Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

A few years ago I created the Scam-O-Matic (www.scamomatic.com), a website that every month has helped thousands of people worldwide by automatically diagnosing online fraud emails that people have submitted to it. Scamomatic.com recognizes fake lotteries, “dead customer” scams, “dying widow” scams and many other common formats from scammers from Nigeria that you may have seen in your inbox before. Even when it can’t pinpoint the exact type of scam, it often recognizes it as a generic scam format, largely thanks to the presence in the email of UK phone numbers that start with +44 70. These numbers are everywhere in Nigerian online scams, regardless of the precise scam format. The +44 70 prefix might as well be called the country code of Nigerian scammers.

If you receive any email that mentions any +4470 phone number, do not reply to it! You can submit the body of any suspicious email message to www.scamomatic.com for instant feedback about what kind of scam it might be.

These +4470 numbers are a gift to online scammers by British phone regulators. They are primarily owned by obscure British phone companies offering an anonymous call forwarding service. The economic model of these services is simple: The caller dials a rather expensive UK number and the UK service provider forwards the incoming call to a somewhat less expensive to call international number (for example a Nigerian mobile phone, which remains hidden from the caller), pocketing the difference between the call rates. For example, the caller might pay 50 cents per minute to call a +44 70 number and the call will then be forwarded to a Nigerian mobile phone that costs 25 cents per minute, leaving 25 cents per minute as a net margin for the service operator. The more successful the scammers are, the more money the phone company makes. Who ever said crime doesn’t pay?

These UK phone numbers are very attractive to scammers: When people can be made to believe that they are dealing with a bank, lawyer or government official in London, UK when they’re actually talking to a scammer on his cell phone in an Internet cafe in Lagos, Nigeria then they are much more easily defrauded by criminals.

As far as I can tell these numbers aren’t really being used for any other purpose than to enable international online crimes to be committed. In some nine years of tracking Nigerian scam emails, I have yet to come across a single legitimate user of a +44 70 number. I really don’t understand why the British government has allowed those services to continue to operate.

Now, of course the service operators can claim that they don’t know that their services are being used for criminal purposes unless someone tells them about it. On the other hand, they are not exactly making it easy to report abuse and the high prices of these services means that it’s unlikely that they’ll get much legitimate use, if any.

There are several ways to curb abuse, other than suspending +44 70 numbers altogether and I would encourage the UK government to seriously consider them:

  • The UK regulators could make it a requirement that calls via this service either originate in the UK or terminate in the UK, i.e. to prevent unrestricted global relaying, with say calls from India or the US being forwarded to Nigeria or Côte d’Ivoire.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to announce the country name of the phone number to which the call is being forwarded if the destination number is not a UK number.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to block forwarding to mobile phone numbers in certain countries, e.g. Nigeria

Below is a sample list of +44 70 numbers that appeared in Nigerian scams reported to Scam-O-Matic over the course of the last seven days. These roughly 60 phone numbers per day are only the tip of the iceberg:


599 thoughts on “Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

  1. here is and other scammer Sir Daven Morgan from Scotland, he is a sweet talk
    he is on facebook after you think he is the best he ask you for your info about your checking account
    This is the phone # he have 44 70 8766 7521

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  4. Hi, I just want to ask if this number is also a scam? +447024054467

  5. Facebook he said is Rasford Carlos from Salford UK is a fake the number is +44 70 4578 3942

  6. Is phone number +44 70 3199 2221 also a scam? Mr Padilla Marcus Nonso has given me this number from the UK. When I call I am forwarded to another call.

  7. how about this one
    it is a scam or not???


    The Hilarious Oil and Gas London United Kingdom welcomed you for your success!

    This is a confirmation that your experience and qualifications were found success for Hilarious Oil and Gas London United Kingdom.

    Please attached a document that contains the prototype of its contract for reading and approval of the review and acceptance of this agreement, sign on the last page and send us a copy of the scanned page of acceptance.

    Now you will need to contact the Dora Travels Agency to acquire their Visa work permits of residence in order to live and work in the United Kingdom.

    You have to scan and send the signed contract letter to HR Department relations manager’s email (hrhilariousoilngas@hilarious.com ) http://www.hilariousoil.com/uk, Phone +44(7)031969152 for our confirmation approval of your acceptance, and Dora Travels Agency and apply for your work permit Visa/residence, find Dora Travels Agency contact details in your attach contract appointment letter.

    This is consistent with the right expatriate statues of the United Kingdom, in accordance with the law of the U. N. Terrorism.

    You need to update us the process between you and the Dora Travels Agency in the case of the Council, if necessary, and make sure that you give them the UK requirements for quick Visa/Residence/work Permit process from their Office, and also remember when the hard copies documents entirely will deliver to any address of your choice.

    There will be an exercise in orientation and training compulsory for all expatriate workers recently, which will be held in Hilarious Oil and Gas London United Kingdom, and this program will launch (7) days after employees arrival for the work of the session.

    If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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    Nelson Walter
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  8. Regarding:

    (hrhilariousoilngas@hilarious.com ) / http://www.hilariousoil.com/uk, Phone +44(7)03196915

    Yes, that’s a scam. Basically any job offer with a +44 70 number in it is a scam. Also, “@hilarious.com” is a free webmailer, not an oil company. Real corporates don’t use free webmailers for job offers or any other business.

  9. What about this number

    +44 70 88773432

    Someone called me today from that number on my work cell phone number …. ?!?!?!?!?

  10. I have been chating to someone from Newham- UK. He is very nice . He is now sailing to Australia for a month, he said he works for Maerks and his phone number is +44 70 8766 9624. His name is Areli Samuel, is he a scammer? Please I need to know this. Thanks

  11. I am from HK and I was got a call this morning. The phone number is +44 70 8855 4931. Are they calling oversea now?

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  13. Reporting new number +447937459922 from Mr. David Lamberson. I’m one of the victim today and I was very very upset !

  14. To anybody asking if phone number +4470… is a scam, the answer is “YES”!

    There are virtually no legitimate users of such numbers.

  15. Back

    by Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:25 am

    See the image
    Emmex Express Shipping
    Woburn House upper Woburn Place,
    London WB4QDBP
    Tel: +447 03199 6572
    E-mail: uk@emmexexpressshipping.com
    Emmex Express Shipping
    Elnasr Street, near to Almarasem,
    Tripoli, Libya
    Tel: +218 215 586 694, +218 215 589 184
    E-mail: libya@emmexexpressshipping.com
    Emmex Express Shipping
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  16. Is the 447537410227 also fraud?
    Please help me out here…
    Thanks in advance.

  17. Need help to check for this number +17406523996? Is it fraudster or not? He told me that he’s from Liverpool – UK.

  18. hi,

    Getting calls from +4470 2827 0215
    I believe it’s a scam

    Just wanted to add this number to your list.

  19. Report for scammer and fraud – This number is used by a fraud person or scammer in the internet using the email donald.astor46@gmail.com And using number +447864209848 / +447937416047.

  20. Some asshols just called from +44 70 6731 215 and try to tell me than my computer is infected and he want to fix and secure it with me. He ask me to turn on my PC and he will help me…stupid ass. People! Don’t let them trick u!

  21. friends am recieving various emails and some one is telling me to call that number for comfirmation…is it a scam as well?? please guide me

  22. Some nignog just called from +44 70 6371 215 and claimed to be from Microsoft. These shitbags think we’re that stupid? Also, how many nigerian princes are there? I Guess a lot since “dey wuz kangz n’ sheeit”.

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  24. I recieved a scam call from this number today on my Norwegian mobile number (while in Spain!): +44 70 6731 215. I never answer numbers I don’t recognize, and have never been scammed yet!

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  28. Please help !! Is 44 70 4204 1555
    A scam??
    I am a vulnerable & naive person and this guy claims his name is Patrick Scott Walter on Bolton , England or UK or whatever ?

    I’m kind of scared. Please advise

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  32. > Please help !! Is 44 70 4204 1555
    > A scam??


    If it’s a +4470 number and they claim to be based in England then it’s a scam!

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    Is this a scam? I received a job offer for uk, I am from the Philippines by the way. Please help me, I already received the soft copy of the contract. The deal is too good to be true, that is why I am having second thoughts.


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  39. Another scammer?? He told me his name is Ruben Mendoza from Boardman, US but he uses this phone number +447042058846. I met him on an online-dating page. Please help me to find out the truth.

  40. Dear Riana,
    I got contacted by a guy using that number as well, he told me he’s from Budapest, Hungary and currently living in Houston Texas, I did the phone look up for +17406523996 and found out the code area is from Lancaster, Ohio. And of course he got another number which is using the Redmont, Washington’s code area. so, what do you think?

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