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Phone number spam

Some types of spam do not advertise websites. Potential customers are given a phone number to call. Mostly these spams advertise fraudulent "university diplomas" from fake universities without courses or a campus.

Here is an example.

If you receive such spam advertising phone numbers not listed here or if you have any information about the spammers or how to fight them, please contact us!

List of phone numbers advertised in spam

The following phone numbers were advertised via spam emails (last updated: 2006-08-12 07:26:00 JST)

1-206-202-1674;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-202-1768;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-202-2443;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-202-3789;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-202-4258;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-202-4492;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-203-2266;"Diploma spam"
1-209-396-8415"Diploma spam, 2005-11-11"
1-206-279-9144;"Diploma spam"
1-206-333-1261;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-338-3579;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-339-4862;"USAAID spam (Nigeria) -"
1-206-338-5773;"Diploma spam"
1-206-339-6475;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-350-3702;"Diploma spam /" 
1-206-350-6135;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-350-7325;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-350-7390;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-350-7828;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-350-8893;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-666-2839;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-666-6485;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-666-6663;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-888-0462;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-888-2435;"Save the Children USA spam (Nigeria) -"
1-206-984-0021;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-984-0106;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-984-0667;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-984-0555;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-984-1178;"Diploma spam /"
1-206-984-4222;"Diploma spam /"
1-260-846-2507;"Diploma spam"
1-270-813-0808;"Diploma spam"
1-270-818-7244;"Diploma spam"
1-310-495-0934;"Judicial Judgments,"
1-314-219-2907;"Diploma spam"
1-320-514-4240;"A Genuine College Degree in 2 Weeks"
1-347-710-1776;"Diploma spam"
1-413-376-9218;"Diploma spam - [Choice One Communications]"
1-416-765-0028;"United States Healthcare Database spammer"
1-416-765-0029;"United States Healthcare Database spammer"
1-450-224-9275;"Canadian Subsidy Directory"
1-501-632-2606;"Diploma spam"
1-501-635-2214;"Diploma spam"
1-509-463-3650;"Diploma spam"
1-646-514-7482;"Diploma spam"
1-717-427-5771;"Diploma spam, 2005-12-28"
1-800-839-9032;"Make money returning phone calls"
1-816-817-0917;"Diploma spam"
1-866-322-3376;"Canadian Subsidy Directory"
1-877-467-2636;"ext: 213; Casino Industry"
1-877-798-8717;"Ext:75; HomeBiz"
1-888-217-8670;"Make money returning phone calls"
1-888-963-3438;"Judicial Judgments,"
1-916-724-6109;"Diploma spam"

Who is behind the phone number spam?

Some of the above numbers appear to be related to a 'diploma mill' called Strassford University.

Who to contact about phone number spam

You can contact the phone companies whose numbers are being advertised illegally (any spam sent without a valid postal address is a federal crime under the "CAN SPAM ACT of 2003").

Phone numbers 206-202-3789, 206-339-6475, 206-350-3702, 1-206-350-6135, 206-888-0462, 1-206-984-0021 and 1-206-984-0667 are shown as unlisted in the Seattle area and are all attributed to International Telcom Ltd. in Washington.

    International Telcom ltd.
    417 Second Avenue West 
    Seattle, Washington USA 98119
    Local: 1.206.312.1598
    Toll Free:1.866.312.1598
    Fax: 1.206.479.0009.
    Email us at
For a long time we were puzzled why this company was used for these criminal activities (sending spam without including a valid postal address is a federal felony). Then in February 2005 we came across an article on "419 baiting" (exchangig emails with Nigerian scammers to waste their time). This article recommended setting up a free voice / fax mailbox with to give the scammers some numbers to call without revealing one's home phone or fax number. I checked out the K7 website and was intrigued when the FAQ explained that such phone numbers are allocated in the Seattle area (206). So I went ahead and created an account. It was in the 206-350-xxxx range, like four of the above diploma spam numbers. Phone calls and faxes to such voicemailboxes are forwarded as audio file attachments to an email address provided by the customer. Using the service provided by K7 and it's parent company ITLtd allows the criminals to hide their email address. K7 and ITLtd don't know the full identity of their customers either, but at least they can cancel the criminals' accounts.

In addition to the phone company, you should also report this illegal activity to the Washington State Attorney General's Office

and to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission:

Last but not least, you can also call the number advertised in the spam and tell them what you think of the spam, in as many or as few words as you like. If it's a free-dial number (e.g. 1-888, 1-866) then it's the owner of the called number who picks up the charge. You can even call such numbers more than once, in case there was something you forgot to mention the first time. Naturally, we don't want you to abuse these numbers ;-)

Note that unless you call from a pay phone the recipient might learn your home or office phone number.

The following webpages show which companies handle what prefixes in the 206 and 212 area codes.

Other useful links:


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and  D E G R E E S<br>
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