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Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

November 8th, 2009 · 420 Comments

A few years ago I created the Scam-O-Matic (, a website that every month has helped thousands of people worldwide by automatically diagnosing online fraud emails that people have submitted to it. recognizes fake lotteries, “dead customer” scams, “dying widow” scams and many other common formats from scammers from Nigeria that you may have seen in your inbox before. Even when it can’t pinpoint the exact type of scam, it often recognizes it as a generic scam format, largely thanks to the presence in the email of UK phone numbers that start with +44 70. These numbers are everywhere in Nigerian online scams, regardless of the precise scam format. The +44 70 prefix might as well be called the country code of Nigerian scammers.

If you receive any email that mentions any +4470 phone number, do not reply to it! You can submit the body of any suspicious email message to for instant feedback about what kind of scam it might be.

These +4470 numbers are a gift to online scammers by British phone regulators. They are primarily owned by obscure British phone companies offering an anonymous call forwarding service. The economic model of these services is simple: The caller dials a rather expensive UK number and the UK service provider forwards the incoming call to a somewhat less expensive to call international number (for example a Nigerian mobile phone, which remains hidden from the caller), pocketing the difference between the call rates. For example, the caller might pay 50 cents per minute to call a +44 70 number and the call will then be forwarded to a Nigerian mobile phone that costs 25 cents per minute, leaving 25 cents per minute as a net margin for the service operator. The more successful the scammers are, the more money the phone company makes. Who ever said crime doesn’t pay?

These UK phone numbers are very attractive to scammers: When people can be made to believe that they are dealing with a bank, lawyer or government official in London, UK when they’re actually talking to a scammer on his cell phone in an Internet cafe in Lagos, Nigeria then they are much more easily defrauded by criminals.

As far as I can tell these numbers aren’t really being used for any other purpose than to enable international online crimes to be committed. In some nine years of tracking Nigerian scam emails, I have yet to come across a single legitimate user of a +44 70 number. I really don’t understand why the British government has allowed those services to continue to operate.

Now, of course the service operators can claim that they don’t know that their services are being used for criminal purposes unless someone tells them about it. On the other hand, they are not exactly making it easy to report abuse and the high prices of these services means that it’s unlikely that they’ll get much legitimate use, if any.

There are several ways to curb abuse, other than suspending +44 70 numbers altogether and I would encourage the UK government to seriously consider them:

  • The UK regulators could make it a requirement that calls via this service either originate in the UK or terminate in the UK, i.e. to prevent unrestricted global relaying, with say calls from India or the US being forwarded to Nigeria or Côte d’Ivoire.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to announce the country name of the phone number to which the call is being forwarded if the destination number is not a UK number.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to block forwarding to mobile phone numbers in certain countries, e.g. Nigeria

Below is a sample list of +44 70 numbers that appeared in Nigerian scams reported to Scam-O-Matic over the course of the last seven days. These roughly 60 phone numbers per day are only the tip of the iceberg:


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  • 1 Mary Foster // Nov 13, 2009 at 17:30

    Not ten minutes ago I received an email announcing that my email address had won a large amount of money and a2009 BMW. I copied the phone number and submitted it to Google, which brought me straight to your website. Thank you for being there!
    Mary Foster

  • 2 Joe Wein // Nov 13, 2009 at 17:49

    I’m glad the blog posting was helpful.

    Here are more:


    +44870 and +44871 numbers are also abused, but unlike +4470 appear to some have legitimates uses too. Here are such numbers from submissions:



    Spanish mobiles:


    Dutch mobiles:


    Belgian mobiles:


    Nigerian mobiles:


    Benin mobiles:


    Togo mobiles:


    Côte d’Ivoire mobiles:


    Senegal mobiles:


  • 3 vineeth // Nov 20, 2009 at 23:41

    i also received an email that i have won a bmw x6 car and 7500000 great britain dollor what i want to do

  • 4 haseeb ali // Nov 21, 2009 at 22:45

    i received a message yesterday that my email account has won a large amount of money who ever sent me this message is a dog,cheater,bitch,kuta,dalla,sucker but thank you for being here and one time again he is a ………. ……… and panchode

  • 5 Derek // Nov 23, 2009 at 02:41

    I just ercieved a 75oooo win from a belgim website +32489909169 i just googled the number and it brought me straight to your websitethanks!!!

  • 6 Alessandro // Nov 25, 2009 at 18:11

    i received a message on my facebook profile !!
    i can’t understand if it’s a scam!
    so, in the mail, was wrote that an unlucky man was died in a car accident.
    So this is a part of the mail:

    Here in after shall be referred to as my client. On the 24th of June 2006, my client, his wife and his only daughter died in a motor accident along Kpalime express Road.Since then I have made several enquiries here to locate any of my clients extended relatives,

    this has also proved unsuccessful.After these several unsuccessful attempts,I decided to searcht-through with his name which motivated me to contact you, to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you.

    in the end this barrister was wrote:
    Mr. John Emile(ESQ)
    +228 9210 514
    can you help me???
    ps. im sorry for my bad english!

  • 7 Joe Wein // Nov 25, 2009 at 20:57


    It’s a “next of kin” scam, also known as a “dead customer” scam:

    If you copy the message you posted into it will also tell you that is the type of scam.

    It’s an advance fee fraud where the fake “lawyer” wants to trick you into sending cash to him by Western Union or MoneyGram. For example, he will claim that there is inheritance tax to be paid or that some documents need to be notarized, which costs money.

    People who try to “inherit” such non-existent money left by the dead person (who never existed) will lose thousands of euros / dollars / pounds.

    Never reply to such emails. If you have already replied, break off all contact now.

  • 8 Alessandro // Nov 25, 2009 at 22:20

    @Joe Wein

    thanks a lot for your help!

  • 9 Frank Cruz // Nov 26, 2009 at 23:34

    here’s another one

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I hope this finds you well as this will be our fourth and final notification to you. We write to inform you that we have already sent you $5000.00 USD through Western Union as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full compensation payment of Ј800,000.00 British Pounds via WESTERN UNION by the Nigerian Government as compensation to you for being defrauded by some Citizens of Nigeria.

    I have sent you three emails containing the information’s for pick up, in the space of two weeks and no response from you.

    This email contains the Senders name and also the MTCN. Please get this information and locate any Western Union Office nearby to you for immediate pick up, so as to enable us expedite action in sending another $5000.00 USD as you are aware that we will be sending you $5,000.00 USD until the entire amount is completed.

    Here below is the information for the first $5000.00 USD;

    Senders Name: JANE ADAMS
    MTCN: 067 178 0089
    Question: WHY
    Amount: $5000.00 USD

    As soon as you pick-up the payment, quickly confirm to us by contacting our OFFICE at Telephone: +2348071448744 Email: . We shall appreciate it if you Call or E-mail us once you pick up the 5000.00 USD. Please endeavor to send us your Mobile Number or Home Number so we can also reach you through phone.

    Thank you for your time and concern.

    Sonia Fisher


    thank you for this post
    I will also submit this to the District Attorney’s office in NYC
    I have contacts there

  • 10 madina // Nov 27, 2009 at 03:52

    I have recieved mail that won 500,000.00 USD. Is this scam? They didn’t ask me any money or bank account yet. But the letter was written in Russian.and I transleted it. I’m confused. Please answer me.

    Dear Lucky Winner,

    This is to inform you that our office as the regional Coordinator of Australian lottery zoned under London United Kingdom Branch has been duly notifid of your winning.
    I am Mr. Belson Milton the fiduciary aggent assigned to your case.I wish to congratulate you on your victory; you are a lucky person to have won thisFive Hundred Thousand US dollars (500,000.00)

    Your email address was amongst those chosen during promo program from our new Java-based software that randomly selects email addreses from the web from which winners are selected.
    You maybe surprised that you recieved the Notification without applying for our lottery promo.Know that this lottery is sponsored by the MICROSOFT COMPANY AND THE BMW MOTTO COMPANY as promotion and also their social welfare to the masses.

    The lottery was conducted electronicaly by selecting over 10000000 email addresses and website and your email address won you this money.

    You are required to forward the following details to help process your winning Certificate which will facilitate the release of your $500,000.00 to you.

    Mke sure all information is correct and to the best of your knowledge to avoid lossing your prize.

    Date of birth………..
    Cell phone number
    Home phone number..
    Fax number…………..
    ************************************************** ******
    Return immediately so that we can process Your file And Have your money transferred to you.

    Once again,Congratulations.

    (Fiduciary clayms agent)
    Mr. Milton Belton.

  • 11 Joe Wein // Nov 27, 2009 at 08:47


    Yes, it’s a scam. *Any* lottery winning notification by email is a scam because real lotteries do not notify winners by email!

    Also, real lotteries do not use +4470 call forwarding services or mobile numbers. If you see a +4470 number in an email to you, assume the email is from a Nigerian scammer.

    The scammers often use Google Translate to make non-English versions of scam formats, except in the case of French language scams originating from Cote d’Ivoire and Benin.

    If you copy & paste the English version of the scam into it will correctly recognize it as a fake lottery scam.

  • 12 Gordon Shaw // Nov 27, 2009 at 10:57

    I recently recieved this e-mail.
    Their is also another i would like you to look at once i get another contact.
    This one has been going on for about 6 months.
    Is their someone i can contact to report them?

    TEL: +447031847703






    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6503809428.





  • 13 Joe Wein // Nov 27, 2009 at 11:39

    More redirection numbers and mobile phones used in scams:

    UK international redirection:
    UK international redirection:
    Nigeria mobile:
    Benin landlines:
    Benin mobiles:
    Ghana mobiles:
    Cote D'Ivoire:
    South Africa (mobiles):
    Spain (mobiles):
    Netherlands (mobiles):
    Belgium (mobiles):
    China (mobiles):
  • 14 Joe Wein // Nov 27, 2009 at 14:44

    #Gordon Shaw:
    > This one has been going on for about 6 months.
    > Is there someone i can contact to report them?

    The police will not normally take action in international online scams unless you’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    See the 419 FAQ for information:
    * I want these guys arrested. What must I do?
    * How can I report scams to you?

    Beyond Scam-O-Matic you can also report the scams to the abuse departments of the webmail providers that they use for communication.

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  • 17 Chris // Dec 2, 2009 at 06:30

    I, from the other hand, was less lucky than you all. Unfortunately, I gave them 430 euros today via Western Union. The thing is, I am not so interested in getting my money back – of course if that was possible I would be more than happy – but, I gave them my home address and, to tell you the truth, I am afraid that I should have an unpleasant encounter some day. Please tell me if I have a chance of getting my money back and, more important, if I should be worried that I should see them in my doorstep one day. Thank you

  • 18 Joe Wein // Dec 3, 2009 at 14:48


    Scammers love to use Western Union because it’s untraceable. Essentially they remain anonymous. There is virtually no risk for them.

    WU is a one way street for money: once it’s been picked up, there’s no way to get it back. You can only cancel the payment until pickup, as long as you’re prepared to give up the wire transfer fees you paid. That’s why WU should *NEVER* be used with people who you do not know personally in real life. Do not use it to pay anyone who you only know by email address or phone.

    As for your home address, most of these scammers live in Nigeria or other parts of West Africa and would have a hard time getting a visa to come to the US or UK or many other Western countries. Generally there is little risk of personal encounters unless you travel there to meet them. There have been kidnappings and murders of 419-victims who travelled to South Africa or West Africa as part of an Advance Fee Fraud, but I am not aware of any documented cases of such violence in the US or in Europe.

  • 19 Joe Wein // Dec 3, 2009 at 14:49

    And yet more numbers listed in scam reports:

    UK (international redirector):
    Nigeria mobile:
    Nigeria (land line):
    Cote d'Ivoire:
    Benin (mobile):
    Ghana (mobile):
    The Netherlands (mobile):
    South Africa (mobile):
    Spain (mobile):
    Belgium (mobile):
    China (mobile):

    If you receive any email that mentions a +4470 phone number, do not reply to it! You can submit the body of any suspicious email message to for instant feedback about what kind of scam it might be.

  • 20 Danilo Saab // Dec 3, 2009 at 23:29

    A few minutes I received an e-mail the Ambassador of Nigeria, saying that I had received a job opportunity …. logo doubted …. so I went behind in the number of such Rt Hon Gordon Brown gave me and found this site!
    Helped me a lot!!
    Thank you!

  • 21 santosh // Dec 9, 2009 at 04:20

    i received an sms saying you have won 550000 dollars in 2009 microsoft mobile draw. I just called up the number they have provided me.
    They said to send the contact details to email id they have provided. it is
    I doubted about this because, if it was geninue microsoft then, they would have provide with microsoft id or hotmail. not gmail.

    I have called the guy sir johnson scott as in the sms. Now i see this is a fraud. i haven’t sent any mails, but i made a call to above number. Would this lead to any fraud from my end in future.

  • 22 Vlada // Dec 10, 2009 at 08:12

    Just received the SMS from +22996353807
    “Congrat’s Your mobile number has won $165,000.00 GBP in the Nokia Promo. Call Terry Stephen +447011184113 or email: for claims.

  • 23 Melanie // Dec 11, 2009 at 19:19

    in the www I serched for a car and found a very good one on “”. I´m from Germany. And the seller wrote me in english. I´m sure, that it is a scam and say yes too (remember: If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!). The person don´t know, that i know. Is there any chance what I can do? I mean, these people have to get punished. The E-mail-Adress is:, the Phone-Number is: +44 703 182 1315

  • 24 Joe Wein // Dec 11, 2009 at 21:08

    Yes, these criminals should be punished, but in practice that rarely ever happens.

    Car sites such as “” are full of scammers,especially fake escrow scammers and forged check scammers. Basically any business transaction or job offer or any other email that mentions a +4470 phone number must be assumed to be a scam.

    Unfortunately there is little chance of getting these people arrested. The police will not get involved in online scams unless you have already lost money (they have too many cases of completed crimes to spend time on attempted ones), and even if you *have* lost money, they usually close the case forlack of evidence, because such transactions are too anonymous.

    This person could be in any country worldwide, from Russia to Romania to Nigeria, where the German police could not touch them. Any name they give or passport image or address is fake. Usually there is no more to go by than an email address and a mobile phone number.

    Because international online fraud is rarely ever investigated and prosecuted, education about scams is so important. By the time someone has lost money it is already too late to do something about it.

    In the case of the +44 70 numbers the best thing that could happen is for the UK government to suspend these widely abused phone forwarding services.

  • 25 Joe Wein // Dec 11, 2009 at 23:05

    More scam phone numbers from the last twelve months:

    Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 2009.

  • 26 Qaisar // Dec 15, 2009 at 20:06

    Thanking to you for this information becuse I recieve a fifa world cup hotmail ID reward of $500,000 dollars and now I release that it is a farud.


  • 27 fatima // Jan 1, 2010 at 21:51

    i m very musc worried plz help me its a fraud but personal
    .i am having a case of the starting from +4470

  • 28 Kamesh // Jan 14, 2010 at 03:33

    Dear Sir,
    I have received a job offer from Harrington Hotel, London from Mr.Barry White, Vacancy

    Department Manager. And i have contacted Mr.Barry White in the number +447024092775/+447024065596. Mr.Barry Whites that i have to pay 100 GB Pounds for
    immigration/visa and has asked to send me email to, Iam now realised that its a scam email, thanks for the website

  • 29 banti soni // Jan 16, 2010 at 13:26

    sir, muje apki skim samaj me nahi ai please message 9784261587

  • 30 Joe Wein // Jan 16, 2010 at 14:18

    @banti soni,

    I’m sorry, I do not speak your language (Hindi?). Please repost your message in English.

    If you received a message that mentions a +44 70 phone number then it’s almost certainly a scam.

  • 31 Lalita // Jan 23, 2010 at 08:50

    Thanks a lot for all the info provided. Got saved from sending any money after reading all the reports on this page.
    Had received emails from;;
    Address mentioned:
    Express Claims
    Compensation Claims (Office & Administration)
    serving Manchester area
    441 Cheetham Hill Road,
    Manchester, Lancashire, M8 0PF
    Phone nos: 44-871-2455964 –Dr. Wilson Roland
    44-871-2455879–Dr. Johnson Brown

    Unfortunately I emailed the claim form giving my personal details & scanned copy of my passport . Is there a way by which I can prevent identity theft?

  • 32 sathissh // Feb 11, 2010 at 02:49

    I have got a mail specifying that i have won $1m..can
    i give my personal details.please help me

  • 33 Joe Wein // Feb 11, 2010 at 13:27


    do not give criminals your personal details.

    Real lotteries do not notify winners by email. Also, real lotteries do not operate internationally. Therefore, any “winning notification” by email is by definition fake. Also, presumably (since you posted in this thread) it contained a +44 70 phone number and such numbers by themselves virtually guarantee that the sender is a fraudster, as these numbers are used almost exclusively by criminals. I have yet to come across a single legitimate UK company that uses a +44 70 number.

    If you have any suspect email that you want to report or have checked, you can copy and paste the entire message text of that email into the “Scam-O-Matic” webform to get instant advice about it:

  • 34 mohd.akbar // Feb 13, 2010 at 22:34

    Sir send me details of shell international mobile draw @ my mail id

  • 35 Joe Wein // Feb 14, 2010 at 07:07

    It’s a Nigerian scam. There is no such draw. Shell does not run any kind of lottery.

    This is a scam run by criminals, probably from Nigeria, who want to trick people into sending them money for various “fees” and “taxes” they tell people need paying before the prize money can be paid out. There is no prize money because there is no lottery. The only money that changes hands is from the scam victims (fake “winners”) to the criminals (fake “lottery”).

    Any email that you receive that mentions a +44 70 phone number, whether it is a lottery notification or a job offer, is a SCAM, it’s not real!

  • 36 ecam // Feb 19, 2010 at 07:38

    I recieve and email from on dec 2009 that mentioning that i’m the winner of mobil promo and win USD600.000.00,until know the person incharge and bank still call me to effect the tranfer cost,should i proceed the requested?.bank name was cater allen bank plc uk,email bank cater allen,customer@live com, i already paid rm1000.00 for 1st cot requested,if it’s scam how could i claim my money back

  • 37 Joe Wein // Feb 19, 2010 at 13:34


    I am very sorry to hear you’ve sent them money. Unfortunately it’s very unlikely you can get any of it back. These criminals are hardly ever caught, because they hide behind free webmail addresses, mobile phone numbers and Internet cafes.

    Rocketmail = Yahoo and Hotmail as well as Gmail and many other free webmail services are anonymous because they are free. No real bank or major company would use free webmail addresses for business.

    The police in most countries usually does not take any action against online scammers who are based abroad.

    Every lottery winning notification by email or SMS is a scam. If an email mentions a +44 70 number, assume it to be a scam.

    If you get any other suspect emails, copy and paste the email text into htpp://

  • 38 Arun Gupta // Mar 8, 2010 at 19:40

    Please Draw Chq Send . I am Waiting.

  • 39 Jeff // Apr 15, 2010 at 20:51

    I got some emails from a man in the uk saying a man died in 02 with his family. He said i was the next of kin and thus could accept his estate worth the equivlent of arround 9.8 million pounds. Aperntly he was the mans lawyer. I comtacted him after finding out from family i had a lost uncle by the same name, but it is a comon name. The man sent paper work for me to fill out for the bank. I searched for the bank online and found it with the same director he mentioned. The only info he has asked for was to confirm my name, vauge location, and phone number. He spicificly said he would perfer to be in contact by email because of scams like listed here. I googled the phone number he gave me and got nothing. I could not find a death record online, but it is a comon name, and i got a lot of hits on google. So i decided to get a second opionion from someone and you are very well recomended in these maters. The only remaning reason i am weary is because you can tipe anything anywhere and make it look true. Do you think this is a scam or for real?

  • 40 Joe Wein // Apr 15, 2010 at 23:19

    Jeff, if this guy used a +44 70 number the answer is straightforward: Yes, it’s a scam.

    These numbers basically have no legitimate users. They are only used by scammers in Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, etc. to make people believe that they’re based in the UK when they are not.

    A real lawyer in London would normally have a +44 207 or +44 208 or +44 203 number.

    An inheritance like that almost certainly would not be handled by email. Banks and lawyers like their communications to be verifiable, such as phone calls that can be recorded, or faxes that can be traced to landlines.

    Banks and most lawyers do not use free webmail addresses.

    I would recommend copying and pasting all the emails you have received into the webform for verification. It can point out most of the common scam markers.

  • 41 Julia // May 12, 2010 at 10:28

    I got email who told me can help solve bank fraud for my case so I send over first US$1,200 and on the second time he asked for $4,000 my sister alarmed so I check thru internet found you blog. I don’t believed the money will return to me, but I hope you can find them don’t give them more chance to cheat:
    The person’s fake name(I guess): Charles Stanley
    He introduced himself work for IMF, British as Lawyer and Senior Auditor
    NAME: Mrs. Jane Maxwell

    ADDRESS: Oxford House 76 Oxford Street London WID IBS UK


    The whole email coming back with him are pretty real, until this phone number come then I realized I got cheated. They asked money thru Western Union and I guess no way to return since they already pick up. If you can stop them and I will appreciated you let me know.

  • 42 Manuel // May 28, 2010 at 00:27

    Here’s a new angle. I received this email after responding to an investor profile. He identified himself as Harry Smith
    (Read Below)

    I am in receipt of your e mail and i have reviewed your business plan. (I didn’t send a business plan) I would like to tell you that we are interested in funding this deal and we would like
    to do business with you.We are a financial investment company located in london,UK and we are hoping to venture into the investment market which is the highest growing and paying in the world in spite of the financial crunch the world over. I would like to know if you can call me so we speak more on this. I would like to discuss more with you on this.Please get back to me and let me know when you will be calling me and call me on

    +447024098802 , +447024022840

    Also get back to me and let me know if you will need these funds as an equity secured against the business or if you will want it as a loan with calculated interest on it.We are open to Joint Venture partnership and co-investment with long term business relationship that will last over the years even if it means with us doing the financing.

    Please get back to me now with a reply on this so that we can proceed. I really hope to do business with you.Wait to hear from you now.

  • 43 Joseph Dayondon // Jun 4, 2010 at 16:30

    I have already submitted an information regarding my passport number, resume with complete details before I discovered that the “Day Star Limited, London is a scam.

    What will I do to legally inform the public or even the UK government that I am a victim of an “Identity Theft”?

    Pls help me before somebody illegally use my name and even information about me.

    Thanks in advance.


  • 44 marge // Jun 16, 2010 at 18:52

    hi! i have received this email when i applied a job online..and this is the reply..

    CAn you help me with this! Thank you!


    Inbox X

    Williams Cole
    Hello, How are you? You are welcome to my home here in the UK, but what i rea…

    Jun 11 (6 days ago)
    Williams ColeLoading…
    Jun 11 (6 days ago)
    Williams Cole
    to me

    show details Jun 11 (6 days ago)

    How are you?

    You are welcome to my home here in the UK, but what i really need is someone who can take care of kids. Actually I need two nannies. Truly, I need a foreign Nanny either male or female .I know that there are a lot of Nannies in UK here but is just that i need a Nanny from outside that is caring, loving, motherly care and well determined that can take good care of my kids for me .Hopefully you will be my kid’s Nanny and do according to your words.

    I don’t play with my kids at all because they are the apples of my eyes I work because of them and i can pay so much on them. My advice to you is that you should be involved in the expenses to reach here in United Kingdom and i shall be responsible for refund for every expenses made by you immediately you get here. Why I said so is that i have paid for 2 Nannies in the past months which they did not come to my home but went to somewhere else and that is why I vowed that any Nannies that i will employ, will be involved in the expenses, just for me to be sure that you will not do like the past Nannies and that you are ready to work with my family here in UK because I don’t want someone who don’t care about kids because i cherish my kids a lot.I will give you assistance in the expenses.

    The total cost of securing papers(UK VISA,WORK PERMIT,UK IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) is 2650 Pounds Sterling. So I will shoulder 2450 Pounds while you will shoulder 200 Pounds Sterling. Hope you are ok with this. I will be responsible for your air ticket.

    The reasons why I wanted you shouldering that amount is:

    :Due to the signed agreement I have with the British consulate office due to what the other nannies did.I shouldered every expenses for them but they went to another direction…I thought the travel agency had deals with them.
    so I charged the matter to the British consulate office here in London but later discovered that the travel agency never had deals with them. At this point I was made to sign an agreement that any nanny I will employ as a foreigner will be involved in the expenses but will be refunded back his or her money immediately he or she arrives UK here in London.
    Hope you are ok with this.

    The British consulate office told me they will compensate me by approving visa and papers to any application of nanny in respect of my file to their office.

    So you have 100 % assurance of coming over to work for me in London.

    Don’t worry about the United Kingdom, it’s a nice place to stay and which I hope you will enjoy staying here with my family and you will have the access to internet In fact I have a personal PC at home for myself but my kids usually play games on their own PC, i will get you a computer to start using for your own use. All expenses made by you will be refunded immediately you get here.

    The travel agency will get visa for you and will be directly responsible for all the documentations, including Visa, Working permit, and the verifications of your identity in collaboration with the Home office. Because of the current terrorism in the United Kingdom, your documents will be properly verified by the home office.

    They will apply for visa on your behalf in the UK Home Office here in United Kingdom and when the visa is ready the UK Embassy in your country, will call on you, so that they can endorse the visa on your original passport. Just follow any instructions i give you because that will make things a reality.

    The duties I’m looking for are as follows:

    1-Supervise breakfast with the children in the morning and get them off to school
    (Collect my 2 KIDS of ages 4yrs(daughter/Tracy) and 6yrs(son/Mikel) old from school at 3.40pm.)
    2-Some Housework/washing/ironing as required on a daily basis
    3-Supervise homework, music practice and fun activities or take children to after school activities.
    4-Prepare and cook an evening meal for everyone at about 6.30-6.45 Up to two evenings child minding per week.
    5-Weekends and Bank holidays would be free that there will not be much duties to carry out.
    6-Occasional weekend work would be offered by prior negotiation.

    I normally leave for work at 7.00am and get back at around 6.30pm although some flexibility is useful.
    I am offering a live in position with full board (we eat well in this house!)

    1-Separate Toilet and Bathroom.
    2-TV,different type of video machines.
    3-Personal computer already Internet on.
    e.t.c for you and i will make sure everything goes on well with you and with my kids.
    If you don’t mind I can arrange for you any language school and school if you wish.

    My offer for you for a week is 800 sterling pounds and i will provide your accommodation e.t.c.

    Best Regards,
    Williams Cole
    +447045716285 ,
    The Geological Society,Burlington House
    London W1J 0BG

    I am a Geologist
    Your employer is a widower.
    The contract is 4 years renewable type.

    You can travel for vacation to your home town during the kids holidays.
    Your vacations air tickets will be handled and taking care of by me.
    Also during your vacation your salary still read.
    Resumption date is 10th July 2010
    An urgent reply is needed as soon as possible.

  • 45 Joe Wein // Jun 16, 2010 at 22:30


    It’s a scam.

    In fact *every* UK job offer that mentions a +44 70 phone number is a scam. Any mention of such numbers shows that the person contacting you is not actually based in the UK at all.

  • 46 anam // Jun 16, 2010 at 23:58

    I have received this e-mail and when I typed the mentioned number on I reached your website.
    My name is David Baxter . Family attorney to Late Engr Saman. Mrs. Saman informed me on your good intention to save the $22 million . As the family attorney i assure you the best of my service for the success of the $22 million in your account as dominated by Mrs. Saman.

    In the attachment are my identifications. I am married with 3 children . Please i don’t know if you can come to London on or before 3 days to present your self before the British court probate registry for the change of ownership of the $22 million in your name.

    If you cannot come to London you will have to scan any of your valid identification and email it to me. I will use it to prove your existence before the British court probate registry to secure the documents for the transfer of the $22 million in your name.

    You decide on the 2, because we have no time for delay. If you cannot make it to London then you have to scan your identification and email it to me immediately together with your full address contact and phone number.

    I will like to know from you if you country will demand for tax when the $22 million is transferred to your account.

    I expect to hear from you immediately . Mr. Saman is in the hospital and she have an operation by next week. I hope your family will put her in prayer .My family has been praying for her.

    Please print out the agreement form which is the last attachment. Fill in your complete name , your house and office complete address , sign your signature . Rescan the agreement form and send it back to me.

    Thanks very much for being there for Mrs. Saman.

    Barr. David Baxter

  • 47 Joe Wein // Jun 17, 2010 at 12:20


    any email from a UK “lawyer”, “bank”, prospective employer, etc. using a +4470 number is a scam, as is the one you posted.

  • 48 FELIPE LONDOÑO SANCHEZ // Jun 18, 2010 at 10:46

    ojo, esta gente son muchos los descarados, quisiera saber con quien los puedo denunciar ya que tengo sus correos y numero.

    Megamillion Lottery2010 (

  • 49 vijay // Jul 7, 2010 at 01:44

    i want to know whether this number is scam or genuine
    +44 703 598 1008

  • 50 Joe Wein // Jul 7, 2010 at 11:09


    if there are any legitimate users of +4470 numbers, then I haven’t come across any in more than 5 years of tracking these numbers.

    Why would a legitimate company *in the UK* use a call forwarding phone number whose entire purpose is to be able to receive calls while *outside* the UK?

    If you have received an email that contains a +4470 number, submit the complete email message to (using copy and paste) and you’ll get an instant reply.

  • 51 Jewel // Jul 13, 2010 at 22:44

    I did an initial search but came up blank regarding fraud. After dialing the number and getting voice mail I continued my search which then populated this site.

    If I dialed +44-7031822843 and received a voice mail at which time I hung up … then how much am I looking to be charged?


  • 52 Богдан // Jul 20, 2010 at 16:44

    Информация предупредить Вас, что Ваш электронный адрес был награжден $
    700,000.00 USD для более подробной информации, связаться с нашим агентом
    требований с ниже информации.

    Контактная информация: Юрист Говард Франк
    Tel: +447035968588


    Поздравляем еще раз на свой выигрыш!

    С уважением в сервис,
    Г-жа Лаура Джонс
    Исполнительный координатор (Inc Великобритании лотереи).

  • 53 . // Jul 20, 2010 at 18:57


  • 54 jay // Aug 15, 2010 at 18:18


    We are delighted to inform you of the result of the E-mail address computer
    ballot lottery draw of the dutch National lotto bv international program,which
    took place on July 2010.This is a computer generated lottery of Internet
    users using email addresses for draws.

    This lotto draw is fully based on an electronic selection of winners using
    their e-mail addresses from different World wide web(www)sites.Your e-mail
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    sum of $500,000 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) in cash credit file ref:ILP/HW

    This is from the total cash prize of 5,000,000 Million Dollars,shared amongst
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    mail addresses from Canada, Australia, Belgium,Nederland, Arab, United States,
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    This Lottery is being promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of Multinational
    companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the
    communities where they have operational base.Further more your details(e-mail
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    indicated in your play coupon and your prize of $500,000 will be released to
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    FULL NAME………………………………………….
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    Please quote your reference,batch and winning number which can be found on the
    top left corner of this notification as well as your full name, address and
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    with the release of your funds to your person as this program has been abused
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    Note:You must claim your prize:not later than 15-days from the moment you
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    If you receive this mail as junk or spam,please do not disregard it was due to
    network failure

    Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

    Yours in service,


    Sue Vail
    Online coordinator

  • 55 Travel Insurance » Blog Archive » Travisa travel agency in London? // Sep 2, 2010 at 19:12

    […] This is a long running scam — DO NOT respond or send any documents or money. There is no job waiting, there is no visa to pay for. Don’t fall for it. This scam is run out of Nigeria, not the UK. You can tell by the use of the +447 0 phone number […]

  • 56 Mostafa Morsi // Sep 11, 2010 at 17:06

    thank you
    I have a new email:

    Dear Teacher.

    We are a Canadian family living in UK of which we read your profile at and we have decided that you to come and teach English to my Wife and my little son Peter because my Wife is a Swedish and she is not very good in English so that why we want you to come and teach English to her and my little son Though my son is better than my Wife because he is schooling here in UK but my Wife is a Nurse by Profession but her English is not good to be able to socialize with her friends here so we want you to come and teach her and my son.

    About Our Family

    We are a professional couple, living in a big UK city. My Wife and Son are fairly easy going and relaxed persons. Having English as a first language is not much required in fact, we would entertain you speaking to them in your own mother-tongue during lecturer so as to create fun.

    We only seek a Teacher for Basic English tutoring as what we need is for my Wife to at least understand the basics in English. If you accept to take a position with us, you would be paid 3800GBP with a weekly pocket money of 400Pounds. I guess you’d say this is much, but the Company pays us well and I love my only child/Wife so much. Hence we are doing anything that would motivate you putting your best in tutoring my family (Wife/Son).

    Should you accept the offer, we are willing to undertake the full cost of your traveling down here in UK . We would recommend a reputable travel agency immediately here in UK that would process your travel documents because we need you quite soon as my Wife is about to go for an interview in an Hospital this December and we need her to at least defend her self in English during the interview.

    Please communicate your interest to me through my direct mobile line +447024067757 so that we can discuss your travel arrangements and also my Son’s birthday is on the 21st of October and I would very much want you to be there.

    We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Wishes

    Mr/Mrs Colton Parker
    Chief Marketing Manager
    ZOOMmobile, Inc UK .
    Tel: +447024067757

  • 57 LAna // Sep 16, 2010 at 16:22

    From: Wilfort Brown Add to Contacts

    is this also a scam?



    Thanks for the swift response concerning the job .
    But first and foremost, your resume and international passport will be needed,so we will appreciate if you can provide us with your updated CV and international passport scan page.

    We will like to know how soon you will be available for the job because we need someone who is ready to pick up the job as soon as possible.

    And secondly,will you be able work with us for the period of 2years.

    We will be looking forward to hear form you so that we can proceed to the job screenig,you can also add my yahoo id tsso your yahoo messenger friend list if you like to chat and know more about the job offered.

    Best wishes

  • 58 Joe Wein // Sep 17, 2010 at 10:11

    LAna: “is this also a scam?”

    If it mentioned a +44 70 number anywhere, yes!

    Even if it doesn’t mention a +44 70 number, watch out for any international job offer that doesn’t involve some kind of interview, either in person or over the phone.

    Beware of any offers where you are asked to pay money to a supposed lawyer / immigration officer / travel agent in the country of the employer. In real offers you will get the work visa through the embassy in your country and that’s who you will be paying.

    Never send money by Western Union or MoneyGram to strangers who who haven’t met in person before.

  • 59 LANCE // Sep 23, 2010 at 14:50

    Hi there. I need your help in this matter. I would like to know if this is true or fraud.

    I attached the letter, contact person as well as the web and email address..Thanks.

    Dear Applicant,

    This is to confirm the receipt of your C.V; Attached is our Employment Application form, Please download and complete the attached form, Scan and return to us by email or Fax to this +44 702 4061923.
    Note that the prompt return of your Application Form determines your chance of Employment.

    +44 702 407 7792
    Joshua Whitmore
    Recruitment Manager
    London careers Recruitment Agency.
    Voice: +44 702 4081938
    Fax: +44 702 4061923
    Fax: +44 871 7150609

  • 60 Joe Wein // Sep 23, 2010 at 21:45

    > I would like to know if this is true or fraud.

    Hello Lance,

    I quote a previous reply of mine:

    > Any email from a UK “lawyer”, “bank”,
    > prospective employer, etc. using a +4470
    > number is a scam, as is the one you posted.

    To anyone:

    If you have received an email that contains a +4470 number, submit the complete email message to (using copy and paste) and you’ll get an instant reply.

  • 61 Sigma779 // Sep 24, 2010 at 01:18

    To Joe and all,

    Sincerest thanks! You only confirmed what my gut was telling me when I met someone and I knew something was not quite right. He was in London, completing a “work deal” and only needed $800 to complete the shipping process. He really wasn’t getting a dime out of his chick! :) His “home” # is +447024022690. Please add this to your listing. Might help any others he may try to scam. Really appreciate your help!

  • 62 Reynaldo // Oct 8, 2010 at 23:14

    can you tell me is this true or fraud..

    i have chatted to a certain diane wesley, she told me she is a half filipino and half british.she is offering me a job in Heineken Breweries UK Limited Bookmark, she told me she is a sales and marketing officer in this company. i already sent my resume to her and she gave me this contact number-+447024023827. is this a legitimate person and a contact number.if this is a scam what will happen to my resume details..thanks for the help..

  • 63 Joe Wein // Oct 9, 2010 at 08:57

    Hello Reynaldo,

    it’s a fake job scam.

    If a job offer mentions a +4470 phone number then it’s a scam — it’s really as simple as that!

    Companies based in the UK do not use +4470 numbers because their whole purpose is to forward the call to a number that may be *outside* the UK. Why would a UK company need that feature if their office is in the UK?

    If you have received an email that contains a +4470 number, submit the complete email message to (using copy and paste) and you’ll get an instant reply.

  • 64 Reynaldo // Oct 11, 2010 at 04:49

    thanks for the help joe..thank you very much…

  • 65 Nanny for london? is this real or just a scam? | jobsforyou // Nov 3, 2010 at 17:22

    […] department) and doesn’t use a +4470 number which is always the sign of a Nigerian scam 3 – The employer’s address is NOT a valid UK address, it doesn’t exist 4 – NO nanny in […]

  • 66 Anna // Nov 3, 2010 at 22:52

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for these informations.

    Regarding scam issue, i have forwarded already my scan copy of my passport and resume before discovered that the email was a scam.

    What will i do to my scanned copy of my passport that i have submitted to him? can he use this to any illegal matters?

    Pls. help…

  • 67 Joe Wein // Nov 4, 2010 at 13:55


    Sometimes the criminals “recycle” documents sent to them for other scams, but in most cases they will do that with European or North American documents, especially UK ones. African passports (either original or forged) are also common, but Asian or Latin American ones are rare.

    Mostly however they request the passport images to make the whole procedure look official. One one hand this allows them to send you forms and certificates that have your name and birth date on them (copied from your ID), which convinces some people. On the other hand, by trying to make it look like they are checking who they are dealing with, they distract their victims from the fact that it is the scam victims (who are asked to send money upfront) who need to ask themselves who they are dealing with.

    The bottom line is, in *most* cases the scanned passport images are not used outside the main scam. If you back out of it before sending money, most likely nothing bad will ever happen.

  • 68 Theodore Galariotis // Nov 5, 2010 at 02:12

    this is an email i received, can this possibly be a fraud?…….

    My name is Finnman Decker. I have been arranging loans for many years.
    Since I do all the work myself and have no overhead, I am able to
    arrange better loans for my clients. Working with me will be close and
    personal. I am available seven days a week to facilitate your loan

    We are in into:
    Start-up funding
    Commercial Real Estate Finance*
    Joint Venture/Partnership with long term business r/ship
    Seed Capital/Early stage funding
    Business Financing
    Debt Consolidation
    Secured/Unsecured Loans

    Please email me back on, or call me at
    +447045723695 . I look forward to working with you.

    Yours truly,
    Finnman Decker

  • 69 rosibel vco // Nov 5, 2010 at 08:56

    hello my name is Rosibel, my e-mail is *********** and I want to know if this is a scam I was told that the lotteria 1,000,000,00 win them the phone is 447035902683 please tell me if this is true or false. I ask for address, telephone,
    fax, gender, what country I am and where I live. and not to do.

  • 70 Joe Wein // Nov 5, 2010 at 15:44

    @Theodore Galariotis:

    Yes, it’s a scam. Not only because it uses a +4470 number, but also because because legitimate lenders would not normally send email to people they don’t have an existing business relationship with.

    Domain “” was only registered a couple of months ago. The registrant is hidden behind a WHOIS proxy. Legitimate financial companies do not hide their domain registration details.

  • 71 Joe Wein // Nov 5, 2010 at 15:48

    @rosibel vco:

    any “lottery” that contacts you by email to notify you of a prize is a scam. Legitimate lotteries do not use email to notify winners, they wait for winners to contact them after the winning numbers have been announced. You can’t win a legitimate lottery without having bought a ticket. Anyone telling you that you won a lottery for which you didn’t buy a ticket (which you can normally only do in teh country where the lottery operates) is a scammer.

    If you receive any email that mentions a +4470 number:
    1) assume it to be a scam and
    2) copy and paste it to

  • 72 Letter contract from carpenter chambers are true or scam? | London Travel Deals // Nov 9, 2010 at 04:05

    […] with +4470 – that’s an international redirect number and is ALWAYS the sign of a scam and are not in touch with Suzy Southworth then the job does not exist 10 – those benefits are […]

  • 73 jameson mayonte // Nov 23, 2010 at 20:35

    From: Carlter Electronics Add to Contacts

    4 Files View Slideshow Download All
    CALTER ELECTRONICS UK.pdf (167KB); Showroom.jpg (125KB); warehouse View.jpg (85KB); warehouse_side_view.JPG (58KB)


    Dear Jameson B. Mayonte,

    After discussing your employment proposal with my wife and Counsel, we have decided that you match our requirements. so please find the Contract Letter that is approved today.

    I also received an approval from the UK Home Office to employ you, I have attached the approved contract letter issued to me for your review. I have applied for your Certificate of Eligibility (COE-UKIMG2010) as UK Home Office instructed me to enable your application be quickly considered, as that is important to prove that I am sponsoring your travel down to the UK and to prove that you are eligible to take up job position in UK before they send your reference to the nearest British Consulate in your country.

    You need to sign the contract after going through it and send a scanned copy indicating your travel date (For Flight Booking which I will pay for), to the staff at UK Home Office in charge of your application for the Certificate of Eligibility for their records and advice to us: see their address below .

    Home Office, UK Boarder Agency,
    PO Box 3468, Sheffield,
    S3 8WA,
    United Kingdom
    E mail:

    On receipt of the Form COE-UKIMG2010 by me, my lawyer shall courier it to you with hard contract copies, prepaid flight tickets and any accompanying permit documents to enable you receive Visa from the nearest British consulate following instructions from the UK Home Office as they shall let you know date to visit British Consulate nearest to you, hence follow procedure. I am busy right now and would try to contact you via phone on +447024070915, +447031865782,+44-7031866997 or you can email me on while you start doing the needful things.

    Should you wish to come down with any member of your family, is advisable that you notify the UK Home Office on time.

    We wait to receive you when you arrive, have a blissful day ahead and God bless you as you come.

    Warm Regard,
    Mr. Calter Johnson
    For Calter Electronics UK


    3 Images | View Slideshow | Download Selected | Download All

    (125KB) warehouse View.jpg
    (85KB) warehouse_side_view.JPG

  • 74 Andy // Nov 24, 2010 at 19:25


    I want to know is this site in subject fraud?

    Here is their mail msg:

    Hello, thanks for the email and the interest.

    Our Allen & Heath XONE:4D is brand new original in original factory sealed box with 2 years international warranty.

    The Allen & Heath XONE:4D cost 1000Euro and this amount include the shipping to your delivery address.

    We are able to sell at this price because we sell at whole sales/production price and we do not include profit on the items because we receive commission on every sales we make.

    Visit our website at for more details about the Dj Equipment.

    The shipping is done by FedEx and it takes just 2 days for you to receive the item at your delivery address.

    We accept the payment for this amount by Western Union Money Transfer and for your assurance we accept 50% of the payment now and the balance of the remaining 50% after delivery.

    We accept payment below 3000EUR via WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM,above 3000EUR via PAY PAL and above 10,000EUR via escrow.

    We are registered company under the UK government and below is the website for you to verify our company with our company name and registration number.

    Below is the our company name and registration number.

    Registered No.03357569

    You are to get back to us with the details below so that we can start packing your items ready for shipping.

    Your full name………

    Your address…………



    Postal code……………..


    mobile phone number…….

    We await your reply soon with the above required details.


  • 75 Joe Wein // Nov 24, 2010 at 22:42


    yes, it is a scam. You can pretty much take that for granted from the +4470 numbers alone. However, the website address is another clue: * addresses are free, anonymous websites. I know of no legitimate business that uses this webhost. The extension “.tl” stands for East Timor (Timor Leste).

    No UK business would use a free webhost with an East Timor address for business, but scammers like to use anonymously created sites that don’t require the use of any credit card to set up.

  • 76 BeeBee // Nov 26, 2010 at 01:12


    I’m a guy from Norway. I haven’t received a mail from anyone. However, someone called me on my cell phone from a +4470 number (+447086638174). Didn’t know that +44 was the UK direction code. I tried to call up but I didn’t get through. After reading this thread I realize it must be a scam.

    Do you if this is common as well? Calling people in Norway, or other countries in Europe for that matter, with a +4470 number?

  • 77 Mahendra // Dec 2, 2010 at 03:32

    sir first i want to say you thanks because i also got a email that was showing that you won 250000 uk pounds, then i sent my personal details to claiming my money at the same time i was searching for the complaints site for reporting my case. i used your site for identifying the fake mails so i find that mail was a faked mail.

  • 78 Mahendra // Dec 2, 2010 at 03:36

    thanks today onward i will promise you i will not send anything to the fake emails iD.

    i am writing mail that was i got.

    T.M. Eagle Treasure United Kingdom, No.23 Bedford row, High Holborn, Wcr1R4eb, England
    TEL: +447010039678
    E-mail :
    Dear Winner,

    We want you to remove every skepticism from your mind because this award is legitimate from COCA COLA COMPANY ENGLAND, Your Email was luckily drawn by a computer balloting system as one of our winners in our Online lottery bonanza from the prestigious COCA COLA ONLINE PROMOTION. Thus, making you the winner of the sum of 250,000.00GBP (Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling’s).

    This is to let you know that this online world e-mail draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 25,000 company e-mail addresses, 30,000,00 individual e-mail addresses from over 40 networks and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer selection from the web.
    Please complete the form below with correct information and email back to us with a return email so that we can have a precise and comprehensive record of our winners and also provide you On how you will receive your winning amount.

    Your Prize (DRAFT) has been vaulted safely with our corresponding Bank prior to your readiness to complete your claims and would be presented to you after verification of the data requested below.

    To proceed with your claims, you would be required to fill the Verification Form below completely and return back to us immediately.

    Fill Out This Form
    1. Full Names: Mahendra kumar Rathour
    2. Your Full Address: H.N.168/9 street N.3 ram nagar Mandideep dist raisen M.P.PIN 462046
    3. Your Age:28
    4. Your country: India
    5. Your Country of resident:India
    6. Your City: Mandideep (Bhopal)
    7. Your Occupation: Student
    8. Sex: Male
    9. Status: Single
    10.Winning Email Address:
    11. Your Mobile Number: 919738217203

    I Mahendra Kumar Rathour HEREBY

    DATE: 28/11/2010

    Congratulations once again from the entire staff of the COCA COLA PROMO TEAM ENGLAND.
    United Kingdom
    TEL: +447010039678

    BATCH/REFERENCE NO: C.C.UK/ 004412010.

    Prof.Alex Kingston and DR. ANDREW FERGUSON
    Past Winner in Coca Cola Company Online Promo England,

    To claim your prize,

    Sincerely yours,

    From The Coca Cola Company Promo.
    Kindly Contact us via
    TEL: +447010039678
    Claim Your (£250,000.00) Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Now.

  • 79 ashruna // Dec 16, 2010 at 04:33

    hello ,
    i receive n email some time before informing me ive been selected to join the company of inde gas limited in england
    I go through this company in google but the adress the name of people n even the phone number seem to b fake .im really confused please help me
    thre phone number began with +44-70

    my doubt began when i read the offer because it seem like a lottery n without any interview n any vetting im shocked how a company can appoint me to join it company please waiting for ur reply

  • 80 Joe Wein // Dec 16, 2010 at 05:19

    Yes, it’s a fraud. Break off all contact with them, there is no job from these people, they are only after tricking you into sending them some money.

    Job offer + 4470 number = FAKE!

  • 81 ariel // Dec 29, 2010 at 15:29

    i’ll check all tel# that you publish regarding scam but this no#+447024075669 are not included in the list pls.include also this no#and the person name mr.paul james with mr barrister bennet morgan so people will be aware also regarding this scam uktexaco oil and gas co.

  • 82 Jamaz Diz // Jan 3, 2011 at 04:00

    Hi dear,i’m jamaz which want to know about this email mariamismail84@yahoo with phone number +447031872505 and country that in UK,live at Bedford Avenue. Which email that’s have send to my mail inbox with. Dear here i want to know email that’s is scam or not.Thank’s.

  • 83 sohail khan // Jan 13, 2011 at 18:07

    HI DEAR,
    and 2 call at +4470240678585.
    thanx 4 ur site. u r really doing a great job by serving us

  • 84 Joe Wein // Jan 13, 2011 at 20:24

    Hello Sohail Khan!

    I have added to the scam email blacklist. In case anybody wonders, there is no such thing as a “Nokia promo lottery”. Thanks for reporting this.

  • 85 Kamal Sharma // Jan 15, 2011 at 20:35

    Received an offer from
    PHONE: +44-70-2408-8530
    FAX: (0 15 27) 51 55 60
    Kindly help me in confirming if it is a genuine offer.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    Kamal Sharma.

    General Manager – Facility Management Bombay Realty, Mumbai – India.

  • 86 Kamal Sharma // Jan 15, 2011 at 20:40

    Received an offer from
    PHONE: +44-70-2408-8530
    FAX: (0 15 27) 51 55 60

    Mr. Richard Wilson
    Head of Employment Service
    Phone: +44-70-2408-8530
    Fax: (0 15 27) 51 55 60

    Kindly help me in confirming if it is a genuine offer.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    Kamal Sharma.

    General Manager – Facility Management Bombay Realty, Mumbai – India.

  • 87 Joe Wein // Jan 15, 2011 at 22:15

    Any UK employment offer with a +4470 phone number in it is a scam.

    It’s really as simple as that.

    Please submit the complete text of the email(s) you have received to the online form at for instant verification and reporting.

  • 88 RJAY // Jan 28, 2011 at 02:46

    I read all these above , people please ,, no one is going to give you money ,or a great job , think about life off of your computer , it is hard and you have to work for eveything , why would it be any different on a computer, if it sounds too good it is FAKE ,,,delete the email and move on with your life.

  • 89 andrew // Jan 29, 2011 at 09:31

    i met a one girl in yahoo and she told me she work in heineken breweries uk limited she asking me if want to apply in there company..and she gave her number to me +447024023827..i want to know if it is a scam.

  • 90 andrew // Jan 29, 2011 at 09:43

    i`ll check this number +447024023827 above but its not there..i want to know if its real or scam..

  • 91 Joe Wein // Jan 29, 2011 at 13:07

    Hello Andrew,

    yes, it’s a scam. Any offer that mentions a +4470 number (doesn’t matter if the exact same number is listed anywhere or not) is a scam.

    She’s not in the UK. Most likely she’s in West Africa and if you were to go ahead then she would tell you to contact some “lawyer” or “travel agent” or “immigration officer” who would demand that you send hundreds or thousands of pounds / dollars / euros by Western Union or MoneyGram. It would be picked up by the same guy who writes to you as a girl.

  • 92 Munawar Khan // Feb 6, 2011 at 18:38

    i have received the offer letter form westborn petroleum please check its seems like scam.

    474 High Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, UK, B708LR.
    Tel/Fax: +44 701 114 7316

    Job Ref: WSTL/3047UK
    Date: 02:02:2011
    Attention To:

    Reference to your application on Job Ref: WSTL/3047UK management committee congratulates you and pleased with your experience and qualification, which have met our approval and considerations for an appointment in joining WESTBROM PETROLEUM LTD UK.


    Term of Employment

    Section 1.01. The employment joining date will be within 30 days period from date thus signed the contract, and work commencement period will be within 4 – 5 working days of arrival at the JOB LOCATION – UK. The work hours will be 8 hours a day and 5 days per week, starts at 8:00 till 17:00 including one hour lunch break, and over-time allowance is applicable and mutual agreement between the employee and employer.

    The agreement period is two (2) years, and subject for renewal based on common mutual written agreement between two parties with salary increment is subject to employee satisfactory performances. If neither party formally informed each other in written their wish in ending the contract, the contract is considered automatically continued for same period of time with same conditions.


    Position Description and Duties
    Section 2.01. Employee is hereby hired to perform services for Employer in the capacity/designation WAREHOUSE MANAGER in such capacity /

    designation, Employee’s duties shall comprise of the TASK / RESPONSIBILIES indicated in the Job Online Interview & CV, and or therein required of the within designation.

    Satisfactory performance of Duties

    Section 2.02. The employment of Employee shall continue only as long as the services rendered by Employee are satisfactory to Employer, notwithstanding and other provision contained in this Agreement. Employer shall be the sole judge as to whether the services of Employee are satisfactory through periodical performance evaluation according to company’s personal procedure.


    Base Compensation

    Section 3.01. (a) As compensation for a professional and international services rendered by Employee under this agreement, Employee will be paid 8,500.00 British Pounds on monthly basis as tax free basic salary, or it equivalent depending on Employee’s home country and currency preference, Plus additional sum of 250.00 British Pounds weekly pocket allowance.
    Salary shall be received in cash/cheque by end of the month, and or transferable by employee to his/her designated offshore Bank Account.

    Upfront Payment of Salaries

    (b). One month salary will be paid in advance to the employee before embark on journey to assume duty. The said salary shall be deducted from employee’s other next two months salary instalmentally.
    This is to enable employee settle all domestics / miscellaneous needs before travelling.
    Employee are to note that one month upfront salary will only be granted once the employee’s thus signed this contract and procured resident / Work Permit papers and Entry Visa Online from the UK HOME OFFICE AUTHORITY here in UK ascertaining his/her joining.

    Vacation Pay

    Section 3.02. Employee shall be entitled to 15 days paid leave/break after every 90 days of work. Employer shall be entitled to travelling expenses that includes flight ticket (s) for the employee and documented family members with other entitled allowances mentioned above in this contract.

    Although vacations will be granted at any time requested by Employee, Employer reserves the right to determine or approve the vacation time in order to ensure the efficient and orderly operation of the business. Employee is expected to use all

    vacation time in the year until the vacation time for the prior year has been fully used. Otherwise, the employer shall reimburse employee’s remained vacation days.

    Group Medical Health Insurance

    Section 3.03. As further compensation, Employee including documented family members, where applicable, are entitled to full medical and dental care with insurance coverage participation, to the extent available to other employees of the Employer and under terms afforded to other employees of Employer, in and to any group health insurance provided by Employer to such other employees.

    Safety & Security

    Safety and Security of personnel (Local/Foreign) and Facilities on Job Locations and communities have been seriously considered to ensure and assure hitch free operations.
    All operations on Job Location and community are designed to adhere strictly to the Health and Safety Environment (HSE) Policy as applicable in all oil and gas Sector.
    All expatriates are entitled to a free and mandatory safety courses on Job Locations to be delivered by qualified safety and environment experts.

    Other Benefits

    Section 3.04. (a) In addition to other benefits or compensation set forth above, Employer assure to Employee at Company’s sole expense the use of a leased vehicles of their choice viz (Honda Civic 2006 or Toyota Camry 2008 Model or BMW X5 2007 Model – Full Option) and personal female secretary/attendant upon employee’s request, mobile phone and paid line.

    (b) Employer shall provide Employee quality single or family well furnished housing accommodation in company community/estate which is 30 – 35 minutes drive off the job location. Also shall be provided with complete meal choice free of charge.
    Also available is a set of laptop computer with full internet access both in place of work and residence.

    (c) Employee including documented family members, shall be entitled to full tuition educational assistance, if Employee chooses to further his or her education, after successfully completing 6 months services to Employer.

    (d) Employee shall be entitled to be paid a one-time sign-on bonus of GBP 8,500.00.
    The said amount will be included on payment of the first salary at the end of the month.


    Employee shall be responsible for procurement of his/her valid visa and work permit / residence permit papers through the ENTRY CLEARNANCE VISA & WORK

    PERMIT UK HOME OFFICE AUTHORITY here in UK. And employee shall be entitled to reimbursement of all expenses incurred in procuring the travelling papers.

    Such reimbursements shall be made within five (5) working days from date of submission of written request and or substantiated with receipts as proof of expenses and payments due. Employer however agrees to make such reimbursement promptly to Employee.

    Employer shall be responsible for employee and documented family member(s) flight ticket(s) and travelling allowance only upon procurement of the required legal travelling papers issued by the VISA & WORK PERMIT UK HOME OFFICE AUTHORITY.

    Find below the contact information of the Home Office Authority for directives and assistance on the acquisition and procurement of their valid Entry Visa and Work Permits papers:

    UK Border Agency – Working schemes and programmes
    Work Permits (UK)
    Customer Relations Team
    Work Permits (UK)
    PO Box 3468
    Tel/Fax: +447035999358
    ATTN:Andersen Sooner

    Employee shall be required to furnish us with his/her valid Entry visa and Work Permits papers after 14 working days of appointment as a proof of readiness in joining our new WESTBROM PETROLEUM LTD, UK in the due time as stipulated above for your job Resumption, and also to enable you receive your first monthly salary including your due entitlements / emoluments prior to joining for services.

    Effect of termination on Compensation

    Section 3.05. In the event of termination of employment, Employee shall be entitled to the compensation accrued and earned prior to the date of termination as provided for in this Article 3, computed pro-rata up to and including the date of termination. Other than as may be provided herein to the contrary, Employee shall be entitled to no further compensation following such date of termination.

    Termination of Contract

    If either party is not satisfied with the performance of the other, be it the employee or Employer, one shall give the other party 45 days notice of termination of contract. During this 45-day time period the employee shall be paid the usual monthly salary and shall perform his duties to the best of his/her abilities and per the contract.


    In witness whereof, the parties declare that they have read and fully aware of all the terms and conditions of this contract and that they signed below in full bona-fide, hereby entered into contractual commitment and provision of this contract agreement

    based on the conduct of the parties herein through the period of the agreement, both parties may decide to extend the agreement in the future, where term of responsibilities and relationship will be better defined and expatriated.

    Signed for and on behalf of Employer:



    Confirmed and Accepted by Employee:
    Direct Contact Phone Nos.:


    [End of Agreement]

  • 93 Joe Wein // Feb 6, 2011 at 22:44

    Hello Munawar Khan,

    the job offer is fake. It’s a scam, like virtually *all* offers involving any mention of a +4470 phone number. is not a website of the UK home office, it’s a domain registered by the scammers and has no connection to the UK government.

    UK government sites generally use domain names ending in (dot)gov(dot)uk — anything else that claims to be connected to the UK government should be treated with utmost suspicion.

  • 94 Wonderz // Feb 19, 2011 at 08:52

    Ok, so, instead of receiving an email, or a sms or something like that, I actually got a call from a +4470 number, it rang about 4 times, but I was kinda sleeping and took a bit to answer it, when I was about to answer the phone, the phone stopped ringing.
    In this case, weren’t they gonna spend money if I answered my phone?
    Well, this could be a scam if I was curious enough to call it back, but since it was an international number, I obviously didn’t do it, instead, I searched the net about it, and came up to this place.
    But now I’m only curious as if I answered the phone, wouldn’t they had spent money?

  • 95 Joe Wein // Feb 20, 2011 at 09:17


    Numbers that show up on Caller ID when the phone rings are not a 100% reliable indicator of where the call was made from, especially with computer-based telephony (VoIP). It’s a bit like “From:” addresses in emails, which can also be faked.

    If the call was VoIP-based and your number was a landline, it probably would have cost less than 2 cents a minute if it was answered, regardless of what Caller ID you saw, because the +4470 pricing only applies to inbound calls. The call to you need not even have gone through the +4470 provider’s network.

    One possibility is that call came from a rogue +4470 provider, trying to drum up call revenue. Another is that it was a scammer (perhaps in West Africa) who wasn’t making money from the +4470 call back but was trying to hook you into an advance fee scam (fake lottery, fake inheritance, etc) and they were just using the +4470 caller ID to mask their real location.

  • 96 Wonderz // Feb 21, 2011 at 04:56

    Thank you for your thoroughly explanation, my doubts are now clear.
    You sure are a “carrier” of great information, and thank you for sharing that information with all the people that posted here, and also those that don’t post, but get aware of what’s happening in the “scam world”.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

  • 97 Harry Smith // Feb 28, 2011 at 02:15

    These scam are making it had for real business people to do business… Someone contacted me claiming my identity.. I don’t understand what this is turning into i have reported this to my government and i hope that a solution is arrived at soon

  • 98 Joe Wein // Feb 28, 2011 at 16:37

    @Harry Smith:
    While it is true that honest Nigerians suffer from the bad name that scammers give to their country, the criminal use of +4470 numbers gives a bad name to the UK rather than to any other country.

    Are you saying that email address “” mentioned above with the presumably fake name “Harry Smith” and numbers +447024098802 / +447024022840 is your email address or it isn’t?

    You posted from Nigeria and listed that email address as your contact address.

    Why would somebody other than you tell people to contact that email address if it was your email address?

    And why would someone other than a scammer use his email address together with +4470 redirection numbers?

  • 99 Hardyal singh thakur // Mar 5, 2011 at 01:32

    hey joe i to had recieved a message from some halifax bank claming that i have won 1 million dollars in an cocacola draw,but when i responded to them i became a bit suspicious so i just checked the net and from there i got to know about your scamomitic thing which really helped me a lot,but i want to know about this WINNING PROCESSING THING who said that you are an verified winner…..waiting for your reply

  • 100 engily montagot // Mar 11, 2011 at 12:05

    Barclays Bank PLC. London.
    Clapham Junction Branch
    7 st Johns Hill.
    Tel: +447031847669 +447031847669

    Attn; Engily Montagot

    We write to officially inform you that we have confirmed all
    your information’s, And we have subsequently transferred your
    funds in equivalent, the total sum of One hundred thousand
    United State Dollars (US$100,000,00) in our institution to your
    designated bank,
    We also want to inform you that your funds will surely reflect
    in your account within three banking days,

    Find attached herewith, funds transfer slip for verification…

    Congratulations once again……….
    Yours faithfully,

    Dr.Smith John
    Barclay’s bank Plc.

    Can you please check that adress it is true because my fiance send the money there…thanks

  • 101 Joe Wein // Mar 11, 2011 at 12:50

    @engily montagot:

    What you have reported is a 419 scam.

    Please break off all contact with these swindlers now, if you haven’t already done so.

    No UK bank ever uses a +4470 number. Any email from a “bank” listing a +4470 number is sent by fraudsters trying to trick you into sending money to them. These +4470 numbers usually forward calls to mobile phones in Nigeria. They are primarily used to make people think they’re dealing with someone in the UK when that person is really in Nigeria, South Africa or elsewhere.

    If your fiance already sent money there then most likely the money is lost. If it was sent by Western Union and hasn’t been picked up yet, try to cancel the transfer. Once the money has been picked up it can’t be retrieved or traced.

  • 102 DANIEL OFORI AMPOFO // Mar 12, 2011 at 06:41

    I recently recieved message from this lawyer who is in senegal dakar asking me to pay his airticket and hotel fees with a total cost of $3,320 U.S DOLLARS to national bank of kuwait plc london branch to sign a transfer slip for me+44)8447743736.e-mail to the claiming as account for national bank of kuwait london branch which i have already sent them$1200 dollars with my bank details.

  • 103 Joe Wein // Mar 12, 2011 at 13:47


    this sounds like an advance fee fraud. A bank would never use an webmail account, which is a free email account like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL.

    The money they promised you does not exist. It is a scam to trick you into making payments to strangers.

    If you have been asked to send money by Western Union or MoneyGram, such payments are not traceable. These instant wire services should *never* be used to send money you don’t know personally and trust.

    You may receive other scam emails in the future. You can quickly verify or report any suspicious email online: Simply copy and paste the entire text of that email message into the “Scam-O-Matic” webform to get instant advice about it:

  • 104 Vikas // Mar 13, 2011 at 16:39

    Hi Joe,

    I do see u have done a very excellent work which will surely save a lot of people from being affected. I know it coz i am one of affected victim…

    Joe your blog started a little late else even i could have been saved from this..

    I was trapped in 2007 -2008 and still paying the consequences for this…

    if nothing more than can you please help me how can this people be caught.. even if i get half of the money paid it will truly help me..

    going through a very bad phase of life since then.. Joe like my last hope coz the other facilities dont really seem to help.

    Thanks again

  • 105 Karen De Lora // Mar 14, 2011 at 02:24

    I figured out three days ago that I had a romantic scammer (yes, I was stupid, fell for his lines, sent money). Here are a couple more numbers for your scammer list:


  • 106 Monica // Mar 16, 2011 at 15:30

    Well….the don’t stop…my fiance received 2 e-mails the same day with subject “appointment notification”, one from LISBON OIL & GAS COMPANY LONDON and the second one from CAIRN ENERGY PLC. The first looks like a fake from the first moment, but the one from Cairn look as original, more if you go thrugh internet and you find out that company really exist and it is located in Edimburg…they even sent 3 files, one with the “Appointment letter), the second one is the “terms and conditions of the contract” and the 3rd one is the “UK visa clearance form” to get the UK visa!!!!!!!!

    Numbers here: +44-70-2408-8530 and +44702403175

    They offer you a job with very good economical conditions, and ask you to send a money in advance to a lawyer to help you with your UK visa and then, whn you “get the papers” the’ll reimburse the money and give you your first salary in advance for your travel to UK…

    Find below the text:

    EH3 9BY
    PHONE: +44-70-2408-8530
    FAX: +44 527 51 5560

    This is an affirmation t hat you have emerged successful and being
    appointed for the position stated above. The mode of selection was based on the following;

    1. CV and qualification
    2. Mode in which your data is being presented on the employment data sheet.
    3. Work experiences.
    4. We employ staff based on four core values namely Productivity,

    Talent, Ambitions and Character and we expect all our staff to exhibit These Core values. Also we ensure that all our staff especially our International employees are comfortable. Attached here which is your

    1. Appointment Letter
    2. Terms of agreement that you are to read very well, accept by
    Printing and signing it and sending to us via email attach.
    3. Filled the Work permit Visa form

    The resident work permit clearance certificate that is needed for any Employee to work in UK should come from the UK Immigration herein UK. There for attached to this mail is UK work permit form that will be Filled in capitals and submitted.

    We will take care of the expenses and the provision of work visa to UK,

    Work and resident permits. Employees would have to provide a Scan Copy of their International passport to enable us undertake the of processing your work and resident permit in your favor.

    Due to past experiences the company has had with international staff that absconded when they got to the UK the company now makes it mandatory for every international staff to summit an affidavit of guarantee from the British High Court in UK.

    This ensures that any staff coming to work with us will not leave the company on getting to The UK. you are required to contact the attorney if you accept the terms and conditions of work to enable and assist you procure an affidavit of guarantee, which must be presented to us within one week of receipt of this offer letter so that we would commence the processing of your travel papers.

    Below is the contact information of the attorney whom you are to contact immediately to obtain an affidavit of guarantee from a British high court.

    Contact Name: Barrister Illsley Adams
    Designation: Legal Practitioner & Senior Advocate
    Telephone: +447024080986, +447024037897
    Address: Goldsmith Chambers , No. 3 Madingley Road,
    Cambridge CB3 0EE, DX 5809 Cambridge

    Contact the attorney if the terms below and attached are suitable with you. Indicate your telephone numbers and resident Address while contacting the attorney.

    Note that failure to provide the affidavit of guarantee within the 10 days of getting this appointment means an automatic termination of appointment. Note you are to bear the cost of the fee for the affidavit of guarantee and on the confirmation of the affidavit from the British high court you are to submit the affidavit to us along with an account information on where you will be reimburse on the expense you incur as regards to procuring the affidavit of guarantee.

    You are advised to write a Letter for reimbursement Addressed to the Chief Accountant Mrs. Jennifer Parker showing a scanned copy of payment receipts, approval letter from the attorney here in UK, letter for the 75% advance salary of the first month and account information where the reimbursement will be paid.(This is only payable once an evidence of the affidavit of guarantee is shown by our legal representatives here in the UK) Note: Please do present an account information that is accredited and money receivable by you.

    Best regards as we are waiting to receive the duplicate copy of your affidavit of guarantee.

    Thank you.

    Mr. Richard Wilson
    Head of Employment Service
    Phone: +44-70-2408-8530

  • 107 engily // Mar 18, 2011 at 13:10

    Sir i have a bf from US but he tell me that he is now working in Negeria his mobile no. is 002348134952420 he tell me that he want to send money for me to give me a little business when i give him my accnt. no. in Philippines he said he cannot send because of problem of wire transfer then i told him that in Western Union only he said that the Negeria is only receiving cannot send money. Its is true? He tell me he send in Corrier. I dnt know about sending money in Negeria, he wants to send me 2,300USD. Can you please help me this is scam or not. If not how can he send money to the Philippines?

  • 108 Joe Wein // Mar 20, 2011 at 13:24

    Hello engily,

    as far as I know it’s true than US$ can not be sent by Western Union (WU) from Nigeria, only to Nigeria.

    However, what you describe is almost certain to be a check cashing scam. It is a very common format of romance scams, where a criminal (usually a man) sends fake checks and money orders to a person he pretends to be in love with. Then he asks the person to send back money from those checks or money orders by Western Union or MoneyGram.

    In one common variant the victim is told the person having sent the check was involved in an accident and needs surgery, which needs to be paid upfront in cash by WU. There are any other fake reasons given for sending money to Nigeria.

    If the forgeries are detected later then the person depositing the checks will lose the entire amount withdrawn against the check. Any money already sent by WU can not be traced.

    Do not cash checks for other people.

    Never send money to strangers by Western Union or MoneyGram.

    Avoid any propositions involving +4470 numbers and be highly suspicious of anything involving Nigerian mobile phone numbers (+23480, +23470, +23481).

  • 109 taki3000 // Mar 22, 2011 at 04:07

    Fairmile Road
    United Kingdom.
    BH23 2JX
    20. 03. 2011.

    Takács Zsolt


    Periquisites For Funds Transfer

    It is our periquisite for funds transfer that you open an account with our bank before funds Above 10,000.00GBP could be transfered out of the United Kingdom.

    This is in accordance with section 18(6) of the international transfer act as adopted in 1993 and amended on the 12th of August 2006 by the constitutional assembly.

    In other to fight the menace of multiple claims and identity theft you are to provide the documents stated below for an account opening.

    1) A jpg passport photograph
    2)A utility bill reciept; which could either be an electricity,water,bus or telephone.

    Alternatively, a Tax payment receipt or your Pan Card.OR
    A valid identity card:which could either be an International Passport or a drivers licence.

    Since you are not Resident in the United Kingdom,
    You are required to Scan and Forward to us your Account Opening Document so we can create your account.

    Your Account Opening Document is a Valid Means of Identification which could either be a drivers licence or a school or work Identity Card or a PAN Card or an International Passport and a Duly Completed and Signed Accounts Opening Form.

    You will also scan and forward to us your passport photograph.
    Upon recieval of the Aforesaid document, your account will be Created but not ACTIVE.

    You are then required to activate your account with a minimum deposit of 480.00GBP which is Payable Via WUMT

    As soon as your Account is activated, your winning check is then Credited into your Active Account, this process takes a maximum of 24 hours.

    Print, Complete and Duly Sign the Accounts Opening Form in Ink.

    Scan and Forward to us the Accounts Opening Form with Your Passport Photograph Attached to the Cover page.

    You are Required to State Your Local Bank Name in Your Home Country, Account Holder’s Name and Account Number Which you require your Winning Funds to be Transfered into.

    Your Winning Funds Will be Transfered into your Local Bank Account Stated Within 48hrs of Activating Your Account.

  • 110 shwet // Apr 1, 2011 at 18:00

    ther is a guy called DR rajveer singh
    i hav sent him ma account no… do u thing he wil harm ma account
    in ne way ………..he had asked me to send the item through courier

  • 111 shwet // Apr 1, 2011 at 18:01

    he has given me his address wer in i hav to send him the item let me noe if it is of any use

  • 112 Joe Wein // Apr 1, 2011 at 18:33

    You don’t say what item you have been asked to send, but if the transaction involves a +4470 phone number then it’s almost certain to be a scam.

    The staff at Fraudwatchers have come across a total of *two* legitimate users of +4470 numbers in all the years we’ve been dealing with online scams. All others we have come across were scammers.

    Avoid any transactions with others who use +4470 numbers, because they’re virtually guaranteed to be scams.

    Don’t forward goods purchased online or money sent by check or wire transfer through your bank account. Do not return money by wire transfer that was sent by check or money order. Don’t send international credit card orders anywhere but to the registered billing address.

  • 113 sarah zeta // Apr 3, 2011 at 14:42

    I met a guy from yahoo. He wants to make relationship with me. He told me that he work at the oil rigs in UK and gave me phone number +447045743714 and an email address After that he said he is getting a new contract with NNPCGROUP in Nigeria. And gave me a new number +2348162763608 that he said he already in Nigeria now and he said he will go to Jakarta to see me, he sent me a confirmation of booking ticket from KLM journeys and inspiration. I was try to call n we connected but still I’m worry and I want to know that’s a scam or not. Thanks joe…I need your information very much. you can send the answer to my email also.

    Confirmation Manage my Booking
    Complete your trip
    Destination Guide
    Flying Blue

    Your booking is confirmed

    Flight – Booking code 7996FG

    USD 7,111.02

    Flight summary

    Flight: Lagos – Jakarta – One way USD 7,111.02
    Mon 4 Apr 11

    Departure: Lagos – Jakarta
    Mon 4 Apr 11 22:20 Lagos (Murtala Mohammed Airport, Nigeria) –
    06:10 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)

    Tue 5 Apr 11 20:55 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) –
    17:20 Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International, Indonesia)

    Total travel time 37h00


    Mr peter mccalister (adult)
    Telephone number 002348162763608
    E-mail address

    Miss joy mccalister (child)

    Price specification

    Price 1,878.00
    Booking fee –
    Taxes and surcharges 492.34
    Price (per passenger) 2,111.1
    Number of passengers 2

    Total price for all passengers 4,111.02
    Total price: USD 4,111.02

    Ticket conditions

    Departure flight : Lagos – Jakarta
    • Changes are allowed at a fee of USD 100.00 per change/per person
    • If you change your ticket, the price of the ticket may change due to tax recalculation and fare availability.
    • Changes are not allowed in the event of a no-show.
    • Cancellation fee USD 200.00 per person
    • For cancellations made after departure, the amount of the refund given will be the difference between the total fare paid and the fare for any flights actually taken.
    • A ticket is non-refundable in the event of a no-show.
    • Flying Blue members earn 7672 Miles, upgrade with Miles is possible.
    • You will be travelling in M class with fare basis MLSPOWNG.

    Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. geregistreerd in Amstelveen, Nederland, onder handelsregisternummer 33014286.

  • 114 Paulina N.C. // Apr 21, 2011 at 01:46

    Hi everyone. Yes, I have also received several emails of different types. Lottery,bank,inheritage, you name it. But this one right here has been taking money from my credit card and i have the statements on line to proove it. Now they come back with another scam same name that will appear on your bank statement. Can I still do something about it with the authorities?

    http : // www .

    that is the website for the scammers who have been sending me emails like crazy and have taken money from me. They told me it would be a $10 dollar 14 day trial fee then after that it would be a $79.89 one time membership fee. well i called before the end of the trial to cancell but they never did. So they went and took the $79.89 and another of $16.99 and another of $6.99. I noticed my money was gone too late. I made several calls but no luck. So I knew my money was for ever gone. So what I did was I cancelled my card and got a new one. I knew I wasn’t going to get that money back but now I know that at least they won’t be taking anymore. here is their link. Do not fall for it.!!! That man tells you a very sad story yes pretty convinsing but its A BIG SCAMM…..!!!!!!!

    Once you go into their page its hard to come out of there!!!

    Thank you.

  • 115 Khria Moore // Apr 21, 2011 at 22:54

    add +44(0)7045787733 and +44(0)7045797042 to your list of scam phone numbers. I was offered a job from this number. They had me submit my real employment documents and answer questions as though I was being interviewed. After this phase, then they offered me a job in the UK. I am very dissapointed and disheartened in my job search now. Life sucks.

  • 116 veronica // May 3, 2011 at 05:44

    conoci a alguien por internet y me dio su telefono
    +447031869232, al los pocos dias me dijo que necesitaba urgente que recibiera un paquete en su nombre,donde habia dinero, la compañia de envios poslaju de malasia tiene el siguiente link
    me sicitan pague por el envio 1300 dls
    me negue . es un absoluto fraude verdad

  • 117 tiwi // May 4, 2011 at 22:57

    I met someone in the site and after some communication he gives me this number : +447031830665 and +447817924835

    Would you please help me that all the mobile number begin +447 is always fraud ?
    Thanks a lot

  • 118 SAM // May 5, 2011 at 17:43

    do you know Mark A. Bright?
    I want to know if this is a scam.
    I want to be sure if he is connected with Idea Accessories Ltd in UK.
    I am not sure if that company really exists.
    They provided me a website that can process my work permit/visa.

    Mr. Mark A. Bright
    HR Director for the Employee Selection Team
    Idea Accessories Ltd.
    16 Southall Enterprise Centre
    Brid Southall Middlesex
    UB2 4AE United Kingdom
    +447024046150 or 52

  • 119 SAM // May 5, 2011 at 17:53

    I want to know if he is connected with Idea Accessories Ltd. and if this company really exist and if they have an employee named Mark A. Bright.

    I was provided with 2 emails that process work permit/visa. I want to check if its true or not

    Mr. Mark A. Bright
    HR Director for the Employee Selection Team
    Idea Accessories Ltd.
    16 Southall Enterprise Centre
    Brid Southall Middlesex
    UB2 4AE United Kingdom
    +447024046150 or 52

  • 120 Joe Wein // May 5, 2011 at 18:14


    Any UK job offer that lists any +4470 phone number is a scam. Real UK-based companies do not use +4470 numbers, whose whole purpose is to forward calls made to a UK number onward to a non-UK phone (such as an anonymous prepaid mobile phone in virtually any country worldwide.)

    UK HR directors have no need to forward calls from prospective employees to say, a mobile phone in Nigeria. They would simply give you a land line number for their office in London or whatever city their business is based in. For example, if you Google that postcode, you’ll find various businesses with 0208 numbers (i.e. +44208 from abroad). These are real London numbers.

    You can assume virtually any +4470 number to be fraudulent (I’ve come across only two exceptions in 10 years). For employment offers there *no* exceptions – every job offer with a +4470 number is a scam.

    The scammers will offer well-paid jobs, then tell you you’ve been accepted and you need to get in touch with some immigration official or lawyer or travel agent, who will tell you that you need to send cash to pay for visa processing. In reality visas are always issued by the embassy in *your* country, not by officials in the employer’s country.

    You may receive other scam emails in the future. You can quickly verify or report any suspicious email online: Simply copy and paste the entire text of that email message into the “Scam-O-Matic” webform to get instant advice about it:

  • 121 shann // May 10, 2011 at 18:41

    Hi Joe,

    I’m from Malaysia. I’m glad that I’ve found this website because I got some questions to ask.

    Recently I met someone at Tagged, he said that he’s a businessman from London, and after some chat at msn (his email address:, he give me his phone number: +447031821820.

    He’s asking for my phone number so that he could call me or message me sometimes. And he said that he want to send me a gift and asked for my full name and address. I’ve kept doubting if this is true, but the problem is, I still gave him my phone number, my full name and address. (Yeah, I know that I’m stupid, but the way he asked for it just made me hard to resist!)

    Can you please tell me if this is a scam? What should I do? I’m really worried that something bad would happen.

    Looking forward to your reply~
    Thanks a lot~~

  • 122 shann // May 10, 2011 at 19:01

    Sorry, a correction here: his email address is

  • 123 Tina // May 12, 2011 at 18:17

    I am very thankful to this site, the man who’s created it saved a lot of people from mistakes!
    I appreciate it so much!
    Thanks a lot!

  • 124 lucy // May 14, 2011 at 12:24

    I met this guy from social website and he gave me a number for me to call him – +44 7031866825. I called him and could not go through. Is this scam? his email is

  • 125 Claudio // May 26, 2011 at 15:51

    Hey mate you can add this one with world mobile lottery. They ask to send a stupid code to this email or to call this number +447024084983

  • 126 Crime buster // May 28, 2011 at 23:29


    Pertaining your queries, i had a friend facing the same situation. Now he told my friend that he sent a gold wrist watch to her and the next thing, the custom called asking for unpaid duty payments sums up to Rm4000. We are from malaysia and this crook is the same judging by the way he chose his victim. I hope we can cooperate to nail this conman. I hope you can contact me at

  • 127 Crime buster // May 28, 2011 at 23:35


    Plse reply here how are you going to contact me. I don’t simply accept any mails. Just create a new acc to contact me and post here to let me know if you’d received/read my msg/posting.

  • 128 serina // May 29, 2011 at 02:38

    hello shan,

    i have the same problem like you… i have recently met this person at tagged too, johnson dennis… the problem is, i’ve already gave him my address… i dont know what to do now…

  • 129 hunny // May 29, 2011 at 14:46

    hi shan,
    i also from malaysia.
    my situation also like u.i met a same guy like u at tagged and he also asked me to give my full name and the problem is i had recived a parcel from him and the parcel still at KLIA.I refused because the curier company want me paid costom duty worth rm 3k…so i had lodged a police report as preventive (because i had recieved sms text..”just wait now for police & 2nd text is … now want to give police ur information to arrest n take u to court”).they ask me to bank in at CIMB beware with this guy.

  • 130 Crime buster // May 30, 2011 at 01:47


    report your matter to the police in your country.

  • 131 shann // Jun 1, 2011 at 13:00

    hi Crime buster,

    sorry for late reply… I just read your post today… you can e-mail me at

    aside serina/hunny,

    thanks for letting me know that I’m not alone in facing this situation. This guy johnson dennis have sent me a mail said that he already sent me the gift. Below is the mail he sent to me:
    Hello Dear!
    I have send the gift to you,
    I send it through universalexpresscargo company,
    The items are as fellows,Hand Bag,Perfume,Necklace,Wrist Watch,
    Black Berry Phone and 5,000 Pounds etc,
    Bellow are the company website and the tracking number,
    Let me know as soon as you receive it okay.

    Tracking Number…..UC5763310273UK

    I’ve googled above website and found that it’s a scam. I don’t know whether this action is correct but I’ve replied this guy told him I already knew that this is a scam and I’ll never response to any suspicious phone call/msg/mail again. I already cut off all my connection with this guy johnson dennis (I’ve blocked and deleted his e-mail address from my contact list) as soon as I confirmed that this is a scam. I’ve received 3 suspicious phone calls (2 with no caller ID & one is +6075992102) but I didn’t answer them. After that I never receive any other suspicious mail/msg/call again.

    I just have a concern now. They now have my full name, mobile no., e-mail address and my home address. Can they do anything with these information?

  • 132 Joe Wein // Jun 1, 2011 at 16:39

    Hello Shann,

    your concern is understandable. Nobody wants their personal information in the hands of criminals.

    In the case of Advance Fee Fraud, most of the time the criminals won’t do anything with such data once the potential victim stops responding. They simply move on to other targets. They’re too busy scamming to try some sort of retribution for dropping out.

    In relatively few cases, scammers use the personal information sent to them, such as scans of drivers licenses, passports etc. to impersonate the victim while commiting another fraud. For example, if someone tells you they work for a lottery that you’ve won and send you some form of ID, there’s a good chance the ID belongs to somone else they were trying to scam before (unless it’s an outright forgery).

    In most cases that doesn’t happen though and if it does, there is little one can do to prevent it.

    Also, physical violence is usually not much of a concern, unless you travel to the countries where scammers are living and risk meeting with them (there have been kidnappings in 419s in West and South Africa).

  • 133 nitin a scam with me // Jun 15, 2011 at 05:24

    Attention Nitin Thakur!

    The above subject matter refers:

    This bank wishes to acknowledge the receipt of the transfer of some amount of money {Rs 31,050.} paid in by Dr.Vinod Agarwal to be transferred and released to your bank account and we respond thus. Sequel to the letter of authority/directives received from Sir. Stephen Hester, The CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. and in line with our payment transfer release procedure, be informed that our bank is ready to effect the payment transfer to the tune of Rs 31,050 . to your local bank account.

    In line with our payment transfer proceedures, note that we usually effect payments directly from our clients bank account to your own (third party) bank account that has a line of receiving bank transfers. This is for record and bank monitoring purposes since past experience have shown in the past that payments transfer receiving agent / sellers often convert such payment transfers from the buyers bank for their personal use without sending the demanded merchandise.

    In such situation, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. will be needing you to make a valid proof of the shipment of the merchandise ordered from you. The bank is liable for the payment transfer of the money into your bank account, as such your bank account stands as a guarantee to the funds received from our bank on behalf of the buyer of your item.

    We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and security. This disclosure explains what information we collect about you, with whom we share it, and how to enable us make the payment transfer to your bank account.

    The Royal Bank of Scotland will never ask you for your Security number or Password in an e-mail. Never disclose this information to anyone.

    Bank Name:
    The Royal Bank Of Scotland Group.
    M T. Number:

    RBS-3105 071 400UK
    Bank Details :

    Dr.Vinod Agarwal Banking Informations:
    Bank : The Royal Bank of Scotland Group.

    Account Owner:Dr.Vinod Agarwal

    IBAN N°: GB79 RBOS 8326 2800 2792 95
    Credit Card Number: 446************3
    Credit Card Type: Visa
    Credit Card Expiration Date: 10 / 01 / 2015

    Status: Verified and Money Withdrawn!
    Payment To : Nitin Thakur
    Bank Details:

    Account Holder Name:Nitin Thakur.
    Account Number:***119141***.
    Bank Name:Standard Chartered Bank.
    Bank address = kasturba gandhi marg connaught place delhi-110001

    Amount To Be Deposited:Rs 31,050.

    At The Royal Bank Of Scotland, we want to help you protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft and online fraud.

    RBS is committed to protect and maintain your trust in our Bank and our customers.

    We are here to act upon instructions received with respect to the transfer of money to your bank account.
    You are therefore required to forward to us the valid proof of shipment such as the shipment receipt and the tracking number as to enable us fulfill our financial bank transfer obligation to your bank account details stated above. You are also to send us the name of your bank and double-check your banking account number stated above to make sure it is correct.

    On receiving this email notification of payment transfer to your bank account, you are expected to send the item to the verified address below and keep us informed as soon as possible to enhance the transfer of the money to enter into your bank account.

    Name: Jibril Agarwal
    Address: 78 Upper Mission Extension Road,
    Benin City, Zip/Postal Code: 23452,
    Edo State.
    Country: Nigeria.

    Thank you for accepting the RBS to make a safe payment transfer of the money to you!!! We will do this with all pleasure!

    We remain most obliged to the immediate transfer of the money to your bank account.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sir. Stephen Hester
    CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc.

    Phone Number: +44 703 598 1008
    Fax Number: +44 709 287 4260
    The Royal Bank Of Scotland Transfer Dept.®! For Enquirers, Please Call: +44 703 598 1008

  • 134 Adam Reeves // Jun 18, 2011 at 23:59

    Thank you so much for having this website. I was approached by “Financial Cloud Services Limited” to invest in a business project I have raising funds for. I emailed back a few times. Today I get an offer to fund the entire amount from the U.K. My first clues that I should investigate was the really bad English in the letter, the fact that all emails were gmail or aol accounts, the name sent from was different from the letter signed by, etc. The number is 44-702-406-0760. Here is what they said.


    Thank you for presenting your Business Opportunity and Funding Request to our Investment Committee. We found your presentation to be inspiring and a basis for which to further explore a potential funding relationship.

    Congratulations! After several discussions with Members our Investment Committee about your funding request and based on the information you have provided us which includes your Executive Summary and Business plan.

    I have been mandated to inform you that our management (on behalf of Karol Carpenter) is in favour of investing in DecemberDilemma.

    Please refer to the attached file for our terms/conditions for this investment.

    I’d be glad to address your questions with regard to the proposed investment.

    Yours truly,
    Craig Johnson (Deal Manager)


    Please bear with us, our website is currently undergoing reconstruction/updating, it will be back soon

    The attached PDF had a phony looking masthead pasted on and said:

    W10 6NF .UK. RC#. 07393446
    Tel: 44-702-406-0760
    Fax, 44- 7005-931-084
    E-mail: deal@
    Your Ref: Date: 17- 06-11
    FROM: Robert Philips (CEO)
    ATTN: Adam Reeves,
    (, Attn, Peter Finn TO
    Best regards
    Robert Philips (CEO)

    You saved me more wasted time in dealing with this “potential” investor. Thank you.

    It is horrible that they can get away with this.

  • 135 Jess // Jul 3, 2011 at 02:54

    Thanks for this info. I got a text along these lines this morning and googling the very awkward number brought up nothing (011447968987914) It said to call +44-70 itself.
    Thanks for the help.

  • 136 Purnamawati // Jul 4, 2011 at 01:08

    how about this number +447031818604
    owner is Barry White (London)
    it’s that true or not ?
    Thanks for answer.

  • 137 Purnamawati // Jul 4, 2011 at 01:55

    Man from Netlog
    They send me privat massage to know me, but at least, they just liar…..
    Be carefull with man from Netlog…

  • 138 Joe Wein // Jul 5, 2011 at 09:56


    if this person gives you a +4470 number it means he’s not in the UK. In the last 10 years I’ve come across only two cases of legitimate use of +4470 numbers, i.e. someone who was *not* a criminal somewhere in Africa pretending to be in the UK. If this person was really in London, he should have a +44 20x geographic number.

  • 139 John // Jul 6, 2011 at 02:11

    Got a new one today from an apparently hacked friends gmail address.

    I hope you take no offense in my sudden approach. I took a trip this weekend to London, England and was robbed luckily they didn’t really hurt me. My belongings including my cash, credit card and cell phones were all stolen. I’ve made contact with my bank but the best they can do is to mail me a new card which will takes about 5 working days to arrive here, while am currently concluding my documentation at the embassy so i can fly out. Please I need you to lend me some funds to settle some bills.

    Please let me know if you can assist me in anyway.

    You can reach me via email or the hotel’s desk phone +447045786731.

    Waiting for your mail.

    Then it was signed with their name. I am 99.99999…8% sure this was a scam but have contacted friend through their other email address, to let them know of the situation. And further requested they reply via another method, just incase that account is also compromised.

  • 140 Aura // Jul 7, 2011 at 02:14

    Hi All,

    I also wanna share about the scam. I knew this guy named “Calvin Jones” from Facebook and he claimed he’s from UK. After it’s about 3 months mailings and chats also phone call (but he denied when I have asked him to video call), he said he have bought things to proof he’s love and he want to send the things. He informed that when the package arrives in my country that will be a Clearance Charge I should pay, but the payment must by transfer, it can’t pay by COD (he said must PBD, pay before delivery).
    Thanks GOD before I do that I search information first at Google, from the web of the Diplomatic Delivery Company till the mail of the Company which is not use own domain of their company, they use Free Mail. His email and phone numbers are :

    To Joe Wein,
    Can we publish the pics they have sent into this blog? Because maybe there are same pics they gave with different email.
    Anyway, thanks so much I found this blog which is a lots information of scam with different way.

  • 141 Robert jackson // Jul 12, 2011 at 00:23

    there is those numbers from a scammers ?? she said to be called Lia Jones and she gave this email : and the numbers are..
    please i m almost sure its a scam…just confirm me …thanks.

  • 142 Jessica Anne // Jul 12, 2011 at 19:14

    Hi all;

    Last June 27, 2011 I search for an amazing online jobs in USA JOBS ONLINE they offered lots of position on the ads. i read this blog give me hint that maybe the number +447045570899 is one of the fraud number too as stated all fraud numbers started at +447???, and they are using for each email given.

    please advice as they are asking for a visa fees.

  • 143 Joe Wein // Jul 12, 2011 at 21:21

    Hello Jessica, yes it’s a scam. Any job offer that lists a +4470 number is a scam.

    Also, any job offer that involves you sending money for visa fees to someone nominated by the person offering the job is a scam. In real jobs abroad you apply for the work visa at the embassy of the employer’s country in your country and pay at the embassy.

    Independently, assume any transaction to be a scam if it involves both the Internet and Western Union. The two don’t mix. Never send money by WU to people you don’t know personally in real life.

  • 144 barry d // Jul 30, 2011 at 01:07

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I recently received an email from the Apostle (Dr.) Hayford Alile Ikponmwonsa which told me that I have given money, courtesy of UN.dan here I share the email I had received from him.

    Attention: Barry David

    This is to let you know that I have received your mail, Mr Barry David
    I want you to understand that this is compensation fund from united
    nation and secretary General of united nation Mr Ban Ki-Moon signed on
    your behalf as the legal beneficiary of the said fund.

    United nation is monitoring this compensation fund and I will advise
    you to feel free and comply with my instruction I promised you that I
    will deliver your ATM card without any problem .listen I am a well
    known person here so I can not deceive because of money and if in plan
    to deceive you God will Reward I Dr Hayford with bad.

    I am Christian and I have fear of God so as long as united nation have
    appointed me to deliver your compensation fund through ATM card, I
    will never fail to work with their instruction to make sure I deliver
    your ATM card to you as soon as you comply with me.

    Listen I will advise to just try and comply with me and see what will
    happen because I know very well that I will deliver your ATM card and
    you will start making use of it over there without any problem during

    Feel free and go to western union money transfer or money gram and
    send the DHL delivery fee, I promised you never regretting of known me
    just count on me.i sent you a copy of my working ID card you can use
    it to trace me if I fail to deliver your ATM card.

    Use below information to send the fee.

    DHL Mailing……………….$430 For 2 days Delivery

    Receivers name: Okoye Adaora.
    Receivers address:Lagos Nigeria
    Text Question: What is your Age?
    Answer: 57
    MTCN Control number:

    Call me immediately you receive this email so that we will discuss for
    you to have more informations ok.
    My phone is: +234-8022983818 call me as soon as you receive this mail.

    I am looking forward to hear from you .

    Apostle (Dr.) Hayford Ikponmwonsa Alile

    I do not know if this is true or not. but what surprised me is why I have to pay shipping costs of the atm card. then I want to ask your help to detect whether this is true or device only.


  • 145 Is this a legitimate job offer or a scam? | Sylvania Homes For Sale // Jul 31, 2011 at 07:14

    […] That is a known Nigerian scam phone number – do not call it or you will be billed up to $50 […]

  • 146 Veronica Rodgers // Aug 3, 2011 at 21:02

    I met this guy on facebook who has moved from the UK to Nigeria, his old # was 44-702-407-7539 (in the UK) . When he moved to Nigeria, he then started using (234)803-658-2162, and has also called me more than once from (234)806-722-4584, but says he does not have a second phone #. Can you tell me if you know or can find out if any of these #’s are scam numbers? Thank You, hope to hear back from you @my e-mail either way

  • 147 Jona // Aug 18, 2011 at 20:45

    i have been called by this nr.
    it look like the same
    +4470 14515404

  • 148 Jona // Aug 18, 2011 at 20:47

    .. When i try to call back i get a voice an tape or something…

  • 149 ezile // Aug 23, 2011 at 04:37

    Hi! Been doing some research about scamming. I never really thought that this is one very serious and damaging reality – that its various forms have wreaked havoc on unsuspecting people everywhere!
    Reading from all that’s been shared in the previous posts helped me recall all those I’ve received the past several years in my email address/es. The most common ones are the lottery and inheritance thing. I still recall receiving a few emails from supposedly UK law firms claiming that a distant relative from UK had left me a considerable inheritance. LOL!!! Now that was an obvious outright scam as clearly, I am 101% certain that I have no surviving distant relative with my family name in UK. hahahaha.
    But wait, the story doesn’t end here. Thank goodness for this site and all the other sites like and the like, I finally got to confirm what I had been suspecting all along. I should have done an internet search in the beginning but this guy came in the guise of ‘spiritually mature’ front and all that stuff – appearing to be respectable, courteous, gentleman, educated, etc…
    I did an initial background check on the information he had given me regarding the company where he works in UK which he said he had inherited from his father – note, he meant that it was his father’s business. Well, I googled the company name – Power Front Marketing and the site seems legitimate but I found out a few discrepancies. One, it wasn’t exactly a company owned by one person. Two, the address he mentioned did not match what was stated in the site and three, the website company obviously employs hundreds of people as opposed to what he said that there were only a few, him being the hmmm…head of company.

    Using (a tip I got from, I checked the URL of the so-called company below,

    (which was supposed to have been founded in 1995 and based in Castle-upon-Tyne in UK), it turned out that the ip address was registered from California, USA under a woman’s name. This is what I got:

    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2008-01-13
    Registration Date…. 2008-01-13
    Expiry Date………. 2012-01-13
    Organisation Name…. maribeth andolina
    Organisation Address. PO Box 61359
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Sunnyvale
    Organisation Address. 94088
    Organisation Address. CA
    Organisation Address. US

    Admin Name……….. Admin PrivateRegContact
    Admin Address…….. PO Box 61359
    Admin Address…….. registered post accepted only
    Admin Address…….. Sunnyvale
    Admin Address…….. 94088
    Admin Address…….. CA
    Admin Address…….. US
    Admin Email……….
    Admin Phone………. +1.5105952002
    Admin Fax…………

    Second, I checked the home address he gave in UK:
    41b Forthlin Road, Allerton, Liverpool, England. Funny thing is, this property website from UK that I used to search and locate such address came up with even-numbered properties on Forthlin Road EXCEPT 41b. I checked the map and could not find exact house number in fact.

    Third was the recent ‘quarrel’ we had when he hmmm…went over to Madrid, Spain to close a chemical supply contract. Earlier, he asked me to do a ‘market research’ on this certain chemical called ‘Veguire oil’. True, I found a contact and though I had a suspicion that this company based in Malaysia was suspicious, I didn’t give it a serious thought nor did I bother to do a serious check on it.
    The ‘quarrel’ came about because he had requested me to ‘purchase’ a sample of that chemical to be presented to the company in Spain so that the contract would be awarded to him. The cost of one bottle of that ridiculous chemical was more than $4,000 USD – which of course I did not buy!
    I work hard for every penny I earn and since I was doubting at that time, I simply told him that I do not have such amount!
    Oh the gentleman turned into a swearing and cussing guy overnight! It was like Jekyll and Hyde! hahahaaha…
    But then, by some ‘heavenly intervention and inspiration’ as he claimed, he got the contract even without the sample chemical and went back to Liverpool a few days after – just a day after the riots erupted!
    Anyway, the last straw was just yesterday. He had flown in from Liverpool to Sarawak, Malaysia – the source of the chemical he was supposed to purchase after a bank loan from UK and to be shipped to Madrid, Spain to ‘fulfill the so-called contract.’

    And ooooppss…He called to tell me that he was very upset as the company increased the price of the chemical per bottle and that he had to call up his mum to send the remaining balance.

    Here’s the catch. Since it was an ‘unexpected delay’ in his trip, he needed to extend his reservation at the ‘apartment’ he’s currently staying and called to ask for my help.
    Could I please send him $670.00 by tomorrow as he needed to pay cash for his 3-day extension and accommodation.
    And as what he needed was cash, could I send it through Western Union?
    I asked for the ‘apartment/hotel’ address and all I got was a street number and street name without the name of the establishment.
    Also, I checked this company in Sarawak and obviously, it’s another one of those scammers – 3 different addresses and none of which exists. Even the beneficiary address of what I was supposed to have sent the payment for the chemical turned out to be non-existent.

    Here’s the company name (that you may all be warned) – from B2B network Alibaba which is full of ‘fraudulent companies’!

    MyChems SDN BHD
    Address: Jkr 180 Jalan Temasya Pantai, Batu Buruk, Kuala Terengganu (does NOT exist!)

    As I’m sure the other 2 addresses in their company profile are bogus as well!

    Yes, I may be single but a friend’s experience taught me to be wary and careful of ‘romance scams’ like this. Well, what is not possible with internet these days?

    The UK number is: +447031812855 (i checked with the list above but didn’t find this number)…. But if it begins with 4470….it’s sure to be bogus? (numberingplans website analyser says it’s a personal number).

    I am sooo thankful that though part of me thought he was the real thing (duh!), I didn’t easily succumb to the sweet talks, promises and even his show of anger. Oh he can call me all the names he wants, doesn’t matter.

    The only stupid thing I did and which I am rather scared of is that I sent him family photos!!
    Would any scammer be able to do some thing with those photos? That’s what I’m fearful of – I was foolish enough to think I could trust him with information about my family and sent photos (me, family and a few close friends!). I hate myself for doing this particularly!

    His full name doesn’t even register in any thing in google.

    Mikel Fred Garry – claiming to be a Civil Engineer and yet I couldn’t trace his name in any registered engineers in UK. I know that countries have databases of all the duly registered professionals, especially those who take and pass state board or national examinations!
    (‘address’ & ‘phone number’ given above).

    God help us all and protect us from these conscienceless and despicable internet criminals! Talk about preying on the innocent and unsuspecting!

    Thank you so much for this site and all those I got from They were all very helpful in making everything clear.

    So be warned and be safe!

  • 150 Ahmed // Aug 29, 2011 at 18:08

    To all..

    There is this person pretending to be a woman loving in UK for the past few years, she told me that needs my help that she is from Indonesia and she married to a British man, so the husband is died past two years then she needs to go back to Indonesia her country because she wants to her secure her money which i accept to do so for her, all of a sudden she call me from Indonesia asking for me to help her and pay that authority officers hold her because of the money she come in with.. luckily to me i didn’t send any money to her as my friend was with me and he help me to track down this person..pls i want everyone to be careful with somebody who is bearing this name; Lusyana and the phone numbers there used and calling me is: +6285813676717 OR +6281286675575… be careful with this person..

    Name; Lusyana
    Phone number; +6285813676717 OR +6281286675575

  • 151 ilya // Aug 30, 2011 at 18:36

    They took away my money 900$!!! yet required to bring in on a custom 2nd about 300$ but I renounced!!! and they do not talk where my parcel in Kiev!!!
    NW10 6RE Company No. 02978558 TEL:+44 7024093136 ICQ:606977857
    Director: Ahmad Azan Ibrahim
    Officers: Adam Olowo, Alinson Rudolph, Akiev Rudolph
    I ordered 1 samsung i9100 but to me why that was said that an error happened and sent at once 2 and that I must pay for him and also even in a gift 3 telephone of HTC EVO 3D 32gb. I already 3 times paid in addition them through Western Union 370$+350$+200$ and now they require 2 times 300$ for a custom and it is not talked where my parcel!!!
    Since I saw 2 these identical site I understood what is the matter: – this was carry out transportation of my parcel – fully identical site (2 words difference)
    to whom more proofs for me them yet much – if it is necessary can give…They continue to cheat people help to stop them!!!

  • 152 niki // Sep 7, 2011 at 23:53

    thanks for the help this site has given me, i was very nearly taken in by them i had a mail saying i had won 500,000 great british pounds and a samsung laptop, the first one asked me for only my full name and address so i could receive them, which i gave then the second 1 asked me to confirm which i when i got suspicious.
    However since i have only given them my name and address and no other details will i get any comebacks?xx

  • 153 niki // Sep 7, 2011 at 23:55

    their emails are

  • 154 nadia // Sep 8, 2011 at 17:09

    i found a fake lattery scam by +447035945061 number

  • 155 nadia // Sep 8, 2011 at 17:12

    other numbers were +447773752154 and +447045744673 and the e-mail address was

  • 156 Naval Dubey // Sep 11, 2011 at 11:55

    Dear All,

    I got the job offer and they told me that they have seen my cv on shine .com.
    I do not understand about this below mail is spam or correct?
    Please suggest me.
    Go through below mail mesage:

    “Following careful review and consultations with reference to the resume forwarded by you, you have been shortlisted to be part of the team that will be working with us on the contract mentioned in previous correspondences. To ensure a seamless integration into the team, your designation has been chosen in line with past experiences/designation from previous employment.

    Designation: PETROLEUM ENGINEER ,

    Job Ref: 005/01-KOG/US.
    Job location: KENNOX OIL&GAS BRANCH.

    In this mail, you will find an employment agreement duly signed by the appropriate signatories. Note that you are employed directly under Kennox Oils, that implies that you are only answerable to Kennox Oils with regards to this project, you do not have any contractual ties whatsoever with Kennox Oils (Principal Client). This connotes that you report directly to Kennox Oils if you have any concerns regarding this process and we shall look into whatever concerns you might have.

    Note the we received approval from the USCIS OFFICE today to employ you,

    I have attached the approved contract letter issued to me for your

    review. You need to contact the office of CARIB TRAVELS immediately as our company is ready to provide necessary payment for the processing of your travel documents.

    It is mandatory that you must have an Active Security Clearance issued by the Department of Homeland Security. If you do not have this clearance, you are to apply immediately to the US Department of Homeland Security via the CARIB TRAVELS Office here in the UK with a copy of the signed employment agreement for advice on how to get this clearance, bear in mind that the Homeland Security Permission Certificate will permit you to migrate into the United States Of America as a non immigrant therefore it is a matter of urgency that you proceed immediately with this .

    Applicants are required to show competence by providing the active clearance to prove that you are free from terrorism and drug addiction which will permit us to pay for the processing of their travel papers and air ticket.

    Note: if you know that you do not have the home land security permission/certificate to enter into the United States temporarily as a non immigrant and to prove you are free from the above mentioned, bear in mind that your application will not be processed as we shall turn you down to find another applicant who possesses the said entry permission certificate.
    On our confirmation from the Carib Travels we shall release funds for the processing of your travel papers and booking of your air ticket

    Below is the contact information to the CARIB TRAVELS AND TOUR.

    Contact Name: Anil Colla
    Tel: +447024033033

    If you have any concerns, then let me know for clarification. Note that the processing of all the necessary papers take quite a bit of time and we have barely three weeks before we are due to report to the US so you are advised to follow up immediately as Kennox Oils would not hesitate to look for replacement to anyone who is not as responsive as required. If for any reason you would not be accepting the contract, please do well to inform us immediately.


    HR/Recruitment Coordinator
    Kennox Oil Gas UK
    35 Great Sutton Street,
    London, EC1V 0NB, Rating

  • 157 Red Rose // Sep 19, 2011 at 19:45

    I met a man on Tagged and after chatting for a month and a half wanted to send me a package via diplomatic delivery. I am very wary of this and all the more so when the courier company emailed and called to request that I deposit nearly USD4000 to a local account belonging to a woman for airport and customs charges. I spoke to the delivery officer, he sounded african. The sender is pleading with me to clear the package from customs. I am still in a dilemma….what brought me to this website is that, the man’s phone number is a +4470 number and the courier company’s headquarters number is a +4470

  • 158 Tatiana // Sep 22, 2011 at 19:15

    Except lotteries exist as swindlers who offer credits under favourable percent. It too a deceit. It is checked up. They give out themselves for employees of banks or any real-life firms. Such the companies really are, but criminals have to them no any relation. Be careful! Don’t do any transfers. You will lose money, and the credit to you and won’t give. Here some of swindlers:
    Kate Marshal from UK

  • 159 rajvir singh // Sep 30, 2011 at 01:37

    Your site is very beneficial i will take care in future also regarding these scams thanks alot!

  • 160 alhajj bilal alidu // Oct 1, 2011 at 15:42

    hi my brothers and sisters in africa there is a scam on the internet that you won a lottory promotion by the planet49 which is not true. i am a victim so i advice people to be aware of this scam and the number +447024011191. below is the information u will receive from them.

    1 recipients
    CC: recipientsYou More
    BCC: recipientsYou
    Hide Details


    Tel: +447024011191
    Fax: +44667689066









    1 Attached files|65KB


  • 161 Vannrox // Oct 7, 2011 at 12:09

    SCAM… Here is the text of the letter…

    The Chambers of William Clegg QC
    2 Bedford Row London WC1R 4 BU
    Contact Person: Mrs Margaret Dodd
    Phone Number: +44-70-2402-3316

    Attention XXXXXXXXXXXX

    In Acknowledgment Of Your Consultation Mail To Our Chamber To Represent You In The Signing And Registration Of The Affidavit of Guarantee Certificate Of Your Job Offer with Linde Gas UK.

    In Regards To This Issue, We Have Contacted Your Employer Immediately, And They Have Confirmed Their Referendum To Your Contact.

    To no Much Avail, We Want To Inform You That We Have Taken Cognizance Of Your Request And Have Accepted To Assist You In This Regards. Right Now, You Are To Send The Cost Of Your Affidavit of Guarantee Certificate Registration Fee As Stated Below And Our Chambers Consultation Fee:

    1) Consultation Fee 100pounds
    2) Certificate Registration Fee 100pounds
    3) Mobilization fee 150 pounds

    After Prior Calculation, You Are To Send To Us The Sum Of 350 Pounds as soon as We Receive This Money We Shall Not Hesitate To Move Forward For The Signing And Registrations Of Affidavit of Guarantee Certificate.


    1). Print out and Fill the Affidavit of Guarantee form and send back to us via e-mail attachment within 12hrs for further processing.

    2.) The Affidavit of Guarantee Certificate will only take 2 working days to obtain from the British High Court here in UK.


    Kindly confirm the under listed You are required to transfer the processing fee here in UK with this WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER information below asap to enable me register your papers.

    Receivers Name: Margaret Dodd

    Address: 2 Bedford Row London WC1R 4 BU

    Location: London-UK

    Once you transfer the fee you are required to send to us the

    MTCN NUMBER: ……………………………..

    SENDERS NAME:…………………………….

    SENDERS LOCATION:………………………

    Scan the payment slip and send it through email attachment.

    Thanks while we guarantee you a job well done

    Mrs Margaret Dodd

  • 162 Mr. H // Oct 10, 2011 at 22:19

    Hi all. i have been contacted thru facebook by a woman who claims that she is a system analyst from UK. She called me few times, stating her interest to move from UK to Malaysia, asking me to help her to find a place for her to do property investment. whenever she called me, no phone number appeared, only “Blocked” text. she gave me her phone no +447031805546 & +447851874960. her email address is so far there’s no sign of asking me for money etc but i want to be cautious before being trapped by any scammers. Do you think this person is a scammer or not? please advise.

  • 163 Joe Wein // Oct 12, 2011 at 14:39

    @Mr. H:
    Yes, that person is a scammer. +4470 is not a regular telephone number, it is only a forwarding service. If this person was for real, she would give you her landline or mobile number, to which the +4470 number forwards. It is much more expensive to call +4470 numbers than to call the number hidden behind it. Almost without exception, +4470 numbers are used by scammers from Nigeria and elsewhere who want to make people believe that they are in the UK when they are not.

    About money demands, I have heard of romance scams that went on for 6 months until the victim was asked for money. These criminals can be very patient…

  • 164 rajab khamis // Nov 14, 2011 at 19:57

    i got a message to my phone dat i won 7500,00 pound so i must give them my details from this no. +4915143652562 any help sir if its true

  • 165 Joe Wein // Nov 15, 2011 at 15:44

    It’s a scam.

    +4915143652562 is a mobile phone in Germany. No real lottery would ever tell you to call or text some mobile number. If the prize was in pounds (UK / Sterling), why would they give you a German number to call? Also, you can’t win any lottery you didn’t enter.

  • 166 davies // Nov 22, 2011 at 00:34

    Am davies,i just recieved a lot of emails,saying i won a lottary,unclaimed money etc,i never write back though.
    Here is the number of the stupid woman +447035960886,
    Take care my follow brothers and sisters,tell your family and friends too about these stupid scammers.
    I wont give anyone my hard earned cash so easly,am in east africa.
    Thanks all.

  • 167 Keith // Nov 28, 2011 at 15:14

    Thanks for the extremely important service. Keep up the good work!!!

  • 168 Hassan // Dec 2, 2011 at 02:36

    To all, this person is using a fake woman picture in facebook, her name is; Lusyana Yudhoyono, and her facebook link is;, be careful with this fake person pretending to be a woman while she is a man.

  • 169 katty // Dec 4, 2011 at 08:27

    Hi! everyone !
    being ware of this phone wholesaler
    make sure u know the person before sending money!

  • 170 Dave Harding // Dec 23, 2011 at 21:37

    I nearly got caught on a propert lease scam here in Aberdeen through Citylets website using +447024019278 .
    Thank you for your Blog and info!

  • 171 Dusica // Dec 24, 2011 at 20:58

    I got job offer from one company in UK …and contact details are :

    For more information please do not hesitate to send me an E-mail or call +44 701 112 9970.

    I supose that this is fake offer!!?

  • 172 queen // Dec 25, 2011 at 00:18

    I got this number, can u check it out,…
    the owner is Martin Alex…(perhaps)

  • 173 SUNIL SINGH // Dec 28, 2011 at 16:10

    i wana to know the link which can help me finding the fake contact detail of any country,

  • 174 Joe Wein // Dec 31, 2011 at 01:48

    @Dusica: Any UK job offer with a +4470 phone number is a scam.

    @queen: Assume that “Martin Alex” is a scammer who in reality is based somewhere other than the UK.

    @SUNIL SINGH: If you’re not sure how to verify contact details, post your suspect emails in the online forum of where experienced members will be able to advise you.

  • 175 astrid // Jan 4, 2012 at 00:28 astrid from indonesia
    Same thing almost happened with me.
    I met this guy in indonesiancupid site,he said he lives in manchester uk and gave me this number +447031852853.
    After a month communicate,he said he want to send me gifts and he gave me this website of the courier company speedair
    Anyway,this courier said my package already in malaysia and they asked me to send first 1500RM and stupid me i sent the money thru WU.and they asked me another 4000RM coz they said when they scanned the package there is money in it so they have to pay their customs there to release the package.
    But thank God,i read this thread rite before i send the 4000RM to them.
    Now,what should i do or say to this guy and the courier people if they keep call me and ask me the money.the courier said the malaysia customs will bring us to the court if i didnt pay.
    What should i do to ignore them?they know my address and home phone no.
    Thanks a lot…for everything.

  • 176 Joe Wein // Jan 10, 2012 at 15:50

    it’s a scam, as +4470 numbers forward calls internationally and the only reason one would use them if they were not based inside the UK.

    The site is a free hosting site (TL = East Timor), which legitimate businesses would not normally be using, though they’re used a lot by scammers.

    If you have already sent money, report the crime to police. They will unlikely to conduct a serious investigation, but at least it educates the police about this type of crime.

    About your contact details, it’s unfortunate but there is nothing that can be done about it and it won’t usually be a serious problem. They may send you more fraud emails or make phone calls, but as long as you don’t respond (delete their emails, hang up the phone) you should be OK.

  • 177 Carlos // Jan 12, 2012 at 04:05

    Dear Joe, Firs of All, thanks a lot for your initiative!! Because of people like you, we still believing in the persons!!

    So, my story is a little different, i’ve been looking for a DJ equipment to buy and i find a post from a seller, selling a big list of equipment with the prices lower than the usual.

    He gave me his skype and was polite in conversation, but i felt a strange feeling about the business, he sent me the company data and everything match and send me this email

    Hello Carlos,

    Below is our accountant details you will need in making the transfer through western union,

    Receiver’s First Name: Aazim
    Receiver’s Last Name: Yasir
    Address, West park house 7-9 Wilkinson Avenue, Blackpool,
    City, Lancashire
    Postal/Zip Code, FY3 9XG
    Country, United Kingdom.

    As soon as you make the payment do get back to us with the following details,

    Sender’s Full Name
    Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
    Amount to be sent: $670 USD

    Or scan copy of the western union receipt,

    As soon as our accountant confirm your payment your order will be shipped out immediately and i will get back to you with the shipping information and tracking number so you can monitor your order online as it arrives your destination.

    Awaiting your reply soon.

    But, i ask his phone and he gave me phone +447035900468 and i searched in the net and bring me direct to your post!

    his contacts is
    Skype: aminuddin009

    And if you look by his email on google, you can found a lot of posts selling cell phones, cameras and electronic equipment cheaper than normal

    This is a new kind of fraud???

    Thank you a lot!!

  • 178 Joe Wein // Jan 12, 2012 at 23:39


    never buy electronics from a seller who uses a +4470 number or who uses a Yahoo / Hotmail / Gmail / other webmail address or who insists on being paid by Western Union.

    +4470 numbers usually indicate the person is not actually in the UK.

    Webmail accounts are anonymous and untraceable. Major companies do not use them.

    Western Union is not meant for paying people who you don’t know personally, as it doesn’t offer any kind of security. It’s the preferred way of online scammers receiving money from their victims.

    So, to answer your question, this is certainly a scam!

  • 179 arlyn // Jan 24, 2012 at 16:44

    just want to know this number: +44 7031846849; +447024016612; if this a scammers or not.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • 180 Joe Wein // Jan 27, 2012 at 09:23


    Almost certainly they’re scammers. Whether they offer employment, or claim to be a bank, lawyer, lottery, electronics supplier, etc. they are most likely to be outside the UK because these numbers are international call forwarding number. By definition you would only use them if the number the call gets forwarded to is outside the UK. No legitimate business operating inside the UK has a requirement to use a +4470 number as its normal contact. If you’re still in doubt, copy and paste the emails you have received into the web form at and see what result you get.

  • 181 Saadi Ahmad // Feb 2, 2012 at 21:52

    This is also one kind of international Crime.

    Example of that crime Message.

    Here is my own personal telephone # +447031885537 but I was not allow to be answering calls because of the stage of my kidney problem I am feeling much pains all over my body, because of that reason I left my telephone in the hand of the medical doctor in the hospital may be if there is call he will help me to answer it.

    Please enter your information’s SUCH AS YOUR FULL NAME AND YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER in the space created in the bellow message shade with yellow paint, copy the message and forward it to COMPANY Email: to enable them process and transfer the property Box to you as my family Beneficiary.
    Tele: 00233-27-4783637

    Dear Dr Kelvin Atuji

    Please don’t forget to contact me back as soon as you have forward your information’s to the Security Company so that I will immediately email the company and confirm you to them as my BENEFICIARY it is very important.

    Yours truly,
    Ms. Juliana Salifu


  • 182 Londoner // Feb 3, 2012 at 23:16

    The following number is also a scam:
    +44 7035904235
    He says he s from the Midlands, says he name is James Wood, some story about trouble in Nigeria to export something and ask for money. He is a fraud. It may change the story or name though and he s probably sitting somewhere in Nigeria.

  • 183 Lindsey or Gary Elvis // Feb 15, 2012 at 13:54

    I was targeted on Facebook from the above “guy”. It was a romance scam.

  • 184 Andy William // Mar 9, 2012 at 10:44

    I have been dealing with those spammers every single day. I have received countless emails, either buying inquiries, romance, dead person, or winning billions of money scams.

    I used to hate those spammers, but now, I am spamming them back… How? Just pretend to be interested to whatever they are offering and tell them fake ID’s or information. Also, try to make them work harder, just telling them something that they are impossible to do. For example: in business term, I always asked them their business registration and their bank account. Those spammers are capable in creating their own business registration, but you can always tell is it a fake or real.

    For business people, do not submit your email and your password to any link that they sent to you. IT’S FAKE AND THEY WILL HACK YOUR EMAIL AND EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t believe it and still can’t accept why British government doesn’t do anything about this!!

    Thank you for this blog owner to share your information to others.


  • 185 This mail is Scam right ? // Mar 16, 2012 at 14:01

    […] As for the phone contact, +44 is the country code for the UK, but when the next two digits are 70 it is an international redirect at the callers great expense. […]

  • 186 ayesha // Mar 23, 2012 at 20:10

    I met a man on a dating website, purporting to be a businessman in the UK. After doing some research, I found out that he is a romance scammer who has being doing this for at least 4 years. his number is 447011136412

  • 187 Frank // Mar 31, 2012 at 01:24

    There is this bastard am currently dealin with now she clame to b the only child of late dr patrick madu she said dat her late father left sum amount of money (6.5million us dollars) in standard chartered bank plc London. Her name is jennifer madu i know is a fraud scam but i wont to find out more

  • 188 amel // Apr 6, 2012 at 20:54

    cet mail m’a venu a ma compte ,est ce que c’est un homeçonage?(scam)

    Greetings to you dear, How is your day over there ? , i hope you’re doing well, i will love to meet you sooner,

    am so happy to read your mail and i understood your feelings, I will like to tell you more about the transfer of my claim, am also expecting your details too.

    like i said earlier i Inherited this claim direct from my late Father, the deposit was made in my Name as his next of kin, and am the only Child of my parents and i have all the needed documents to present for the claim,

    I want you to stand on my behalf as my representative partner to receive the fund into your Account then pending my arrive to meet you there immediately after the transfer,

    I have given you my whole trust as you can see, and i will like us to team up together in building a future lasting investment, I was a nursing student and my future dream is to invest on Hospital Equipment this is the area i know very well and is among my plans to invest the deposit over there as soon as i arrive to meet you after this transfer is done,

    and my promise to you is that 20% of the total fund is for you, to show some appreciation for the effort you put to assist me and also for your honest concern,

    My dear i need the Claim in other to live a better life again please help me the transfer have to be done into your Account, i want to use the Money for a Business project in over there and also for some investment there,

    My dear you know i can’t manage this Money alone and that is why i need you by my side so that you can advice me more on how i can make use of the fund for my future investment when i arrive so that we can manage the Money together,

    I have already introduced you to my Bank in UK London i wrote to my Bank transfer Manager MR DUNCAN HALL, i told him that you are my foreign partner and my appointed beneficiary and he is expecting a letter from you as my foreign appointed partner to have my claim into your Account,
    i have writing to him about you as my partner,

    Please I want you to contact the London Bank as soon as you finish reading my mail please,

    Just write a letter to the Bank Email addresses below it will go direct to the Transfer Manager, please contact the Bank in their email address you can see below ask him to tell you the possibility of making the transfer into your account there, and you can also ask the Bank to tell you the requirements they need in other to transfer the fund direct into your Account,
    I want the Total fund to be transferred into your account,

    You can see below the office email contact of the transfer manager send him a letter and he will respond back to you, I’m very sure he will tell you the requirements they need to wire the fund into your Account, I will meet you soon immediately after the transfer is done i will be there to see you after the transfer is done and I will start my project there and stay with you,

    Please contact the Bank in their office email address below, you can see my late father Bank Account details below,

    1 Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD, United Kingdom
    Name of the transfer officer is MR Duncan Hall.
    Email contact : ( ) Or
    ( )
    Telephone number: 00447035909076
    Fax Number : 0044-0703-5953397
    Account Number: SCBUK745608902546/QB/91/A
    Name of depositor: Dr Martin Morgan.
    Nationality: Sudan
    Next of kin : Miss Ruth, Morgan.
    Amount deposited:$5.3 Million U.S Dollars.

  • 189 Sophie // Apr 8, 2012 at 17:16

    Here is another Romance scamer, requesting western-union transfer for medical fee for his sick daughter…
    Profile available on and

    Name : Greg Slier
    Mail :
    Tel : +447045798227

  • 190 anwar // Apr 22, 2012 at 03:00

    i receivd a text on my cell phone from NOKIA about winning of any NOKIA LOTTERY.. after further contact they are asking me to come personally or to hire a lawyer to receive our money …
    number is +447031943280

  • 191 Joe Wein // Apr 22, 2012 at 20:25

    @anwar: of course it’s not from Nokia, as there is no “Nokia lottery”. It’s a typical fake lottery scam. Even if it didn’t have a +4470 number in it it would be a scam, as you can’t win a lottery that you didn’t enter. Real lotteries don’t ask you to hire a lawyer to claim a prize.

  • 192 Ina // Apr 27, 2012 at 12:22

    A man named Kelvin Harry send me an email and ask for my phone number. But I already give him my number. he gave me 2 numbers. I want to know if this number is a scam number. +447031997311 and +447851892328 thank you.

  • 193 Karen // Apr 29, 2012 at 12:49

    Can you please help me? I have been in contact with a man who claims to a Chemical Engineer on an oil rig in the north sea. His number is +447031805643. He claims to be moving to the US to open his own gas and oil company. From what I have been reading here, this number must be a scam number as well. He also claims he is a Senior Chemical Enigineer working for a company called KCA Duetag. I have looked this company up and it does exist. Thank you for any help in this matter

  • 194 Michelle Calabano // Apr 30, 2012 at 15:41

    I would like to thank you for your website.. I applied a job for London yesterday and received this email.. “The Milestone Hotel London
    1 Kensington Court,
    West Kensington,
    London.W8 5DL
    United Kingdom.
    +44 703 596 5999

    Dear Applicant,

    I will like to inform you that we received your job application
    for a job placement here at the Milestone Hotel London, After going through your CV,
    the management has considered hiring you for your service.
    Below are some questions we would like you to answers. Please kindly
    read the questions carefully and provide us with your honest answers.

    1- What is your full name?

    2-Why do you want to work in Hotels?

    3-Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you over the others
    waiting to be interviewed?

    4- What can you do for us that others can’t?

    5- Can you work well under deadlines or pressure?

    6- What are three positive things your Last Boss would say about you?

    7-What are the things you like most?

    8-What is your greatest strength? Why did you leave your last Job?

    9-What do u mean by the words ‘Service’?

    10- What three specific job positions do you target from this company?

    11- What salary are you seeking?

    12-Are you willing to relocate to United Kingdom to do your duty as
    soon as possible?

    13- Give three reasons why you want to work in United Kingdom?

    14-Will you comply with the company laid down rules and regulations?

    15-Will you be able to be patient with a customer when they are insulting you?

    16- What’s your nationality?

    17- Do you currently have a Visa and Work Permit?

    18-The CV you sent, are they for you, and best describe you?

    19-Your personal Phone Number?

    We are expecting the answers to these questions as soon as possible to
    enable us carry out further examination. As soon as we receive your
    answers we will furnish you with more information as regard your job

    Quick Reply”

    I tried to search for the hotel and find it online also for the firm of letter of agreement. But when I checked online the email address which is “” I was brought here and found out that it was scam.

    Thank so much…

  • 195 Caroline // May 6, 2012 at 03:20

    I am afraid I have been fooled as well by a romantic aproach at face-book. I am afraid too, that I send some money over. Please check for me the following numbers: 0044-7031864675: 0044-70773273: 0044-7045797946: 0044-7038144943.

  • 196 bench24 // May 17, 2012 at 02:32

    Is this a scam?

    High Tech Madrid Aeropuerto Calle del Galeón, 25, 28042 Madrid, Espagne
    Tel: 702 406 7232 , 702 408 5628 Fax: 060 7738 2617

    Good-day Mr/Ms. Menchu,

    We are glad to get you respond and also for the reply you’ve received from the site (SlowTrav) are true, because the (SlowTrav) is a UK site based on rental and vacations. And we want you to know that we are based here in the Spain and the contact website is (Slowtravels) and also well known here in Spain and all Europe.

    We do understand why you need to ask those entire questions that you’ve been asking, and we want you to know that you are on the right path and site. Like we told you that you don’t need to be worried about the processing of your working visa. Slow Travel Spain is the best agency here in Spain, and we have been processing working visa, visiting visa and other paper documents for Spain for years now and if you want to process your working visa with us, you have to put trust in us and in processing working visa for you.

    Slow Travel Agency Team

    Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.30, Saturday 09.00 – 17.00, Sunday CLOSED Telephone (0) 702-407-5839
    Please contact us if you are outside Spain and UK for any questions on
    +44 (0) 702-406-7232
    +44 (0) 702-408-5628

    and this:

    Good Morning Menchu,

    Thanks for the mail… I was so happy to read your mail this morning. Thank you for understanding me better on this and I want to say am sorry for the late mail, I haven’t checked my mail after the last time I contacted you… I’ve been very busy here with work and with the kids too, my husband traveled for a business trip but now his back from his business trip. the kids are doing fine and I believe they will love to meet you soon, and my husband sister is always taking care of the kids, but she will be living the country in no time and that why we want you to take up this job soonest. Am happy the agency requested those information from us and it is also important you also have those information because you will be needing them if you are coming here to my home. My residents address is below and also my family name, with the contact number.

    Family Name: JOHNSON FAMILY
    Residents Address: Ramon Trias Fargas, 301
    08005 Barcelona, Spain
    Phone contact: +447024036111

    I want you to know that you can reach us also on that contact. And when you contact the agency, ask if they need any more information from us and if they do will be happy to share more with you. I want you to ask them how long it will take to get the working visa. Always keep me inform about this and I will be happy to hear more from you.


    Mrs. Mercy

  • 197 Joe Wein // May 17, 2012 at 07:46

    @bench24: yes, it’s a scam. Besides the us of international call forwarding UK numbers (+4470) by both the “travel agent” and the “family”, there are other scam markers. Work visas for work abroad are always obtained through the embassy of the country of employment in your country, not at the other end. This is a fake job scam. They will try to trick you into sending cash for “visa fees”. There is no job, only some criminals out to steal money from you who hide behind +4470 numbers.

  • 198 Arjan // May 24, 2012 at 22:14

    They don’t only send you e-mail or a text message, some also let the telephone ring a few times in the hopes you call them back.
    The telephone number of this phone call:

  • 199 Loubov (Russia) // May 26, 2012 at 20:29

    Be careful!

    Fraudsters send emails on behalf of professors of the British universities and offer financial aid – ostensibly a charity.
    In the correspondence it appears that the “professor” currently is in Ghana at the conference and can not do a direct bank transfer. The Bank of Ghana, ostensibly, requires the 10% of the transferring amount commission to pay, while the “poor” Professor do not have cash. Ask you to send the required amount through Western Union and then “in one day you get to your bank account transfer from the professor.”

    Letters signed by:

    Professor Gordon Blair
    Computing Department
    Lancaster University
    Lancaster, UK


    Gary R. Roberts
    Dean and Gerald L. Bepko Professor of Law
    Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
    Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, Room 227
    530 W. New York Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46202-3225

    They are real persons (you may see it by Google), but do not have any relation to these letters!

    As the recipient of the transfer to the Western Union the frauds named:

    Reciever’s name: OHANS KOSISOR
    Receiver’s Address: 23 Adenta Road,
    City: Accra,
    Country: Ghana.
    Security Question: For What?

    The text of above mentioned scam letters:

    I find pleasure to help people out of my little wealth hereby wish to help you out in whatever situations you are going through presently. I will like to know how you want me to help you with? I want to congratulate you that you are one of the fortunate people i have chosen to help this Month. I will be interested to know more about you, so as to be sure of who am donating to. Am from Raleigh, IN but presently working in the UK as an associate Professor in Indiana University. I have always helped people,and i know God will always reward me for all the good I have done for everyone.

    Please feel free to send me an email with your needs, so to know i can know what to do about it.

  • 200 Bijoux91 // May 27, 2012 at 00:22

    My sister in contact with a man named Sebastien Martin from UK. They chat almost everyday for hours using YM. He even sent his pictures. So far no money involved. But when she asked his mobile number, he gave :+447035950361.
    But when she tried to send him text message, always failed and when she tried to call, some strange voice answered the phone.
    Is it scam or real as in the pictures he is good looking and my sister already in love with him.
    If I can give a proof that he is a scam er, I can make her leave this man.
    Thank you.

  • 201 Joe Wein // May 27, 2012 at 12:34

    @Bijoux91: +4470 numbers are *not* UK mobile numbers, they’re call forwarding numbers (so he’s already telling a lie right there). That’s why texting didn’t work, as it requires a true mobile number. The forwarded-to number can be virtually anything, though it usually us a mobile number in West Africa.

    A lookup of the number shows that it is allocated to Open Telecom International Ltd, a provider of call forwarding service. The call forwarding is free for the recipient, but costs 50 pence per minute to the caller, see:

    I’m not surprised the guy is good looking on the picture, as romance scammers often use pictures from modelling sites or find pictures on personal websites which they forward as their own.

  • 202 diana // May 28, 2012 at 12:19

    dear Joe

    would you help me about this site,
    this site conform that i have a gift from this number +447724297819 (the name Marvin) he from UK, but i have to pay alot of money to take a pacekage


    best wishes

  • 203 ella // May 28, 2012 at 16:48

    someone chatting u this email his phone number +447035937695 he is a scammer be careful this man .his ym profile a handsome british man,a sweet talker.

  • 204 Joe Wein // May 29, 2012 at 10:37

    @diana: if you search Google for the domain name of this fake courier you’ll find that it has been listed as a known scam for more than a year. There is no parcel for you. They’re just trying to trick you into sending them money.

  • 205 Joe Wein // May 29, 2012 at 10:41

    @ella: beware of any romantic approaches from anyone giving you a +4470 number. They’re all scammers, because there’s no legitimate reason for anyone in the UK to use these numbers. The whole purpose of these numbers is to be able to receive a call to a UK number while you are NOT in the UK. Romance scammers use pictures of attractive people because nobody can prove that they aren’t actually that person.

  • 206 sanjay // Jun 8, 2012 at 04:26

    Can you please check if these offers are genuine or fraud.


  • 207 Jen // Jun 11, 2012 at 16:15

    I have been getting skype messages for over a month from a guy who admittedly as intelligent as I am can make you fall for him because he says all the right things Supposedly his wife was killed in a car accident 6 years ago and he has been raising his son alone. He stated messaging me mid May and then a week later he messaged me and my mom had just died so I told him I was dealing with a family death and he gave me a number of +4470 359 83370 and says his name is Paul Woodward from New York NY and previous to this he had asked to friend me on facebook. When you go to his facebook page you can see nothing and he says it must be set to private and he will get someone to help him fix that. He actually gave me a cell number that he says is for his son that goes to St Mary’s in Vansant, VA cell number 646-535-7643 which is registered in NY NY just exactly where he said he lives. I would love to think this is one of those one in a million numbers not a scam but I am reporting so you can hopefully check it out.

  • 208 Norma // Jun 17, 2012 at 00:19

    Ive have make friends with this person Owen Cole through facebook. I fell for his charms and we were like lovers online. According to his profile, he is Irish. I have also given him a few of my photos out of love for him. He said he had a business in Singapore and would love to come and see me in Malaysia. I was overwhelmed. he even convinced me of his work with him having a seminar in Californis and even showed email me his Flight confirmation. He had met with an accident on his way to the airport but continued his journey. After he got back from California, he was supposed to fly down to Singapore but he had send his agent to buy some oil samples for his business. This is where it all started when he told me to help him out because his agent has got the samples cheaper from petronas Sarawak and short of money to pay them. He asked me to bank to his agent so that he could fly back to Singapore then London. And he told me that he will come back in two weeks time to pay me back the money. When i cant help him because of the mass amount he became nasty and threatened to post my photos to my friends in the internet. Again and again he called me non stop and has made me stressful and i became suicidal. I was admitted to the hospital and this i have reported to the police. But i know nothing much can be done. His phone no is +447594361311 and his agent that came to malaysia +6016389377. I know maybe someone else uses this man’s profile to scam me. Looking from his picture, he is not this type. A face so innocent and lovable and being an englishman will not say those words to me. And how he handles his business when things did not get his way, is unproffessional. Later i did my own investigation and found the man that his identity was stolen, to be a famous figure in his country and he’s a Czech not Irish. I have personally wrote to him about his theft identity. As for me, the scammer still contact and harassed me with his msgs and I have reported this to the specific body online and hoped will make an end to all this. To all women out there, when it is so good to be true, its not what it seems.

  • 209 AWAISMalik // Jul 4, 2012 at 01:58

    Hi every one ,,,

    this is really a scam i recieved a mail few days ago by a girl named( GRANT UDAH) . in which she mentioned that i am from west Africa SENEGAL .
    my father and mother was shot dead one early morning in civil war . as he was a Rich man he left me with ($ 5.3 Million U.S. Dollars) deposit by my late father of which i am the next of kin . i she wanted me to transfer the money in my account .

    the address which she placed in the mail of that account is mentoned below …
    The name of the transfer officer is Mr Richard Meddings.
    fax number 0044-700-5931-149
    Information about the deposit code as Are FOLLOWS.
    Name of depositor: Dr Udah Francis.
    Nationality: Ivory coast
    Next of kin: Miss. Grant Udah
    Deposited Amount: $ 5.3 million.
    Account Number: SCBUK874560245037/ZK/87/E

    the number from she called is

  • 210 sharad // Jul 4, 2012 at 23:20

    hii i am sharad tomar i have sms in my mobile…
    Ur mobile number has win 500,000 pounds in microsoft award 2012 to claim ur prize send or call+447010058862 i have send my account information he send me the deposit transfer charge rs.11200 in the supreet singh account i have sent the money in the supreet account and he will sent the new mail deposit convert charge rs.37000 thousand i have not send the so what can i do plse reply me

  • 211 snake // Jul 9, 2012 at 16:58

    I recent receive the email from a lady, and communicate in messenger several time. She give me the phone number : +44 70 1113 2711 after I told her my mobile number. Is it a scam? Could you mind to check it for me? Now she know my name and mobile number, what can I do now? Please answer me through my email. Thanks a lot.

  • 212 Brigitte // Jul 11, 2012 at 09:07

    I received this
    Microsoft Consumer Awards
    Building 3 Microsoft Campus
    Thames Valley Park Reading,
    Berkshire RG6 1WG
    United Kingdom.

    Data File Number: F1267-2012
    Winning No:YMMW/877/798/2012
    Email Ref No:699/33/2012

    The Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lottery, United Kingdom wishes to inform you that the results of our Monthly Bonanza Lottery International Program held in Great Britain is out. Your e-mail account have been picked as a certified winner of a lump sum pay out of £1,550,952.00.(One Million Five Hundred And Fifty Thousand Nine Hundred And Fifty Two Pounds Sterling), by the Association of Email Service Providers in conjunction with Microsoft Windows Promotion credited to MICRO (LOTTERY) CHIP NO:9465206. The winning ticket was selected from a Data Base of Internet E-mail Users,from which your Address came out as the winning coupon in this category “A” ballot lottery. You are to contact our Claims Administrator for validation:
    Name: Mr. Nicholas Jefferson.
    Email :
    For More Information Tel: +44-701-702-6362
    Fill the below:
    1. Full Name:_____________________
    2. Address:_____________________
    3. Nationality:___________Sex:________
    4. Age:________Date of Birth:___________
    5. Occupation:_____________________
    6. Cell Phone:___________Fax:___________
    7. State of Origin:_________Country:_______
    Congratulations!! Once Again.

    Dr. (Mrs) Christine V. Walter
    Microsoft Consumer Awards.
    (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


    at 18:20 hrs. (10.06.12)

    The telephone number provided starts with +44, which is the national code for England. Since I do live in England, why would I dial 0044 first?

    This seemed a little odd, so I googled the post code and could not find anything “microsoft” there.
    I then googled the IP code and it led me straight here.

    Thank you very much for confirming what I thought was the case with this “Microsoft Lottery” email!!

  • 213 Joe Wein // Jul 11, 2012 at 22:38

    @snake: Yes, if it involves a +4470 number it’s a scam, with virtually *no* exceptions.

  • 214 Li // Jul 13, 2012 at 20:22

    Hi Joe and everyone here,

    I am South African. Over 2 months ago I received an email via Facebook from Steve Antonino Alessandro. He said that he had done a search on Facebook in an attempt to locate a friend of his and this is when he came across my profile. He was so taken by my picture and fell inlove and this is why he just could not pass up the opportunity to inbox me. To cut to the chase, even though I tried to ward him off he kept on emailing me and eventually I gave him my hotmail address and accepted him on messenger. He gave me a long story about being Italian but growing up in London and being a single dad of 2 kids. Sent me a whole lot of pics and to be honest I really developed deep feelings for him and the 2 kids in the picture. We would chat for hours everyday. He would message me in the morning and wish me a good day and the evenings we would chat until midnight, even over weekends. I cannot believe that someone will take up so much time to woe me and then turn out to be a fake; a scammer. I told him from the word go that I have nothing to offer him. But it turned out he had to go to malaysia on business and then could not get into his bank account from there and could i please help him out with 6000 rands. ALL my senses were on alert and i started putting things together like howcome he has never given me his address, or company name (says he is an architect) and he doesnt have the slightest British or Italian accent. He sounds more Nigerian. When I confronted him he said that I dont trust him and I am insulting him. Anyway, I emailed him a few times since and have not heard anything again. So he has probably moved on to his next victim. I just feel that this is so painful, even if you have not met the person physically; its the same as a break up and it hurts. Not only because that person is no longer there but because I feel betrayed; I gave him access to my “personal space”, my emotions and he became part of my life. I am angry that I allowed someone to do this to me. It just goes to show how desperate we are to be loved that we would let a total stranger in who would abuse our trust and have no conscience doing it.
    The numbers I have to report is:


    Ladies be on the alert. These men prey on single vulnerable women and know just how to operate. The sooner they are caught out the safer we are. Thank you Joe, for this resource to name and shame these people. I know there are women out there who do the same to men and we will probably never be able to find out who they are because even their identities are fake. I just feel like such a fool. I did not lose any money but I still feel done in.

  • 215 Is this a soccer scam or internet fraud? // Jul 18, 2012 at 08:23

    […] Answers: Kittysue Answered:SCAM – both of those are Nigerian scam phone numbers […]

  • 216 Li // Jul 18, 2012 at 19:19

    Is there a site where we can post pictures, as I feel these people are not even aware that their photos are being used as a cover to scam women. Also, are there sites with pics where one could see who the actual people in the pics are?

  • 217 Mac Smith // Jul 26, 2012 at 22:36

    The following is a fake loan offer scam (a type of 419 scam):

    We offer loan at low interest rate of 3%, If you are interested contact us via email:

  • 218 NV // Aug 5, 2012 at 03:43

    Hi, Joe, in one of your responses above you said:

    “The scammers often use Google Translate to make non-English versions of scam formats, except in the case of French language scams originating from Cote d’Ivoire and Benin.”

    True! I’m Croatian and from time to time receive a “translated” scam. However, it’s not that difficult to recognize that it is a scam, just because Google Translate still translates English expressions in a manner that no Croatian native speaker would ever write.

    Thank you and best regards

  • 219 kristin // Aug 19, 2012 at 23:14

    hi. .i received this email:
    Thanks for your email and for also sending back to us the answers interview questionnaire which the Ritz Hotel management has found satisfactory.

    Kindly find attached herewith our job offer contract letter.

    You are to read carefully the employment contract letter and if everything is fine with you, sign and send back to us the signed contract letter. Also, you shall be needing a residence working permit flight ticket and visa so as to be eligible to work here in the United Kingdom you shall be responsible for your residence working permit charges. As soon as we receive a copy of the signed contract letter we shall proceed with the payment for your flight ticket and visa.

    At the top of the letter, don’t forget to write in your name, the date, position being offered to you which is the position of the(Assistant Manager of
    Front Office) and your commencement date, which would be on (17th September 2012) and your signature.

    We would also like to know if you have the following documentation given below, as you would require to have it in your possession before your arrival here in the UK to resume office.

    Residence Working Permit Flight Ticket And Visa.

    If you do not have any the documentation listed above, then it would be advised that you contact the ”HM Revenue & Customs”office contact details given below, so as for it to be processed as soon as possible and then sent over to your designated address alongside your flight ticket and Visa.

    HM Revenue & Customs Services Contact Details;

    Contact Person:Jones Robinson

    Looking forward to your prompt response.

    Mrs,Joanne Meredith
    HR Administrator
    Tell : +44(0) 7700098778 or +442080028797

    is this a scam? hope you can help me, thank you.

  • 220 Joe Wein // Aug 23, 2012 at 15:25

    Yes, it’s a scam. “” is a scam domain. Here are its registration details, which as you will see have no connection to the the UK government at all:

    Domain name:

    Juan Oke

    Registrant type:

    Registrant’s address:
    No. 7 ogiyede street warri

    Registrar:, LLP. [Tag = GODADDY]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 25-Jun-2012
    Expiry date: 25-Jun-2013
    Last updated: 25-Jun-2012

  • 221 Joe Wein // Aug 27, 2012 at 19:51

    Posted by Kris:
    Submitted on 2012/08/27 at 04:59
    from IP (Nigeria)

    Hello,everyone,this lady is wanted- Linda Peterson..
    She claims to be in Nigeria that her NGO left without her…and she needs you to help her with a transfer..i just an email from the Nigeria police after i contacted concerning the character and if there was any person who had such problem,she is thief,a scam!!!

    The exact same message was posted on several anti-scam websites.

    One thing for sure, if this refers to an actual scam the name is not the real name of the scammer but a pseudonym.

  • 222 Faisal Feroze // Sep 18, 2012 at 08:41

    Tameside MBCCouncil Offices, Room 2.33 Wellington RoadAshton Under Lyne, OL6 6DL,United Kingdom.
    Dear Beneficiary: Take note that the United Nation as well as the World Bank has set up a committee which extend to all countries in the world. which combined with the United Nation Anti-Crime Commission to alleviate and redeem the image and past wounds of our dear citizens, foreign firms and individual in all part of the world who were duped, defrauded, scammed and abandoned by some impostors who indiscriminately use the name of God, Office of Governors, Presidency, Banks etc to slight down our dignities to international communities. Meanwhile, we have a committee whose duties are to re-commend genuine contractors, loan bidders, next of kin (inheritance payment), and foreign firms who have completed all the UK Government normal payment requirements but abandoned due to take over some sacked officials who take Government papers to collect money and leave the beneficiary half way. In our inauguration, the Government advised us that we must scrutinize all companies, Banks and Security Company for payment; which we have found your full entitlement valid among other approvals. We also have endorsed your payment to Royal Bank Of Scotland to release your payment to you without prejudice, and will need a confirmation of all your communication until you finally receive your payment so as to investigate more, so as to find out more facts on this issues, it will be well appreciated if you can provide us some vital information on how you have been scammed or the delay in paying out your outstanding fund to you. The UK Government is using this opportunity to compensate the entire victim who have been scammed, also to those who have not been notified about there over due payment, cause by the inadequate agent involve. So you are advice to contact Mr. Jerry Petersonand the Amount is 700,000.00GBP (Seven Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds).
    Contact Information for Claim department.Contact Person: Jerry PetersonE-mail: peterson.jerry00@yahoo.comPhone Number: +4470359 85962
    Please note that while contacting him, he will direct you to the bank and provide you with a document you will fill and send to the bank… You are advice to fill in the following, and send to Mr. Jerry Peterson immediately to his direct contact email. Your Name in Full:Your Home Address:Sex Country:State:Telephone number: As soon he receives your data, he will commence immediately with the processing of paying you your compensation fund. Thanks for your co-operations yours faithfully

  • 223 Faisal Feroze // Sep 18, 2012 at 08:43

    i think this is one of the newer scams in operation, Joe pls give me your comments

  • 224 Faisal Feroze // Sep 18, 2012 at 08:45

    the number as you indicated starts with 70, as i checked it came out to be , one of those virtual numbers and thansk to your efforts realised its one of the silly scams ,many ppl fall for .
    pls confirm it

  • 225 TeresaG. // Sep 24, 2012 at 12:18

    Hello, i’m from Portugal, I haven’t received an email from anyone. However, someone make a quick called (like just one ring) for my portuguese cell phone from. The number was +447021802701. I didn’t know that could be a possible scam so I tried to call back twice (i’m job seeking around the world actually…), but nobody pick up the call, and sounds like the phone is disconnected or something (like the tututu sound and the call is missed).
    Anybody can tell me if any money gonna be discounted from my plan (until now my credit still the same), or have any idea of what is gonna happen?
    please comment or help. Thanks

  • 226 verona // Oct 6, 2012 at 05:02

    From: Mrs. Maria Bongi Ntuli
    Deputy Minister, Social Development
    Rep. of South Africa.

    My Dearest in Christ,

    My name is Mrs. Maria Bongi Ntuli currently the Deputy Minister of Social Development, Rep. of South Africa and has served in many capacities towards nation building.

    You can view my profile at by clicking on government leaders, click on deputy ministers and locate Social development and read about me. I am married to late Mr. Zuma Ntuli and the marriage lasted for 25years with only a child before he died of an illness that lasted only for 6weeks but when he was alive we deposited the sum of USD30.5 million in a financial institution here in my country which was emanated as a result of an over invoiced contract he did with my former ministry. Though I assisted him in securing the contract but never knew he over inflated the contract and the government we are in under Comrade Jacob Zuma came up with a policy to review contracts awarded years ago and he is poised to confiscating funds with irregular tender, hence my contacting you.

    Recently, my doctor told me that I will not last up to 6months because of my diagnosis of cancer and my most pressing problem is the stroke which I am managing before this new medical case. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a church or better still, a Christian individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in.
    I want a person or church that will use this fund to churches, orphanages, research centers and widows propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is maintained.
    However, I and my late husband decided to use some of the money to work for God and live some for our son to have a better life but our son is just 15years old now having low maturity hence the reason for taking this bold decision and will like you to understand that my contact to you is by a divine direction; As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Finance/bank and will also issue you a letter of authority that will empower you as the new beneficiary of this fund.

    Please contact me immediately you receive this email so that I will instruct the finance/bank to proceed in transferring the fund into your account immediately while I am still alive. PLEASE DO NOT CALL MY OFFICE LINE BECAUSE OF THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF THIS MONEY! I WILL GIVE YOU MY PRIVATE DIRECT LINE ON YOUR RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mrs. Maria Bongi Ntuli
    Deputy Minister, Social Development
    Rep. of South Africa.

  • 227 verona // Oct 6, 2012 at 05:04

    This is also one of the lame sad stories they tell you.

    From: Mrs. Maria Bongi Ntuli
    Deputy Minister, Social Development
    Rep. of South Africa.

    My Dearest in Christ,

    My name is Mrs. Maria Bongi Ntuli currently the Deputy Minister of Social Development, Rep. of South Africa and has served in many capacities towards nation building.

    You can view my profile at by clicking on government leaders, click on deputy ministers and locate Social development and read about me. I am married to late Mr. Zuma Ntuli and the marriage lasted for 25years with only a child before he died of an illness that lasted only for 6weeks but when he was alive we deposited the sum of USD30.5 million in a financial institution here in my country which was emanated as a result of an over invoiced contract he did with my former ministry. Though I assisted him in securing the contract but never knew he over inflated the contract and the government we are in under Comrade Jacob Zuma came up with a policy to review contracts awarded years ago and he is poised to confiscating funds with irregular tender, hence my contacting you.

    Recently, my doctor told me that I will not last up to 6months because of my diagnosis of cancer and my most pressing problem is the stroke which I am managing before this new medical case. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a church or better still, a Christian individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in.
    I want a person or church that will use this fund to churches, orphanages, research centers and widows propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is maintained.
    However, I and my late husband decided to use some of the money to work for God and live some for our son to have a better life but our son is just 15years old now having low maturity hence the reason for taking this bold decision and will like you to understand that my contact to you is by a divine direction; As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Finance/bank and will also issue you a letter of authority that will empower you as the new beneficiary of this fund.

    Please contact me immediately you receive this email so that I will instruct the finance/bank to proceed in transferring the fund into your account immediately while I am still alive. PLEASE DO NOT CALL MY OFFICE LINE BECAUSE OF THE CONFIDENTIALITY OF THIS MONEY! I WILL GIVE YOU MY PRIVATE DIRECT LINE ON YOUR RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mrs. Maria Bongi Ntuli
    Deputy Minister, Social Development
    Rep. of South Africa.

  • 228 FRAUD // Oct 11, 2012 at 03:19

    I have received so may e-mails from, also his phone number who was supposbly is in Nigeria is 2347038934768 and he asked for money and unfortunatluy I gave it to him , and he finally got back to his home toen which is in UK in London with phone #447024041599. and 447831331610, would you please check to see if it is a scam or not.

  • 229 Joe Wein // Oct 13, 2012 at 09:50

    @FRAUD: yes, it’s a scam. If it involves a +4470 number, that alone makes it 99.9999% sure it’s a scam. He’s not back in the UK, he set up a forwarding number in the UK to his Nigerian mobile phone. That’s what +4470 numbers are, international call forwarding numbers. There’s no reason to use them unless you are *outside* of the UK.

  • 230 mickey z // Oct 19, 2012 at 20:33

    i met a woman who gave me a number and it is this: +44 750 725 9414/ is this a legit number, can u help me with this please/mick

  • 231 orienge // Oct 23, 2012 at 15:30

    All of them are a scammers from facebook. The lists as bellows:
    Jackson Williams from London, United Kingdom. He is scammers and fraudulent from facebook
    Tony Hilliadas from London
    Ken Steve from london
    Alexandro Mark from london
    Engr Drew Duncan from london
    Carol White Hocker from london
    Colin Neville from london
    My name is Ahmed Zakry from switzerland and right now i’m in United kingdom working as real estate management
    Fredric Anderson from london
    Collins Morgan, Am A widow my wife died a few years ago no kids, Am a Marine Enginee
    James mark from England
    Preston Cole from London
    Gary Morrison from Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • 232 Joe Wein // Oct 24, 2012 at 01:18

    @mickey z: It’s a mobile number, see:

    It could be used anywhere in the UK or outside the UK (with global roaming).

  • 233 Elliot Mogoru // Oct 25, 2012 at 19:51

    this site just saved me from losing 455 pounds by tomorrow. i was promised a job but after i used the scamomatic, i couldn’t relly believe the results that appeared in my view. be aware of Pican construction!

  • 234 Viviana // Oct 31, 2012 at 03:26

    Can you please help me? I have been in contact with a man who claims to be an Engineering contractor who work with oil companies upstream His number is +447011197157. From what I have been reading here, this number must be a scam number as well. Thank you for any help in this matter

  • 235 Viviana // Oct 31, 2012 at 14:30

    Please can you tell me if this is a scam number +447011197157.

    Thank you

  • 236 Viviana // Oct 31, 2012 at 22:38

    I met a guy from yahoo. He wants to make a relationship with me.

    This man is a romance scammer a +447011197157

    This is what he sent to me:

    My name is Harry Wilfort as you already know, i am 53 years of age,6.2 fit tall as you saw in my pics average weight and i am an Engineering contractor who work with oil companies upstream, my job makes me to travel a lot i am presently in the United Kingdom now for a contract i have been awarded two weeks ago and i have more two weeks to live in United Kingdom.

    I use to love my wife a lot she was so faithful to me before i lost her in a car accident some five years ago since then i have not been able to stand still with a woman for a relationship. I just deem it fit to have one because time is going and as you know life is too shot to be lonely and loneliness in the heart make’s one incomplete. Is so painful i lost her because she is all i had in this world before i lost her after loosing my mum when i was 30 and my dad i did not grow up to meet him, my mum told me he abandon both of us when they just gave bath to me and ever since then she has not seen him so i take it that i don’t have a father.

    Thanks for the mail and for taking out time to tell me much more about your self, i really will appreciate your friendship and you have been on my mind since our conversation on face book.

    I hope you had a wonderful night as i look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Girls beware of him. I’ll try to attach a photo

  • 237 Viviana // Oct 31, 2012 at 22:41

    I can’t attach the photos. can you tell how can I post the photos with this scammer?

  • 238 Joe Wein // Nov 1, 2012 at 00:09

    The photos used by the scammers are usually copied from private websites, i.e. the pictures are totally unrelated to the criminal. Sometimes they even steal pictures from modelling websites for romance scams.

    The basic rule is, if someone wants to start a relationship with you and gives you a +4470 number and claims to be in the UK, it’s a scammer. Somewhere down the line they will try to talk you into sending them money.

  • 239 Viviana // Nov 1, 2012 at 03:21

    Yes you are absolutely right . Everybody should be warned about this scammers.

    He has an account on facebook and he is using this name: Wilfort Harry.

    I hope I helped a little. Viviana

  • 240 Sunshine // Nov 2, 2012 at 19:22

    I got a number 004477 is it same fraud based ?

  • 241 Joe Wein // Nov 5, 2012 at 18:04

    +4477 can also be mobile numbers, but again, this doesn’t tell you the location. People can use mobile phones with UK mobile numbers (i.e. a UK SIM) in other countries using global roaming.

    Proper UK landlines start with +441xxx or +442xxx, but some numbers in that range can also be IP phone numbers, which are not tied to any physical location.

  • 242 MIkee // Nov 5, 2012 at 18:12

    here is a picture of my scammer.His yahoo add is
    and here is his cellphone number:

  • 243 MIkee // Nov 5, 2012 at 18:18

    I cant believe they are using US militarymen pics.So ladies beware!!!!

  • 244 Kathy // Nov 17, 2012 at 11:44

    I few months ago, to be exact I met this guy through a date website on June. We have been chatting since then…he has not asked me for money nor other personal information. He gave his number, but at the end he is the one that makes the calls. He says he travels a lot to London, but he resides in New York. I know he is a scammer but I would like to confirm this number is not from UK. Can you help me please? Here is the number +44 70 1298 0571. Thanks!

  • 245 Kathy // Nov 17, 2012 at 11:54

    It is hard to believe a person could play like that with the feelings of some other person…I mean. This guy does it so perfect, we have even see each other through a webcam, and video call a few times! Is that possible? God, there should be a way to stop them!

  • 246 Antonia // Nov 20, 2012 at 06:33

    He recibido este correo. Sin duda alguna, es una estafa. Gracias por la página.

    Bonjour, Mr/Mme et Félicitation votre mail est chanceux

    Votre adresse e-mail a été tirée au sort.

    Vous venez de gagner la somme de £ 200.000 à notre tirage au sort
    2012.vous trouverez en pièce jointe la confirmation de votre gain à la
    national loterie, veuillez prendre connaissance de ce message.

    Ceci n’est pas un Spam ni un virus, ceci n’est pas une plaisanterie.

    Veuillez trouver en fichier joint votre notification de gain.

    Contactez d’urgence maître MIKE BLACKBURN charge de superviser la national

    Pay: Royaume-Uni Londres
    Tel: +44 70 45 78 28 23

    Apres avoir pris connaissance avec votre confirmation de gain. Vous devez
    envoyer les éléments suivants à l’huissier pour qu’ils vous établisse un
    certificat de gain que vous allez présenter a la banque pour procéder a
    votre virement.

    Informations requises:

    1: Une copie scannée d’une quelconque pièce
    d’identité en cour de validité.
    2: Adresse physique complète.
    3: Contacts téléphoniques.

    Si vous ne gardez pas vos secrets de gain dans notre structure et que
    d’autres personnes contactent l’huissier/HSBC BANK qui doit vous remettre
    votre gain nous serons dans l’obligation de supprimer vos gains donc c’est
    pour cette cause que l’on vous demande de bien vouloir garder le silence
    avant que le virement soit transférer dans votre compte, merci pour votre

    Nb: La confirmation national loterie en pièce jointe.

    Contactez d’urgence maître MIKE BLACKBURN charge de superviser la national

    Pay: Royaume-Uni Londres
    Tel: 0044 70 45 78 28 23

    Mme MARIE Thérèse.


  • 247 Joan // Dec 19, 2012 at 07:27

    Good morning. Here is another scam .



    We are delighted to inform you of the result of the E-mail address computer
    ballot lottery draw of the Coca-cola National lotto bv international program, which
    took place on October 2012.This is a computer generated lottery for Internet
    users using email addresses for draws.

    This lotto draw is fully based on an electronic selection of winners using
    their e-mail addresses from different World wide web(www)sites. Your e-mail
    address attached to ticket number:275-189-CO-657-23-05 with Serial number 8756-
    05 drew the lucky numbers and bonus ball number which subsequently won you the
    lottery in the Last category. You have therefore been approved to claim a total
    sum of $500,000 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) in cash credit file ref:ILP/HW

    This is from the total cash prize of 5,000,000 Million Dollars, shared amongst
    the first Ten (10)lucky winners in this category. All participant were selected
    randomly through a computer balloting system drawn from Nine hundred thousand-
    mail addresses from Philippines, Russia, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Nederland, Arab, United States,
    Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania as part of our international
    promotions program which is conducted annually.

    This Lottery is being promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of Multinational
    companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the
    communities where they have operational base. Further more your details(e-mail
    address) falls within our European representative office in United Kingdom, as
    indicated in your play coupon and your prize of $500,000 will be released to
    you from our regional branch office in United Kingdom. We hope with part of your
    prize, you will participate in our end of year high stakes for US$1.3 Billion
    international draw. Our agent will immediately commence the process to
    facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact him.


    Ref: 4758961725Batch:
    ALLINC 70564943902/188Winning no:

    HOW TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: Simply contact your claims agent Reverend Deman at email:
    ( ) Fill this form below and send it to him to file for your claim.

    FULL NAME………………………………………….
    DATE OF BIRTH…………………………….
    MARITAL STATUS……………………………..

    Please quote your reference, batch and winning number which can be found in this notification as well as your full name, address and
    telephone number to help locate your file easily. For security reasons, we
    advice all winners to keep this information confidential(VERY SECRET) from
    the public until your claim is processed and your prize money
    remitted/released to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid
    double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous
    elements, equally to guard against non participant or unofficial personnel
    taking undue advantage of this program. Note that, all winnings MUST be claimed
    by a STIPULATED TIME(ON OR BEFORE 10th Nov. 2012.); otherwise all funds will
    be returned as Unclaimed and eventually be reabsorbed into our next lucky dip
    sweepstakes. You must adhere to this instruction strictly, to avoid any delay
    with the release of your funds to your person as this program has been abused
    in past, hence we are doing our best to forestall further occurrence of false

    Note: You must claim your prize: not later than 10-days from the moment you
    receive this e-mail.In order to avoid unnecessary delays with your claim from
    the bank;

    If you receive this mail as junk or spam, please do not disregard. it was due to
    some technical difficulties in our email server.

    Congratulations once again on your winnings!!!

    Yours in service,

    Online coordinator
    Coca-Cola company Inc.

  • 248 LORIELLA CONCEPCION // Dec 21, 2012 at 09:51

    100 HARBOUR
    this number came from a professional network Linkedin who posting job opportunities in crusing .
    please do reply cuz they are vulnerable nowadays they simply go to private nework.
    thanks and regards,
    Ms. concepcion

  • 249 Joe Wein // Dec 27, 2012 at 19:38

    @Loriella: Any job offer that lists a +4470 phone number is a scam! The website listed above doesn’t seem to have any connection to the phone number. Probably the scammers are stealing the identity of the real recruitment company. Yes, scammers do operate on LinkedIn too.

  • 250 Sondhang // Jan 8, 2013 at 20:11

    i got job from UK and they gave contact number +447010072034, +447010071851 and e-mail whats this number and e-mail is fraud/scammers or true

  • 251 Joe Wein // Jan 9, 2013 at 09:39

    @Sondhang: is a scam domain. It’s not owned by a real hotel, is hosted by a free website hoster and was only registered on Dec 21, 2012.

    Please understand that *any* UK job offer that mentions a +4470 number is a scam! You can also check any offers by pasting the entire text of the email received into

  • 252 diah // Jan 10, 2013 at 00:25

    Please can you tell me if this is a scam number +447011152854


  • 253 Joe Wein // Jan 10, 2013 at 19:04

    Basically, anyone who tells you they’re in the UK and gives you a +4470 number is a scammer.


  • 254 rrroxel // Jan 15, 2013 at 03:02

    someone give me a number can u please tell me if it is scammer or no here the number +447937606068

  • 255 Joe Wein // Jan 15, 2013 at 20:03

    @rrroxel: Presumably you received a fake hotel job offer such as this one:

    Sharon Robinson
    Direct Tel: +447937606062
    Direct Fax: +4412037542215

    Basically, UK hotels do not recruit non-EU staff because no work visas will be granted for non-managerial hotel jobs. UK hotels do not use +4470 or any type of mobile number for recruitment.

    Finally, any offer in which you are asked to send money for visa processing is a scam, no exception.

  • 256 Jessica Dinger // Jan 15, 2013 at 23:59

    One of my friends from Japan got this one.
    The pictures from the page are from a Canadian Porn? star. The person of the page asked my friend to call those numbers:


    I guess those are scam numbers. Is there a way to check how much money my friend had to pay for 9 minutes from Japan (landline)? Is it possible to avoid to pay the charge?

  • 257 Alu // Jan 31, 2013 at 08:43

    Watch out for young women sending you emails for love and wanting to visit you. I told her I would ticket myself but she said to send her money for ticket, and gave me +44 70 42032782 and +44 70 35922929.

    Thanks to this site for alerting us.

  • 258 Ronak // Feb 10, 2013 at 04:02

    Re to rrrxol:

    The numbert you have received +447939606068 its a scammer from Nigeria, watch for this person, dont give any information or send money.

  • 259 fanuel // Feb 18, 2013 at 03:25

    juz received a mail that looks like scam. plz verify if this number is scam +447448875196

  • 260 Felismino Mantorras // Feb 19, 2013 at 04:39

    I think this is a scam. I’m looking for a job and i
    received this mail in response to a job offer. can you please help me to find is a scam?


    I will send the text that i found very suspicions:

    The Trafalgar Hotel
    2 Spring Gardens
    Trafalgar Square
    London SW1A 2TS
    England,United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0) 703 593 0940

    – Foreign Affairs Certification.

    If you do not have the documentation listed above, then it would be advised that you contact the ”HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)” office so as for it to be processed as soon as possible and then sent over to your designated address alongside your flight ticket.On acceptance of our offer you are required to forward a copy of your signed contract letter to the ”HM Revenue & Customs” office for immediate processing of your required document to work and live in UK using the contact details given below.

    Contact Name: Jerkins Albert.
    Tel: +44 (0) 701 298 0481

    The only fee which would be required of a new
    employee to pay before moving into the staff quarters and has to be paid before
    arriving job location is the A.R.F (Accommodation Registration Fee).
    There are
    three (3) packages from which a new employee can choose from and they are listed

    Executive King Room (Family Package Included) – £1,520.25
    Double Superior King Room (Family Package Included) – £ 987.25
    Deluxe King Room (For Single Worker Only) – £ 589.25

    Kindest Regards

    Nadal Blatt
    Human Resources Officer

  • 261 lewis // Feb 21, 2013 at 23:56

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    We are in interested in purchasing of this item in the subject above, we will like you to get back to

    us with the following details at your earliest convenience.

    1) if the item is still available for sale
    2) Your final sale price for 2 units

    Kindly email: us a quotation and the lead time.

    Thanking you for your maximum co-operation.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards.

  • 262 Gina // Feb 23, 2013 at 08:53

    Another scammer from facebook. Harrison Desmond from Manchester UK. A business man. With a 44 70 number, nice looking man with photos stolen.
    Reading other post in this web site, the story is similar but change. The guy change name and phone numbers.
    All 44 70 numbers are scams.

  • 263 Joe Wein // Feb 26, 2013 at 10:41

    @Felismino Mantorras: Yes, the job offer is a scam. Besides the phone number, real businesses in the UK don’t use email addresses, which are a free webmail service. In fact, I have not seen anyone but scammers use addresses, similar to, etc. which are all widely abused by scammers and appear to have no real legitimate user base.

  • 264 Kelly (Tismy) // Feb 26, 2013 at 14:17

    +44 70 8870 0242

  • 265 Andrea // Mar 3, 2013 at 21:10

    guys i need your help if you know this number: +447012930121 or +447552361907 whether these scam numbers or not as he (the numbers owner) keeps emailing my friend even long long emails, He said that he lives in UK. My friend needs help now to figure it out if it a scam or not?
    does anyone know those numbers?

  • 266 Joe Wein // Mar 4, 2013 at 14:10

    Andrea, it’s a scam. Nobody in the UK uses these numbers. It’s usually a scammer in Nigeria, but they can also be in South Africa, Malaysia and other countries, because it’s an international call forwarding number that forwards almost anywhere.

    People in the UK wouldn’t use them because they’re to expensive (you can’t even call them from SkypeOut and various phone companies because of the surcharges).

  • 267 Losstss // Apr 1, 2013 at 13:46

    ,,i will be there after i come back from USA where i buy my product i will be traveling to the sea port for shippment it will takes me 2 weeks to finish it up in USA after that i will start coming to …..,,i will be there by 15th of next month get ready okay,,i will keep updating you my dear,,,

    here is my number +447031850857 you can call me only on this number,,,, and on this 2nd number you can only sms me on it only,,, i can’t pick call with it is only call from UK so here is the number +447874673015,,,we can some times have time to text each other,, is part of making the communication strong, you can sms me on this number,,+447874673015, take care dear and do have a nice day,….whether these scam numbers or not

  • 268 Joe Wein // Apr 6, 2013 at 20:48

    @Losstss: Yes, it’s a scam!

  • 269 Mike // Apr 9, 2013 at 11:28

    I thats girl on facebook who has moved from the UK to Nigeria, 447024012732 Can you tell me if you know or can find out if any these #’s are scam numbers? Thank You, hope to hear back from you @my e-mail either way

  • 270 Mike // Apr 9, 2013 at 11:29

    I the girl on facebook who has moved from the UK to Nigeria, and she gave me number 447024012732 Can you tell me if you know or can find out if any these #’s are scam numbers? Thank You, hope to hear back from you @my e-mail either way

  • 271 Joe Wein // Apr 11, 2013 at 09:21

    @Mike: If a +4470 number is mentioned, it’s a scam. It’s really as easy as that.

  • 272 abdelnchouwat // Apr 27, 2013 at 02:49

    merci a vous

  • 273 oscard // Apr 30, 2013 at 20:05

    thanks ,i wish it will be good number ,well let me see how it work..

  • 274 Sam // May 5, 2013 at 02:22

    We are pleased to confirm our offer for employment for the position of ACCOUNTS AND OFFICE EXECUTIVE. Enclosed with this offer are the following documents:

    (1) Company Certificate of Incorporation

    (2) Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

    (3) Offer for Employment

    Kindly signed the Offer for Employment (sign with Blue Ink) and the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) also attach your passport photograph on the Certificate of Sponsorship for face recognition and confirmation of your Tier 2 General Visa Application information filled by our company on the UK BA Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) data base Web Form for employee hired from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

    Once you are done signing the Offer for Employment and Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) where designated by applying signatures, name and also attaching passport photograph where designated, for face recognition and confirmation of your Tier 2 General Visa Application information filled by our company on the UK BA Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) data base Web Form for employee hired from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). You are to send it to the United Kingdom Border Agency Head Quarter Visa Application Centre to the email mentioned below within 48 hours as these are required documents to apply for your Employment Visa.

    The UK Border Agency Visa Application Centre:

    Head Office Address: UK Border Agency, Lunar House,

    40 Wellesley Road, Croydon, Surrey CR92BY.

    Contact Email:

    Due to your resumption date which is quiet close. We have written to the UK Border Agency Visa Application Centre Head Office here in United Kingdom for speedy processing of your VISA application to work with our firm in due time. You will be processing all your traveling documents from here the UK BA Home Office Head Quarter here in United Kingdom to avoid unnecessary delay, denied or disapproval at the UK BA local embassy in your area, and also we shall submitted all necessary requirement base on the company sponsorship for the application of your TIER 2 TWO (INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT) MIGRANT VISA and we wait to receive from their end your VISA application notification which guarantee the Government awareness of your migration to United Kingdom to work as a Staff of this company.

    Once you apply for your VISA as instructed above, the UK Border Agency Home Office VISA processing Center will get us informed and proceed with the processing of your VISA Application without any delay.

    Once your Traveling documents have been approved by the UK BA Home Office Head Quarter here in United Kingdom to migrate and work legally in the country base on the Point Base system, you will be notified immediately. Remember you must score a minimum of 50 points in the point base system, so follow all instructions thoroughly to score higher points to avoid disqualification of your Employment Visa.

    In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to contact at Tel: (+44) 70 42035425, Mobile: (+44) 20 8144 7792 with regard to your joining formalities.

    We look forward to seeing you on board and welcome you to Unicom family.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    We do appreciate the time you invested in this application.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    Best Regards,

  • 275 Joe Wein // May 5, 2013 at 22:35

    @Sam: Yes, it’s a scam.

    1) It lists a +4470 phone number
    2) is a free webmail domain (like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) which government offices do not use.

    There are other reasons why it’s a scam, but either of the above would already do. You’ll get the same answer if you paste the text into

  • 276 Christophe de belgique // May 16, 2013 at 15:12

    Salut a tous,

    voici un nouveau numéro non listé dans vos répertoires:
    J’ai reçu un appel de ce numéro et je n’y ai pas répondu….
    Si d’autre en connaissent la provenance ou bien peuvent déterminer qu’elle en est l’arnaque…
    Mon mail pour me donner l’info est :

  • 277 MiMi Lee // May 28, 2013 at 17:12

    New typical Petroleum Engineer Scam

    Scammer’s New Name : Murray Scott

    Email :

    Target : Gay Male

    Active Website :

    Tel : +447014245853

    **This dude or this group of people stealing Ahmet tamtekin’s pic for his profile pic.**


  • 278 Maya // Jun 1, 2013 at 17:54

    Hi Sam,

    I received the same email. I ever thought that it was a scam. The worst thing is, i send money already.

  • 279 Pratik // Jun 5, 2013 at 22:12

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your response to my post on

    I am in receipt of your mail. Thanks so much for your urgent reply. As i earlier
    stated on my post on quikr, I am a foreign investor (financier) based in England.
    I am looking for an india origin who i can partner with as i have a certain amount
    which I want to invest. I am not interested to participate in the running/operations
    of the business project.

    My only interest is to invest into your newly proposed/planned business project by
    providing part or all the required capital (finance) needed to start-up the new business
    project or to expand the existing business. By doing this i will be entitle to receive a
    certain percentage in the company’s profits as per our agreement terms and conditions.

    Also, my keen interest is to invest into the following sectors in India; Real Estate
    Industry, manufacturing industry, construction Industry, I.T Industry, hotels and
    resorts, travel and tourism. This is because those are the highly profitable sectors
    as per the present growing economy of India. Otherwise, If you have any other
    lucrative business sector which is not listed here, please let me know so that we
    can discuss it, then i will look into it and decide whether to finance it, for i need
    a fast profit earning business.

    Meanwhile, i urge you to provide me with your business profile and detailed
    information about your business so as to enable me look into it before i can
    invest. And also, kindly let me know how much capital (finance) is needed for
    the business. Once i receive these information, i shall go through it,
    analyses them and then invest after completing all necessary legal formalities
    and agreement signed. I have made a budget of the sum of GBP 9,500,000.00
    Million Pounds to be invested.

    Once i receive the information from you, then my legal attorney shall prepare
    a contract agreement letter under our agreed terms and condition regarding the
    invested capital and the shares from the profits realized from the business.
    After you have signed the agreement letter,then we will move to the next step
    on how the fund will be released to you.

    Thank you for your anticipated co-operations.

    With regards,
    Dr. Johnson Frank
    Foreign Investor
    Tel: +44-7017466940

  • 280 Pratik // Jun 5, 2013 at 22:19

    The above e-mail which I have received recently, which contains +4470 number. Why would anybody avail you that much amount of money without knowing you personally/professionally?
    Please comment…!!

  • 281 Toh Mei Ling // Jun 14, 2013 at 15:17

    I also received a scam email from

  • 282 Toh Mei Ling // Jun 14, 2013 at 15:20

    Dear TOH Mei Ling,

    After discussing your employment proposal with my family and Counsel, we have decided that you match our requirements. so please find the Contract Letter that is approved.

    I also received an approval from the UK Home Office to employ you, I have attached the approved contract letter issued to me for your review. I have applied for your CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY(COE) as UK Home Office instructed me to enable your application be quickly considered, as that is important to prove that I am sponsoring your travel down to the UK and to prove that you are eligible to take up job position in UK before they send your reference to the nearest British Consulate in your country.

    You need to sign the contract after going through it and send a scanned copy indicating your travel date (For Flight Booking which i will pay for), to the staff at UK Home Office in charge of your application for the CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY(COE) for their records and advice to us: see their address below .

    Home Office, UK Border Agency,
    Lunar House 40 Wellesley Road,
    Croydon CR9 2BY,
    United Kingdom
    Name- Franklin Butt

    On receipt of the Form CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY(COE) by me, my lawyer shall courier it to you with hard contract copies, prepaid flight tickets and any accompanying permit documents to enable you receive Visa from the nearest British consulate following instructions from the UK Home Office as they shall let you know date to visit British Consulate nearest to you, hence follow procedure. I am busy right now and would try to contact me via phone on +447031962317, +447031962364, +447031962380, or you can email me on while you start doing the needful things.

    Should you wish to come down with any member of your family, is advisable that you notify the UK Home Office on time.

    We wait to receive you when you arrive, have a blissful day ahead and God bless you as you come.

    Warm Regards,

    Mr. Philips James


    Tel: +447031962317, +447031962364, +447031962380

  • 283 arup // Jun 15, 2013 at 20:08

    Dear Sirs,
    the following no. is also a fraud no. Only 66523859

  • 284 chrissy // Jun 21, 2013 at 06:05

    a guy searching girls on facebook says he is a widower and have a very privat profile
    did answer him 2 times but his English was not English enough and his timeline do not ad up with what he communicates – when he gave me his number it confirmed a scam:
    George Edward.
    +44-703 194 5560

  • 285 J. Birmingham // Jun 22, 2013 at 02:06

    +447062086535 is also a scam. In my case, a rental home…or rather rental homes!

  • 286 Eamon // Jun 23, 2013 at 14:16

    I recieve a call from a 4470 number I answered it and hung up straight away due to my phone being a little laggy. What do I do?

  • 287 Jules // Jun 24, 2013 at 22:13

    There is a new gent on the market via this scam, he goes by the name of Harvey Leo, +447024013130, saying he works for British Petroleum.

  • 288 Jonna G // Jun 29, 2013 at 02:47

    Someone has sent an offer letter to my brother from this said company… Eastern Fisheries Inc. I have searched on google about the company,it seemed to be existing. But in the letter which my brother got, the contacts numbers do not coincide and even the email adress.

  • 289 Junaid Shahid // Jul 4, 2013 at 05:56

    I received an email from a free email address. The person claims to be owner of a recruitment company in England and offered me partnership for the purpose of recruiting unskilled manpower. I searched his phone number on google and got to your website. Here is the phone no +447045781399. Please let me know if you have any advise for me. Thanks

  • 290 Junaid Shahid // Jul 4, 2013 at 06:05

    Ok I found this phone number on

  • 291 Mj // Jul 25, 2013 at 05:16

    My Dearest Angel,
    It’s hard for me to tell you how I feel, because I have been hurt before and I’ve been afraid to say because am afraid of being hurt. I read this quote someday back and it’s made me think: “The best way to love is to love like you’ve never been hurt.” That fits my situation one-hundred percent. I keep dwelling on the past and what everyone else has done to me. After reading that I realized I cannot be with you and be happy and continue to dwell on what other ladies have done to me. I am with you. Not them. I need to concentrate on making you happy. And letting you make me happy. Up until this point you’ve been different than any other lady even if we haven’t met. I follow my heart that you wouldn’t hurt me, at least intentionally. That’s why you are different. I know you care for me and want to be with me. I am sorry if i ever have doubted that. There has not been a moment in the last few days where I have doubted any feelings for you.Here is all you need to know about me and also my past life in a letter written specially for you.

    Today I thought i should tell you things about my history which I have never told any woman before apart from my ex-wife but somehow I just believe you are the right person to relate my personal history with, I have been composing it since the day i met you because of my work and other activities I have been unable to round up on time,i am telling you this so that you will not allow distance to separate us, I promise because of the feeling I have for you I will visit your Country very soon and i told you that when NICK saw your picture he instantly said he liked you.

    Nevertheless there is still need for me to tell you my history because i have really taken time to compose it so as to share with you, there is so much to write about myself but few has to be stated first, maybe later on when we meet i would relate the others to you in your ears while we lie side by side.

    I was the first among 2 children of my parent, and my father was the only son of his father and helped his father on the art designs and also to market the goods, at a point when my father traveled for some art purchase then he met my mother, but due to his line of business he was unable to stay long with his first love but she got pregnant for the little time spent together without my father taking notice of that, and then he traveled back to the States.
    Six months later my mother came over to America in search of my father, so after then they both went back to England for a brief introduction and came back with my mother. She gave birth to her first child in Greece which was a male child , so it was a successful married life for both of them because having a male child was every man’s wish at that time. 8 years later my parent had Freida a female but this time it was not an easy task anymore because the income was not forth coming anymore because my father was still living under the roof of his father so all the money was actually coming in from my grandfather, all though my father was the marketer of his creative art design and was also a maker.

    At a point my grandfather was tired of taking care of the entire family also he never liked my mother due to the fact that she was an English woman but since she gave birth to a male child he decided to let the feelings die inside him but a point reached when the grudge grew harder and my grandfather asked my father to leave the house look for a place for himself and start up a new life because he was tired of responsibilities, then my father was really confused because he hadn’t saved enough for himself whilst working under his own father so he had misunderstanding with his father and left angrily to his own apartment with his family.

    My father said it was hell raising us all and my mother left when she was unable to cope with the situation because she has always told my father that we should move together to England and get a better life but my father refused because he believed he can change things back there in his home country. At the outset, after my mother had run to England living the kids behind, my father began to suffer from liver Cirrhosis because he was an alcoholic and never wanted to call for his father’s financial assistance.

    The illness ate deep into his liver and his father spent a lot on biopsy and therapy trying to manage his life but it got to a time my grandfather gave up on him by saying he warned him about my mother because His alcohol intake increased due to the heartbreak he got from my mother which led to the vicious cycle of the disease.
    I started taking care of my father all by myself and with the help of his life insurance but despite all my best effort I watched the jewel I cherish so much die in my arms that is the day I will never forget in my life but before he died he proclaimed to me to go in search of my mother and never work as an Art maker due to the experience he had and he said I should give myself a better education so that I can raise my sister.

    I cried all through those years of struggling but later moved to my grandfather’s house and at that time I made through my way to England at the age of 17 in search of my mother and explain everything that happened, but at that time my mother was not even on the best side because she was married to someone else and things were a bit difficult but as a man I could stand it all. She still loves us very much but there was nothing she could do.
    Furthermore, I decided to seek asylum which got me a foster parents Mr and Mrs. JOHNSON ASHWORTH, who took me all the way through my education also I was working in a pizza hut during the weekend I also worked at McDonalds for 3hours a day all my effort was to bring my siblings to England although they were doing well in America but I wanted them to have a bright future.

    To God be the glory I succeeded in bringing in my sister after i rounded up my university, and I was then earning a stable monthly salary, and I made sure she got education, and I was not getting any younger so I decided to get married to KIMBERLY, which complicated my life. Well now I don’t call it complications because I have NICK from it. At first KIMBERLY was very kind and loving but she later developed a bad attitude, especially towards my beloved sister. I tried to make her understand that Freida had no other means in this world because I was the one that represented her father and mother and she pretended to have heard and pleaded that she will not complain about it again. At the outset, she got pregnant for me and things started going on smoothly and my siblings where doing well in their education, at the long run my ex put to bed and we got NICK and I was very happy because I was a father after many years of suffering.

    I found out things where not really doing well because I was really going through a lot, I had to go back to university and study construction/consultant engineer which lasted for about 2years and gained my master degree, but my ex-wife was not in support of the course and we always had problems in my home because she keep saying my sister is the problems we are having that now I have a family they should start up their life and back off, as a man I always tried to make her and the baby happy though it was really difficult. At first she decided to divorce me but my friends and I pleaded and she decided to stay back, after some time my sister got a job in Ireland as a stockbroker and moved there, after some time I rounded up my course and began to search for a job. It wasn’t really easy getting my kind of job that really suited my profession but was still working and earning monthly income, at a time I decided to embark on the business of selling Art design since I was used to the business before and I started traveling to Africa to purchase the design at first it was really difficult because I invested the little I saved on the business. My wife began to act funny because she saw things were going down.

    On that fateful day I traveled out to buy some design for sale because I did not have a gallery of my own at that time, I was suppose to return in about 5days interval but the art makers where not having much to sell so I decided to come back home and make arrangement for another trip, to my greatest surprise I met my ex-wife and my best friend having sex on our matrimonial bed. I wanted the world to immediately come to an end because I was suffering for her sake but still she went ahead sleeping around behind my back. So then I had no option but to sue for a divorce and swore not to have anything to do with women again, and she sued me by saying she needed some part of my savings and the British high court instructed me to do as she have desired, But I fought for the custody of my son NICK and providence smiled on me and I got him for myself and my wife never really bothered about him anymore.
    I have taken took good care of NICK ever since and he has been my only company in lonely times and a big inspiration as well as a blessing to me too. I was called for an interview in Imperial UK Building Services Company and I performed excellently and they tested my field construction ability and I was successful. so I was offered a space in the company and I immediately asked my sister to bring down my Son NICK because I already found a good job, within a year I was promoted to field manager and I began to earn good income.

    I opened a gallery of my own after some time and since has been making a lot of money. I now own a nice house and all the luxuries I ever wished for. I was very happy and everyone called to congratulate me,it was my most glorious moment in life. Inside this glory I lost my only sister to pneumonia she battled with all through her time in England. I never got a call from my ex-wife during the funeral and it was not a nice feeling. Now I look back at my past and shed tears of Glory.

    Now I feel loneliness and my son NICK wants someone to call mother. I was already feeling the impact of settling down with someone but not from England and I got the idea from my counselor that I can meet someone really special on the internet because his friends got married and settle down with someone from the site and they both live happily in Australia at present and I was interested and he directed me on how to go about it but to my greatest surprise I had not spent up to a week and I already found a woman who has the quality of a real woman which ended up to be you and I keep praying to God that you should love me with all your heart and do not have double mind for our relationship.
    I hope i have not bored you with my long story.

    You shall find out more that was not included on this story when i visit. NICK sends his greetings.This is my Private Tel no.+447012974537

    I adore you and love you…… here is another poem for you my love


    Love is a precious thing
    It is a feeling that
    makes your heart sing.

    Whether you are far or near
    it is like whispering in my ear.

    When you find true love
    it is something you
    keep within your heart.

  • 292 editha // Jul 26, 2013 at 12:31

    this guy from tagged emailing me using different names. From George to Harry to John Smith. And he left his nos. +447010047782 and +447541547016. I think he is also a scammer.

  • 293 Tom // Jul 31, 2013 at 01:06

    So here is the email. ive been contacting him for a while. :





















    So what do you think? Is it a scam?

  • 294 Dfl // Jul 31, 2013 at 19:25

    I have been receiving those scam emails for sometime now and I have never replied to any of them. However from time to time I receive a call from +44 70 8680 3066 that only rings once. Probably they want me to call back and get the money from the call, but they have to spent some money making the call to me, don’t they? I just can’t find how they got my number! Just to let you know of another trick from them.

  • 295 marian lawson // Aug 3, 2013 at 08:04

    This is a fake loan scammer:

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  • 296 MR DAVIS WILLIAMS // Aug 11, 2013 at 10:12

    The following blog comment was posted by a scammer ( from Nigeria (IP
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  • 297 Mr kelvin williams // Aug 11, 2013 at 10:13

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  • 298 Mr David Gray // Aug 11, 2013 at 10:13

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  • 299 Xiv Jaxell // Aug 14, 2013 at 16:18

    Hi. I would just like to ask if this is a scam number: +447700000919

    I’ve been through my mom’s Facebook account (with her permission of course) and I’ve stumbled upon a certain conversation with one of her correspondents. Judging by the urgency of this particular “male”, he’s already mentioned “serious one-on-one relationship with another woman” to my mom. And in just 2 days of chatting! Also, he mentions this story that he’s an engineer from USA and is traveling abroad “frequently”. He’s also widowed (what a tearbreaker) but has a daughter (which is shown in his Facebook photos).

    However, my mom was already scammed not two months previously and I’m really really suspicious of these “love at first sight” stories online. And this is my mom I’m trying to protect (she’s newly divorced with my father).

    Please help me determine fast if this guy is a scammer or not. I want to put a stop to this immediately. Thank you so so much in advance.

  • 300 Joe Wein // Aug 22, 2013 at 12:30

    @Xiv: Sounds very much like a typical romance scam scenario. The +4477 number you mentioned is not a regular UK mobile number because it was originally assigned to Cloud9, a provider of *mobile roaming* solutions. It sounds like a UK mobile number for use in another provider’s network, i.e. outside the UK. That’s highly suspicious.

    There are many scam scenarios that start off like what your mom was told. The guy may ask her to cash a (bad) check for him or forward a parcel (eBay fraud) or he could suddenly have an accident or illness while in Africa with hospital bills, etc.

  • 301 Samantha // Aug 23, 2013 at 11:12

    Hi i really just want to know if this number also is a scam number +447010088052 because i had met a very handsome guy online and he told me that he is a an engineer from Manchester. He wants to send me a package but in order for me receive it i must pay the insurance fee on the package to “TRANS WORLD COURIER AND DISPATCH LTD.

  • 302 Joe Wein // Aug 29, 2013 at 11:03

    @Samantha, yes this person is a scammer. He is not from the UK and the fake shipping company and the “handsome guy” are probably one and the same criminal (they use images of other people they download off the web). Never send any money by Western Union or Moneygram to people you only know via email or telephone.

  • 303 The charter of the city of Kingston Upon Thames translated into English: with notes occasional opinion | WWW.MYTOURISMBLOG.COM // Sep 16, 2013 at 02:56

    […] Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud […]

  • 304 LT // Sep 16, 2013 at 06:03

    Add this number to your list

  • 305 lyea // Sep 21, 2013 at 16:04

    Hi..I really need your help to know this number +447872287XXX, it’s scam number or genuine? I have met him in facebook and in relationship with him, He said that he lives in UK,but I have been reading your blog, I was doubt.

  • 306 Chia s. Kenneth // Oct 4, 2013 at 05:44

    An email was sent to me claiming to be a lady from Mali who is now a refugee in dakar senegal. That the late father deposited 6.5million US dollars at the Royal bank of scotland where sir philip hampton is the transfer manager. This mail demanded my help to transfer this amount to my account where i will send some for her to fly to my country. I want to WIN THESE SOULS TO CHRIST because they are accumulating curses on their generations! I have been so friendly with them and each mail i send to them i preach repentance. WE HAVE TO HELP SUCH PEOPLE WHO ARE IN DARKNESS UNDER SATAN’S CONTROL. It’s good to be afraid of replying them but God will always protect his servants. If they send a message, reply with a BIBLICAL quotation that forbids CRIME. GOD WILL USE YOU AS A SOUL WINNER AS THEY READ!

  • 307 Carla Mike // Oct 4, 2013 at 11:10

    estou tendo um romance através do skype com uma homem que eu conheci em um site de relacionamento. ele disse que vive em UK, London, viúvo com uma filha. Pedi que me enviasse algumas fotos e me enviou 4 fotos. Agora diz que está a trabalho na Nigéria em uma cidade próxima a Abuja e ficará trabalhando lá por 1 mês. Recebi uma ligação dele com esse número +2347030784791 (John Mark). Até agora nada pediu, mas muito bonito e se diz muito apaixonado. eu preciso da sua ajuda para saber se é um número golpe ou verdadeiro.

  • 308 Juana Solis // Oct 26, 2013 at 13:45

    Is this phone number real or fake? The number belong to a Friend from UK
    Harry Brown.

  • 309 Juana Solis // Oct 26, 2013 at 13:48

    I forgot to write the number
    Harry Brown
    From UK.

  • 310 merito // Oct 30, 2013 at 19:47


    Dear Applicant,
    A Response Following Your Employment Request

    Thanks for taking interest to join Wajakah Corporation, hereinafter referred to as the Company. We hereby acknowledge receipt of your request for a job with us. In this mail, we will explain the basic procedure for employment with us and we will also provide you with our application and interview form, which you can find in attachment. Read through this mail carefully before filling the application and interview form. If you have any questions, please feel very free to ask.

    Employment terms:
    We will consider your application and if accepted, you will work with us for a probationary period of three months before we validate your long term full time employment with us. You will be on probation for three months during which we will pay you the normal salary for the post which you applied for. During the probation period, we will evaluate you in the following domains:
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    · Conduct based evaluation; you will be provided with our code of conduct upon our acceptance of your application.
    · Evaluation based on professional ethics; Professional ethics is of great concern to us and we will expect you to practice acceptable professional ethics.
    We sincerely hope that your performance, conduct and ethics during the probation period will be satisfactory. Upon satisfactory completion of the probation period, your long term full time employment with us will be validated. Your first location of work will be at our Cameroon branch where we have been awarded a project for the construction of a deep seaport and associated industrial facility. Upon completion of this project, you will either remain here in Cameroon in our branch office or you will be sent to one of our offices in Europe or in another country as the need may be. But you might probably be transferred because when we complete the construction phase of the project, we will transfer most of our permanent staff and leave back only those necessary to run the maintenance phase.
    Salary package and other such benefits:
    Payments are made in United State Dollars. The initial pay for the position which you are applying for will be calculated as follows:

    – Position applied for: Welder
    – Salary per hour: $40
    – Hours of work per day: 8 hours
    – Salary per week: $1600
    -Weekly schedule: Monday-Friday. Saturday work is considered overtime with extra payment.
    Salary is payable at the end of each working week. This salary is tax deductible and 2.5% of base salary will be deducted as tax for foreign nationals joining our work force. Tax deduction for Local nationals will be as determined by the state taxation department. One month’s advance salary payable at the end of first two working weeks.
    Other benefits: you will see on Employment Agreement to be sent in our next email if your application is successful.
    Flight and Visa arrangements:
    N.B.: This applies only to employees joining our work force from abroad
    a) Visa arrangements: It is the responsibility of our company to process visas, work permits and residence permits for all employees joining our work force from other countries. However, it is the responsibility of the employee (your responsibility) to provide the company with the necessary documentation for the procurement of their visa, work permit and residence permit. We will, however, provide you with the list of required documentation demanded by the immigration department in charge of processing the visa, work permit and residence permit.
    b) Flight ticket and travel insurance: The Company will procure your air ticket and travel insurance. This is the sole responsibility of the company. Also, transportation from the airport to your accommodation will be provided to you by the company, through our staff who will welcome you at the airport.
    If at the end of the three (3) months probationary period we do not deem it necessary to validate your long term full time employment, we will pay your air ticket and travel insurance for you to go back to your country of residence.
    After this probationary period (of three months) if you provide satisfactory services and we validate your long term full time employment contract with us, we will provide accommodation for you in our company residential quarters where we accommodate all our permanent staff. This accommodation at our company residential quarters will then come to you free of charge. You will then pay only for your bills (electricity, water, and phone). Internet services for all staff residing at our company residential quarters are free of charge.
    Please note, however, that because of disappointment from some employees, the company does not provide accommodation during the probation period and your accommodation during the probation period is solely your responsibility.
    Your accommodation during your first three months (probation period) will be solely negotiated by you. We do not make arrangements for accommodation for employees during their probation period. Part of the reason for this is that some employees proof to be competent from their CV, when on the actual job they have no skill, talent and/or experience. In the past we have even reserved accommodation for employees who never came to start work after signing their contract with our company.
    You will be moved into the company’s residential quarters and provided with free accommodation upon successful completion of your probation period.
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    Please note: regarding the issue of accommodation during the probation period, you will in no way be obliged to go by our recommendation. You will be free to make your accommodation arrangements anywhere close enough to the job site provided it is safe and secure enough.

    Now to proceed with your application, download and fill the application and interview form attached to this email. Then return the filled forms to us along with scanned copies of your relevant certificates/diplomas (if any) for consideration of your application. If you did not provide your CV/resume when contacting us with your initial employment request, please provide it as it will also play a role in the consideration of your application.
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  • 311 MR JOHN LARRY // Nov 2, 2013 at 16:30


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  • 312 agus // Nov 8, 2013 at 18:03

    Dearest One,
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    I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here. I am presently living in Senegal due to the death of my family. My Father ( Dr Toure Kalou ) was the personal adviser to the former head of states, Also a successful business man import and exporter during his life time, before the rebels attacked my house one early morning killing my mother and my father. Equally my mother was a senior lecturer at the university before her death, it was only me that is alive now because I was the only child to my parents, and I managed to make my way to near by country Senegal, where I am leaving now.

    I was in the University where am schooling, I’m doing my first year in accountant, I then manage to abscond to follow west African country (SENEGAL ) where am residing now in ” REFUGEE CAMP”. I decided to contact you, due to the problematic situation which am passing through here in this camp. We are not eligible to go out from the camp unless we took permission. It’s just like one staying in the prison, but I believe by God’s grace i will extricate here soon.

    l don’t have any relatives now whom l can go to all my relatives abscond in the middle of the war the only one l have now is Reverend Patrick Philip who is the pastor of the (Christ the kings Church) here in the camp he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i am leaving in the female’s hostel because the camp have two hostels one for women & the other for men.

    Please listen to this, i have my late father’s statement of account and his death certificate here with me which i will send to you later, because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in one of the leading bank which he used my name as the next of kin, the amount in question is $5.7M( Five Million seven Hundred Thousand Dollars). So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my traveling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. I kept this secret to people in the camp here, the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me.

    The Pastors Tel. number is (+221- 773-816-861) If you call tell him you want to speak with me, then he will send for me in the female hostel. As a refugee here i don’t have any privileged to anything be it money or whatever because it is against their law. I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the tragic incident that lead to my being in this situation now.

    NOTE; As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest, I will put things into action immediately and will educate you more on the way you will assist me receive the money, in the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent response indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely.

    Regarding to the above i will like you to be confidential and don’t tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it. Remember i am giving you all this information due to confident I confide on you. I like sincere, kind, respectful, honest and understanding people, truth and hard working. I love English language but I would like to know many others if God gives me the opportunity but i speak English very well. However I will like you to call me because we still have a lot to discuss. I want to know a bit about you and you can send your picture to me too because i have just sent mine here as an attachment.Thanks & God bless you, looking forward to your urgent and earliest response and have a pleasant day.
    Yours In Love
    Miss Hope.

  • 313 Mireu // Nov 13, 2013 at 14:13

    You may want to add this number, I just received a call that rang me and then hung up when I answered: +44 70 86535419.

  • 314 moe // Nov 17, 2013 at 14:01

    this is a very informative writeup. Not too long ago I received a call from one of these numbers.
    Indicated that I won a lump some which was ready to be transferred lol. Silly to think that some people actually fall for these things.

    Not sure if the exact number is indicated on your list so ill put it up anyway.

    +44 70 2158 0641

    Things like this make the internet a good place :)

  • 315 najeeb // Nov 18, 2013 at 18:20

    My Dear ,
    How are you doing over there i hope that you are fine. My dear i was very glad to read your mail today , My dear i want to thank you for all your effort towards me, Please i have not told anyone except you and the Reverend about the existence of this money and i will like you to please keep it secret to other people because since it is money all eyes will be on it. i trust God that is why i am giving you all this information’s!.

    I have informed the bank about my plans to claim this money and the only advice they gave me is to look for a foreign partner who will stand on my behalf due to my refugee status and the laws of this country. In this regards i will like you to contact the bank immediately with this information’s below,tell them that you are my foreign partner and that you want to know the possibilities of assisting me transfer my $6.3 million dollars deposited by my late father which i am the next of kin to your account in your country.

    Syndicate Bank Of London .
    2A East Cheap,London
    EC3M ILH ( Reg:576104 )
    Tel: +447031899608
    E-mail: ( )

    Director foreign operations dept: Mr.S.Balakrishnan

    Information about the deposit code are as follows.
    Name of depositor; Late Dr.Dugba Fred Linus
    Nationality: Liberia
    Deposit security code: 4236 7489 0968
    Next of kin : Miss Grace Dugba Fred
    Amount deposited: US$6.3.Million

    Contact them on how to transfer the money deposited by my late father of which i am the next of kin.My dear i am glad that God has brought you to see me out from this situation and i promise to be kind and will equally need you in every area of my life including investing this money

    As i told you before,this camp is just like a prison and my prayers is to move out from here as soon as possible.Please make sure that you contact the bank so that after the transfer you can send some money from that money for me to prepare my traveling documents to meet with you in your country.I wait your good response.

    please try to call me
    Awaiting to hear from you soonest!
    Yours Grace

  • 316 najeeb // Nov 18, 2013 at 18:22

    i had recive this email from

  • 317 Stewart King // Nov 20, 2013 at 22:34


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  • 319 edwin // Dec 9, 2013 at 16:37

    We all have this instinct of going online to search for a particular phone number. That number may have appeared in our inboxes and we would like to know who the person is behind the number @

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    The company email:……

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  • 321 sam // Dec 17, 2013 at 09:08

    Hello dear,

    Thanks for your prompt reply to my request;

    it seems to me that you are a very sincere person i want to use this means to inform you that I am certify with your given price.

    But I have a business proposal for you.

    I am a captain with the United Nations troop in Iraq but now we have been transferred to Libya, on war against terrorism .Based on the United States legislative and executive decision, for withdrawing troops from Libya. Our mission is to help beef up terrorist targeted states, mostly the United States and the European Union on war against terrorism.

    On the other hand I want to inform you that I have in my possession the sum of (21.4million U.S.D) Which I got from crude oil deal here in Iraq. I deposited this money with a Red Cross agent informing them that we are making contact for the real owner of the consignment box. It is under my power to approve who so ever that comes forth for this consignment box. I want to invest the money in your country as soon as I am deployed for a good business, anyway you will advice me on that since I am not a business person. I cannot move this money to United States because I will be in your country for about 3years, so I need someone I could trust. If you accept i will transfer the money to you.

    And you will be the beneficiary because I am a uniformed person and I cannot be parading such an amount so I need to present someone as the beneficiary. I am an American and an intelligence officer so to say, I have a 100% authentic means of transferring the money through a diplomatic courier service .I just need your acceptance and trust, and then all is done. Please if you are interested in this transaction I will give to you the complete details you need for us to carry out this transaction successfully, I decided to find someone that is real and not imaginary and that is why I went for a secured site where I can be sure that the person is real. I believe I can trust you.

    Where we are now we can only communicate through our military communication facilities which is much secured so nobody can monitor our conversation, then I can explain in details to you at the moment i can only reach you through email, because our calls might be monitored, i just have to be sure of whom I am dealing with.I will give to you 30% of the sum and 70% is for me. I hope am been fair on this deal, get back to me with your full information such as:

    Your Full Name————————–
    Your Full Address———————– –
    Your Direct Cell phone Number———————-
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    Capt,Dabah Colly ( another stupid Nigerian )
    My name is captain Dabah Colly and here is the contact which you can
    reach me for now +447062017550

  • 322 DG // Dec 18, 2013 at 14:46

    I have recently been corresponding with someone who gave his phone number as +44-7014245685. He said he is from UK but his job entails him to be on high seas most of the time. Wouldn’t that necessitate that he uses a number that would allow him to make calls while outside the UK?

  • 323 Mel // Dec 19, 2013 at 13:23

    Hi is it usual for them to phone you? I just missed a call from +44 70 2158 1925. Would it be a scammer trying to ring me? How would they get my no?

  • 324 Mrswema // Dec 22, 2013 at 09:22

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  • 325 GET YOUR LOANS IN A LOW INTEREST RATE HERE !! { No Scam Activities please } // Dec 22, 2013 at 09:24

    The following offer is a scam!


    Dear Valued Customers,
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  • 326 Joe Wein // Dec 24, 2013 at 00:12

    @DG: These numbers are not for making calls outside the UK. Anyone can make international calls from any landline or mobile phone pretty much anywhere. The special thing about the +4470 numbers is that they are UK numbers but forward the cxalls to another number, which can be almost anywhere and remains hidden. If that person wanted you to call him, he could simply give you his mobile number wherever he is. It would be cheaper to call the mobile number directly than to call the 4470 number that calls the mobile number. The only practical use of +4470 numbers is to make people believe that someone is in the UK when they’re not!

  • 327 Joe Wein // Dec 24, 2013 at 00:16

    @Mel: Though the scam usually starts with email it’s not unusual for them to call you. They also send SMS spam.

  • 328 Simeon Cruz // Jan 8, 2014 at 22:37

    I received a phone call from +44 70 21809063 but I did not answer because I knew it was a scam. Just for everybody’s information.

  • 329 Anonymous // Jan 9, 2014 at 21:53

    Posted by a scammer:
    Name: Sir.Omoye Osemen
    IP Address:; Jan 9, 2014 @ 21:53

    End your financial worries today:

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    Contact him for more information, be clear and honest.

    Sir.Omoye Osemen

  • 330 Marylou // Jan 24, 2014 at 11:18

    I received an email for the transfer of my Fund from eglise catholique Missionaries worth $850,000 and they are asking me to pay $2,113 to India for the easy transfer since I am from country of Asia. Pls. inform me if this is a scam with the tel. Number of Halifax Online Banking Unit (44) 701-006-7822 and Peter Voser as Bank Director

  • 331 Nelson // Feb 3, 2014 at 18:48


    I received a direct call on my mobile from +44 70 8670 4479

    Thank you.

  • 332 not a sucker // Feb 14, 2014 at 16:42

    You all have talked about email scams and so on but you are forgetting one of the biggest of them all and that is online romance scams. I have one on the hoot RIGHT NOW. I get messages from him every day on Skype about how he is going to come see me in a few days and he’s a business man who owns his own company. Originaly I got a message that they liked me blah blah and I knew right away something was not right. Anytime they are pushy and demanding something is wrong. Also they told me they did not have a cell phone haha. Now come on? Who owns their own business and does not have a cell phone? So yea for the last week I have been reversing his scam on him!! I am getting ready to start phasing for money to see if I can get a few bucks out of him in order to string me along for bigger bucks hah. I have done this before again with the same scammers who are truly idiots. Sad thing is people want to be loved and they want to believe that someone loves them and will fall for it. After a few days or weeks they will come up with story that they need money and are stuck at the airport. It’s something like they lost their wallet or customs stopped and detained them and took their wallet. And people fall for it all the time its so sad.

    here is the number for this person they have listed on their Skype as well as name

    Name: Matthew Rogers
    Skype Matthew_Rogers109

  • 333 James Chamunorwa // Feb 17, 2014 at 00:12

    Please help to verify these numbers :
    +447024035859 for UK At South Quay Plaza,183 Marsh wall London.
    And +225 067071627
    Yamoussoukro Cote d’lvoire
    Also +22545349403

  • 334 Mr Wess King // Feb 21, 2014 at 04:40

    Loan scam posted from IP address in Nigeria (Mr Wess King /

    We offer Loans to individuals, Firms and cooperate
    bodies at 3% interest rate per annum, The Minimum
    amount you can borrow is $2,000.00 US Dollars to
    Maximum of $10.Million.Please, provide the following:
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    5. Duration:……………..
    6. Phone Number………….
    7. Fax Number……………
    Contact Email:
    Mr Wess King

  • 335 Rajat // Mar 5, 2014 at 20:42

    a person told me that he will give me a phone at half cost and i payed and now i m not able to contact him..
    is this a scam number+44 702 408 5669.
    please tell me so that i can case a file against him.
    thank you

  • 336 Joe Wein // Mar 6, 2014 at 13:21

    Hello Rajat,

    yes, that +4470 number is a scam number. Basically, every +4470 number is a scam number!

    The police will not normally seriously investigate international online scams because it’s hard to trace the criminals. It’s too much work compared to going after domestic criminals who are easier to track down and prosecute.

    Never send money to anyone who uses a +4470 number!

  • 337 Dmitri // Mar 14, 2014 at 18:15

    Most of Nigerian cheaters, might ask you to send them items, that you sell on the internet pages. They ask your bank account, make a fake payments form LLOYD BANK, using unreal email, and asking you to send to this bank tracking number and receipt from post office. Ones you will send them item, you will never get your money or item. I just don’t understand, the address, there they pick up item, why they don’t scare that police might catch them inhere…

  • 338 Lisa // Mar 15, 2014 at 15:17

    Add this one to the list:
    +44 70 8899 4810

  • 339 YB // Mar 20, 2014 at 02:55

    +221 778359386

    Sir, I have paste these no.s in as u’ve said but i like to know m I safe or not as I’ve talked with +2216778359386 for 4 or 5 times by my cell phone & also have provide my brief details too… & please would you tell me if u know what they do with my details & what sud i do to my mail id & my cell (sim card) by which i used to keep contact with them ?

  • 340 YB // Mar 20, 2014 at 19:18

    they are still sending me mail Sir, what should i do.. remove my hotmail id or ????? waiting ur kind response

  • 341 Srikanth H S // Mar 22, 2014 at 15:41

    Dear Sir,

    I am Srikanth H S from INDIA, Karnataka, Bangalore, I Received a mail from Milestone Hotel for Job Opportunity, I called o that number they answered and told me that I have to send Photocopy of my Passport and after I have to Pay around 22,700(Twenty Two Thousand and Seven Hundred Rupees) for VISA. I am Posting that mail also Is this real or Fake Please respond my question,
    Thank You.

    Warm Regards
    Srikanth H S

    Dear Employee,
    We the management of the Milestone Hotel are still awaiting for your arrival to resume work immediately. Please kindly contact our lawyer in your country for immediate processing of your visa paper and other travelling document that may be required.

    Urgent, Contact the Lawyer via e-mail using the contact details below for processing of your visa: – Attn-please make sure you follow his instruction to avoid delay of your visa
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    Your earlier responds will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,
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  • 342 Mr.Sport Villa // Apr 8, 2014 at 08:19

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  • 346 Daniela // Apr 20, 2014 at 05:58


    19 Aprile 2014 14:25, BARKER Simon ha scritto:

    International Soccer Agency Want To use this opportunity to inform you of the new offer(s) we have for you in professional soccer clubs in England, Interested Player Willing And Ready To Secure a Place In One Of The Best Teams In The English Premier League, German League, Spanish League Also The Major League Soccer Are Advised To Forward Their Perfectly documented Player’s CV(RESUME) Which Would Enable Us Access And Forward it to The Clubs Trial Management.

    I am an agent from England…linked with many teams from Europe…I am looking for talented players from around the world…I am also looking for partners in different countries…I saw your profiles on SOCCER AGENT so i am using the opportunities to call on you for a trials in England.

    Regarding players : players may send a detailed CV, birth certificate scanned copy and above all recommendation and contact details of their past and actual coaches and if possible video files with them in match action.

    You can forward your Football CV to my email address.

    Or send it down to my office address.
    20 Oxford Street
    Office Line:+447031923187
    Other Line: +447031901270
    Fax:+44-161/236 9515


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    Mr BARKER Simon
    +44 7031923187
    Fax:+44-161/236 9515

    PFA Sport Management is a company registered in England and Wales.

    Company Registration Number: 5305019. Registered Office: 20 Oxford Street Manchester M2 3WQ.

    All Rights Reserved * Privacy Policy * Copyright © 2014.

  • 347 Lili // Apr 29, 2014 at 03:44

    Olá Joe, pesquisei o site e não encontrei os números
    447035952334 e 2348053827077, poderia me dizer se também são scammers, o nome do usuário dos é Allen Brett.


    Hello Joe, I searched the site and found the numbers
    447035952334 and 2348053827077, tell me if you are also scammers, the user name is Allen Brett.
    Thank you,


  • 348 Min // May 2, 2014 at 15:11

    Thank you for this very useful website.
    I received a call from +44 70 8866 4200 and the caller hung up. Thanks to your website, I didn’t call the number back.
    Can you please add the number to your scam list?

  • 349 JC // May 25, 2014 at 22:24

    Add this to the list for Romance Scammer
    Used Facebook Account Name: Ronald Gowan
    +44 70 2404 5845
    +233 23 046 3607

  • 350 The Old Wolf // Jun 3, 2014 at 06:38


    Another scam number from another scammer. This is someone pretending to be “Ira Curry,” lottery winner. The email in full is below.
    Hello Beneficiary,

    Sorry for the first blank message i sent to you, it was sent in error, I have received the information i asked for and i want to say congratulations to you your Family, and your community once again on behalf of Ira Curry and Family. This donation to you i hope it will be put to good use for community, educational or business development PURPOSE to help reduce the unemployment rate in your environs. You have to understand that I’m doing this not to gain fame like i said before, also I’m not doing this because i have too much money to give but i believe that the little i have is enough to share with you and i want your assurance that it will be put to good use. You are to contact the payout bank (TSB BANK UK) with the details below:

    Bank Name: TSB BANK PLC
    Office Address:
    404 Bethnal Green Rd,
    London E2 0AH,
    United Kingdom..
    TSB Bank Contact Email:
    Contact Person: Mr Vincent Diaz or Bernard Anderson,
    Contact Number: +44 752 069 6310.

    Ensure you follow direct instructions from the bank and also write back to me immediately you get the donated funds. You are to contact the bank stating my reference number: International Application ID number: 19000321, full name, address and phone number.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT: The agreement/contract signed with the TSB BANK, United Kingdom for online transfers of my donated funds states that whoever i authorized to receive my donation will complete it through the use of an online account that must be opened by you the new customer, therefore note that your contact with the TSB BANK will involve the opening of a new online bank account in your name which they will automatically credit my donated funds into the new account then you would have to transfer your funds online yourself from your house computer OR office accessing through their online database to any other account anywhere in the world. That is Tsb Bank Electronic Online – Banking policy so you should be ready to open an account with them upon your contact.

    Always send me every correspondents between you and the bank so i know your level of compliance.

    God bless you and your entire household as you in turn be a blessing to the people around you.

    Sincerely Yours
    Ira Curry
    For so many obvious reasons, this is NOT Ira Curry. It’s a festering heap of camel ejecta in Nigeria perpetrating yet another advance-fee fraud. Stay away from ANY 44 7… phone numbers. NEVER send money by Western Union, Green Dot Money Pack cards, or any other means to anyone you don’t know.

    Stay safe out there.

  • 351 azam // Jun 5, 2014 at 04:30

    thanks alot for your kindness

  • 352 MR // Jun 5, 2014 at 07:54

    Ronald Gowan is back in Facebook. Profile claims to live in Liverpool, Widowed with 2 daughters from Dublin, Ireland. Caution to women: he could request money to be send via Western Union.

  • 353 ADR // Jun 7, 2014 at 11:59

    Pictures of Ronald Gowan appears in other profiles – Alex Smith, Coby Watts.

  • 354 Nasar // Jun 9, 2014 at 19:35

    Today I received scammer’s call (2 rings) from +447079219236 on my mobile in Pakistan.
    So add these two numbers as well.

  • 355 mariama // Jun 12, 2014 at 23:19

    Je suis au Sénégal. Depuis une semaine, je reçois des appels d’inconnus. ça a commencé par des numéros inconnus , mais aujourd’hui, l’appel à afficher le numéro +44 70 8662 0509.

    Im at sénégal. Since a week, i receice scammer’s call. Please add this number to the black list +44 70 8662 0509

  • 356 Anonymous // Jun 26, 2014 at 12:15

    Posted by a fake loan scammer:

    Tom Johnnie ( – IP (Nigeria)


    Do you need a loan?
    Are you interested in getting any kind of loan?
    Are you worried about financial ? Or do you need a loan to pay off debt and bills ? We want to give out loan to those that never needs a loan at low interest rate of 2 % , we give out loan from a minimum to a maximum of 5,000.00 usd 100 million dollars, pounds , euro , if interested , contact us via company Email:
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    Interested applicants must complete and return the loan the borrower under ` s loan information for processment of transfer:


    Full Name: ………………….
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    Contact Address: …………….
    Country …………………….
    Phone: ……………………..
    Occupation: …………………
    Monthly income: …………………….
    Religion: …………………………
    Next of Kin : …………………..
    ( Loan Information )
    Amount Needed as Loan: ……….
    Loan Duration: ………………
    Collateral : …………………
    Mode of repayment : monthly or yearly ……………
    Have you applied for a loan before? ……………….

    Thanks as we await your answers fast .

    Mr. Tom Johnnie

  • 357 clifford isles // Jun 26, 2014 at 20:40

    is trafalgal hotel job offer is a sscam also?

  • 358 adam // Jun 30, 2014 at 16:19

    And now they call and hang up so people call them back. Thanks for the site

  • 359 adam // Jun 30, 2014 at 16:20

    4470 8855 2006 a number I have been getting a few calls on my Malaysian mobile

  • 360 Rodrigo Luli // Jul 4, 2014 at 17:52

    Do you need a loan? Have you been looking where to get a loan? Have you been trying to get any kind of loan?If you want to get an affordable loan, then apply now at ( ). Loan is offered here at a very low interest rate of 3%. Contact us now if you are interested.

  • 361 MD Rahman // Jul 10, 2014 at 03:02

    there are some others-

  • 362 Anonymous // Jul 11, 2014 at 10:02

    The following was posted by a fake loan scammer from Nigeria ( (Mr Williams Morgan)

    Are you a business man or woman? You in any financial mess or do you
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    Occupation: …………….

    Come back to us, if you need a loan.
    Mr Williams Morgan

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  • 363 Anonymous // Jul 14, 2014 at 07:01

    The following was posted by a fake loan scammer from Nigeria ( (Rodrigo Luli)



    To properly introduce myself, I am Mr RODRIGO LULI a private lender i
    give out loan at 3% interest rate. This is a financial opportunity at
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    Monthly Income:

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    I gladly await your swift response,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mr Rodrigo Luli.

  • 364 Jeff M // Jul 17, 2014 at 13:43

    Just had a missed call from *447088700282
    The phone dialled once and stopped
    Am not calling anyone back and will block the number. I have no dealings with anyone from England and don’t expect to in the future…. Found this site by google search ‘whose number is’

  • 365 jafett // Jul 20, 2014 at 01:37

    tambien recibi una noticia parecida diciendome una mujer que le ayudara a salir de senegal con una cantidad de 6,7 millones de dolares

  • 366 jafett // Jul 20, 2014 at 01:46

    hello they say it’s a scam if they ask for money, I can explain that please?

  • 367 jorge // Jul 21, 2014 at 21:56

    this mailsend to me today, and i found in this page a alarm number fraud.

    deema abdel

    Hola mi querido,
    Te bendecido con el debido respeto en el nombre de Dios.
    En primer lugar le doy las gracias tanto, en línea con el mensaje que he enviado a ti, estoy más que feliz en su respuesta a mi correo. ¿Cómo es cada cosa allá en su país, creo que usted está en buena salud, y el ambiente allá en su país es muy bonito hoy? El mío es un poco más caliente aquí en Lomé, Togo.

    Mi nombre es (Deema Abdel) Desde Libia en el norte de África, que soy (23 años de edad), pero la edad no importa en una relación real, yo soy de (Libia) 5.2ft de altura, justo en la tez sola, (nunca casado) y actualmente soy residente aquí en Lomé como consecuencia de la guerra que ocurrió en mi país que yo estaba escapado a este país Togo eran i estoy bajo el campo de refugiados.

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    Por favor, no se ofenda por este mensaje que viene de mí, por favor, es sólo que no sé qué más hacer, porque mi situación aquí como refugiado me está dando una gran preocupación, por lo tanto, me gustaría que usted considere mi situación como un huérfano, y ser amable conmigo, como me estoy poniendo toda mi confianza en usted con el miedo, aunque no sé quién es usted antes, pero creo que con Dios todas las cosas son posibles y usted puede no me va a entregar al final.

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    El número Tel padre Rev es (0022892143048) si usted llama, por favor dígale que usted quiere hablar conmigo señorita Deema de Libia él enviará para mí en el albergue para venir a hablar con usted. Aquí, en este campo también yo os envío un correo electrónico a través de la computadora de la oficina de la iglesia en la oficina Más al Rev. Debido Como refugiado aquí no tengo ningún derecho o privilegio a cualquier cosa ya sea dinero, teléfono, computadora, o lo que sea, porque es contra la ley de este país. Quiero volver a mis estudios porque sólo asistí a mi primer año antes del trágico incidente que conducen a mi estar en esta mala situación. Yo estaba presente cuando yo vi a mi madre murió con seis meses de embarazo.

    Por favor, escuchen esto – (porque es un secreto, aunque nadie lo sabe excepto tú y yo sabe de esto),

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