employment Agreement (ID with your photo, utility bill) must be scanned in good quality and e-mailed at:

After we receive the signed copy of the Employment Agreement with your personal information as well as the scanned documents it will mean that you will be added to our database for verification check of your personal information. This procedure is going to take up to 4 business days and upon its completion your Personal Manager will get back to you with first instructions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and starting a strong business relationship! God bless you and your family,

Nicolai Rozental

Head of International Trade Department,

Staff and Program Coordinator of InfoTechCommunity, INC.

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