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Trojans targetting Brazilians

In our spamfeed we regularly come across Portuguese language spams obviously targetting a Brazilian audience, which attempt to trick them into running programs off websites, which install Trojan horse software on their computers. This allows third parties to gain control over their computers and use them sending spam and other criminals activities.

Here is an example:

From: <>
To: <emailaddress>
Sent: Thursday, 29 September, 2005 12:00
Subject: Seja um Big Brother Brasil



Did you click on the link? The mail claiming to be from the producers of the TV show "Big Brother Brasil" really links to an executable program for Windows, that installs software on the victim's computer. The above copy of the spam only links to this message. The target file in the original email contains Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB.pq

The criminals who do this have a sense of humour, using the domain "" to host the malware.

Other examples were made to look like electronic greeting cards from a greeting card service.