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Computer viruses

The explosive growth of internet connectivity had one unpleasant result: Explosive growth of email worms.
Ubiquitous use of email, especially when it connected mostly computers using the same CPU family and running the same family of Operating Systems, provided a convenient method for spreading worms, i.e. computer viruses that multiply by emailing themselves to other unsuspecting users.

Despite the availability of effective virus scanner software, there is no end in sight. To the contrary: The fact that viruses can act as Trojan horses that get inside of powerful computers, taking full control over their high bandwidth internet connections, makes viruses increasingly attractive to criminals, who make money by sending billions of spam emails. Spams sent by trojaned computers can rarely be traced to the originator.

Fighting the continuous spreading of viruses requires better education of computer users, wider use of up-to-date virus filters and more efforts by internet service providers.

jwSpamSpy virus filtering jwSpamSpy, our spam- and virusfilter for POP3 mailboxes, filters viruses such as Netsky, Sober, Swen and many others. It's semiautomatic virus reporting assistant allows you to quickly notify ISPs about viruses sent by their customers so they stop endangering others.

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