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Spammers hitch a ride on Google Earth

In June 2008 I came across a spam that was offering Google Earth, a free beta product by Google. Why would someone other than Google promote Google Earth, a product that makes no money, I asked myself. A little digging soon provided the answer.

The links in the email take you to "" and "", which have no connection to Google. Both had only just been registered. Click on these links will take you to "" and on to "" (again, no connection to Google) where you get a choice of several subscription plans, ranging from one year at $2.49 per month to three years at $12.97 per year -- for downloading a free product that these people don't even own the copyright to!

So it's an obvious scam.

You can get the real Google Earth download for free at, by the way and it's a great product which I have used too.

Sample spam:

Secret Images from Space. Real Photos from a Orbiting Satellite.

Go here to watch video

Search and find different star constellations.
Locate and find comets, asteroids and other heavenly bodies.
A new perspective from our tiny planet.

Explore the universe & our galaxy here

Find your way around town - Search schools, parks, restaurants, & hotels. Also included, driving directions.
Searchable geographic maps - Search and then zoom in! Save and share your searches with your family and friends.
View in 3D and 2D - View the entire world in 3D! Tilt and rotate 3D terrain and buildings.

Go here to visit website

Have a Great Earth Day!

Thank you for your interest,
Steven Nantel
Sales VP

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