Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

A few years ago I created the Scam-O-Matic (www.scamomatic.com), a website that every month has helped thousands of people worldwide by automatically diagnosing online fraud emails that people have submitted to it. Scamomatic.com recognizes fake lotteries, “dead customer” scams, “dying widow” scams and many other common formats from scammers from Nigeria that you may have seen in your inbox before. Even when it can’t pinpoint the exact type of scam, it often recognizes it as a generic scam format, largely thanks to the presence in the email of UK phone numbers that start with +44 70. These numbers are everywhere in Nigerian online scams, regardless of the precise scam format. The +44 70 prefix might as well be called the country code of Nigerian scammers.

If you receive any email that mentions any +4470 phone number, do not reply to it! You can submit the body of any suspicious email message to www.scamomatic.com for instant feedback about what kind of scam it might be.

These +4470 numbers are a gift to online scammers by British phone regulators. They are primarily owned by obscure British phone companies offering an anonymous call forwarding service. The economic model of these services is simple: The caller dials a rather expensive UK number and the UK service provider forwards the incoming call to a somewhat less expensive to call international number (for example a Nigerian mobile phone, which remains hidden from the caller), pocketing the difference between the call rates. For example, the caller might pay 50 cents per minute to call a +44 70 number and the call will then be forwarded to a Nigerian mobile phone that costs 25 cents per minute, leaving 25 cents per minute as a net margin for the service operator. The more successful the scammers are, the more money the phone company makes. Who ever said crime doesn’t pay?

These UK phone numbers are very attractive to scammers: When people can be made to believe that they are dealing with a bank, lawyer or government official in London, UK when they’re actually talking to a scammer on his cell phone in an Internet cafe in Lagos, Nigeria then they are much more easily defrauded by criminals.

As far as I can tell these numbers aren’t really being used for any other purpose than to enable international online crimes to be committed. In some nine years of tracking Nigerian scam emails, I have yet to come across a single legitimate user of a +44 70 number. I really don’t understand why the British government has allowed those services to continue to operate.

Now, of course the service operators can claim that they don’t know that their services are being used for criminal purposes unless someone tells them about it. On the other hand, they are not exactly making it easy to report abuse and the high prices of these services means that it’s unlikely that they’ll get much legitimate use, if any.

There are several ways to curb abuse, other than suspending +44 70 numbers altogether and I would encourage the UK government to seriously consider them:

  • The UK regulators could make it a requirement that calls via this service either originate in the UK or terminate in the UK, i.e. to prevent unrestricted global relaying, with say calls from India or the US being forwarded to Nigeria or Côte d’Ivoire.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to announce the country name of the phone number to which the call is being forwarded if the destination number is not a UK number.
  • The UK regulators could require service providers to block forwarding to mobile phone numbers in certain countries, e.g. Nigeria

Below is a sample list of +44 70 numbers that appeared in Nigerian scams reported to Scam-O-Matic over the course of the last seven days. These roughly 60 phone numbers per day are only the tip of the iceberg:


642 thoughts on “Dial +44 70 (UK number) for international online fraud

  1. +44 70 4576 5290 this is Dr. Lisa Farnsworth’s contact number.

    She is seeking for Filipino employees. I sent her a message on facebook telling that I am so much interested in working in UK. She asked me to email my resume at dr.lisafarnsworth@gmail.com. I did email my resume. She sais that she forwarded it already to his attorney and I just need to follow the attorney’s instruction. The attoryney then sent me work agreement form and London’s Oath form. I sent it back to him. And now he sent me the visa application form and document charges. Dr. Lisa will be the ones to shoulder the visa and the ticket. And i just have to pay 300pounds for the medical and travel insurance, chambers, and for the REC.

    Now, I need help if this is true or not. I am to pay 18,000.00. But before doing that I want to make sure of everything. Please help me.

  2. i want know this number. please help me
    00 44 70 0593 1528

  3. Dear Ashok Kumar

    I also got an offer from the same company.

    I also want to know if this is real.


    Company No: 06047294

    Tel: +447031962911

    Email: hr.manager@royalnavy.co.uk

    Website: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk
    i want this co. is fake or genuine
    because i have recd a job offer from the co.

  4. I also got an offer from the Royal Navy (HMS excellent) with this certain address , a job offer ( Administration assistant) and they told me they will issue the visa from the UK Border Agency in UK to facilitate the process of issuing Visa

  5. What I found that this address refers to The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

    But this number is not the correct number for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

    When I entered the Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity Facebook page I got another number !!

  6. @nehal Abdullah they’re fraud. I also fall a victim. They collected money from me. Beware!!!!

  7. This is larry donald on Facebook such a sweet talker then I realism he is a fraud. .his number is 447010044761

  8. @royalnavy.co.uk and @mail2consultant.com are free webmail addresses. Beware of any job offers or other offers from such addresses.

    Any job offer or other solicitation involving a +4470 number is also a scam.

  9. please help me to check phone no.:+44 70 3181 3973 and
    email address : frankhoward@fastservice.com
    company name : F.D. Howard Medtech Ltd.
    2 Charchill Place Camary Wharf
    Level 1, London E14 5RB, UK
    I have make some order from they co, I need to pay the cost , please help me to check it real co or real person

  10. Selina, it’s a +4470 number and they claim to be in the UK, therefore it’s a scam. +4470 numbers basically have no legitimate users in the UK.

    Most likely you’ve been asked to buy products from a (fake) supplier on behalf of a (fake) company that will buy it more expensively from you. It’s a scam, any money you send to the fake supplier is lost.

  11. +44 70 3253 5708
    I received the email from this number that they are providing free iPhone at half price and they want me to pay half money as advance first so they are fraud or genuine as they also have Facebook page https://facebook.com/e.globaltradinglimited
    Please help me with this

  12. Who would be stupid enough to fall for any of these scams?

    I heard that SPAM BOMBING an email address is not a nice thing to do!

  13. Scam post by Adamfredloanfirm@gmail.com / IP
    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I write to introduce our financial services to you. We are
    project funder as well as financial lender. Our funds are
    purely earned from private and corporate investment
    portfolios under our direct jurisdiction. With our group
    capital fund we can finance your signatory projects and help
    you to enhance your business plan.
    We are seeking means of expanding and relocating our
    business interest abroad in the following sectors: oil/Gas,
    banking, real estate, stock speculation and mining,
    transportation, health sector and tobacco, Communication
    Services, Agriculture Forestry & Fishing, thus any sector.
    We are very much interested in your PROJECT provided you
    will assure us of the security of the investment fund.
    We wish to enter into any partnership outside the gulf
    region. We are only looking at investment opportunities
    within the range of $1M -500 Million and above. Please
    email us and provide us with a Comprehensive Business
    Plan, Project Executive Summary and amount required for
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    Thus: The borrower will be dealing directly with our
    Financial Consultant or Fiduciary Agent and Bank at all
    stage after approval of the investment fund by our Group.
    Rest assured credibility in service is our watch ward.!
    I look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship
    with you. We hope to serve you better in the future.!
    Awaiting your response at Adamfredloanfirm@gmail.com
    Adam fred
    Email: Adamfredloanfirm@gmail.com

  14. Scam post by elizabethmiller2257@gmail.com / IP

  15. Hi..I just want to know if this number +44 703 1925231 is legit or scam also the email add bankyperry@yahoo.com

    I recieved phone calls and messages from the said number claiming that it was from UK…

    Thank you and God bless…

  16. DEAR ALL .
    I WANT TO KNOW ABUT THIS WEB pec12015@hotmail.com
    they are offering me about some winning draw bot 500000 pounds that you have won this n 2016 pepsi annual draw n international numbers draw and they have sent me a number for contect which is 00447087647937 and say that this is the number of PRIZE ADMINISTRATOR NUMBER NAMEDRICHERDEVANS. SO PLZ TELL ME THIS IS TRUE OR FROUD

  17. Any email or offer that mentions a +4470 number is a scam. So is any lottery prize for which you didn’t buy a lottery ticket.

  18. Mr. Wein, I am so thankful that I found your website tonight. In April I was contacted via FB by a “widowed man in England”, with a young son, his own exporting business…which then he and his son had to travel from Birmingham to India after receiving the largest contract he had ever been awarded. He had to set up everything for his client so he would be paid. Well, there was much trouble with the customs superior officer and he needed to pay more money. After sending $1,600 through Money gram with the promise of repaying me double in 5 days, I started few like I was being scammed. I still have not received any money. That wasn’t enough~ customs demanded $16,000! I didn’t help him with this situation, although he did want me to take out a loan on my house! Supposedly everything has been fine for a while. He received several checks from this client which he cannot cash, since his bank is in England. Ismail is still short one payment (the total order was at least $650K). He needs funds to leave India, cannot cash the checks in India, wants to come to America & “cash the checks together”.
    I am still in contact with “Ismail” through Messenger. He started me odd romantic messages daily. I recently decided to google the entire message each day & they’re online~
    Mostly from “Love Messages Nigeria”!!
    He has been asking for my detailed private bank account information lately so a client can send money to my account (as if!) and now also wants me to get a credit card (which I will not do). He did have a client of his from Canada call me a few days ago to verify my address. This client is supposed to mail a check to me for $20K.
    So, Mr. Wein, are ALL 4470 numbers really rerouted to Nigeria?
    Does the short version of my story sound like a scam or have you heard this one already?
    Are the pictures of Ismail & his son also scams and not really the man I have been talking to for over 7 months? I do also have pictures of them here in the USA when he previously traveled here to meet with other clients.

    Tonight I decided to google his phone number just to see what would happen (certainly not expecting anything at all). Your website was listed first.
    Please help me. If you need any additional information, to confirm his phone number, his full name (possibly his alias), etc please advise.
    Best Regards, Gina

  19. I met a woman on facebook that spoke to me for about one month before
    I was asked to write this for this woman she asked me to write that i was her fiance in order for the company to allow me to help her in whatever this matter was supposed to be about.
    Oct 18

    to k.ambey2016, bcc: me
    To whom it may concern my name is Mr. Williams . Miss K Ambey’s Fiance’. I was asked to write this letter on behalf of Miss K Amber. She is seeking more information about her Father Sherman Miguel Amber Insurance policy funds. She has asked me to acquire any and all information pertaining to her fathers funds she is to receive. please cc Mr Williams

    The alleged AIIco Ins. Co. responded with this letter :
    Oct 18

    to me
    Mr Williams,

    Mr Williams, Tell us your full name, your age, your relationship intent and span with miss K. Amber , tell us where you live, your full home address, tell us about what you needed and then you can request for what ever you want to request for.
    This is a highly classified insurance matter, that requires a sophisticated detail of the next of kin.
    We need all this information about you, because we are sending you a huge sum of money and we need to know you and confirm you before we transfer that money to you.
    Thanks for you cooperation.

    Sent from AIICO Insurance Administrative department.
    Oct 21

    to me
    We owe great exceptions to this claim, a recognize insurance institution, With records and history that is dated back to 1963.
    We debug such Appalling claims on our integrity and body, We would make sure we carry out investigation on your person using this hilarious mail, has an evidence to prosecute you in the court of law.
    We aren’t in anyway in acquaintance with you rather we have to make our findings about you through the details and data of the individual who subscribed for a life policy with our institution.

    They wanted my acct # and to open a account for them.
    I responded to them with this note:

    to AIICO
    To whom it may concern i am not involved in receiving anything from you. Nor will i be. Get a real job you scammer

    I found this site while looking up this number +44-70-8764-7855 .. my phone company posted on my phone that this number was originating in Nigeria

  20. @Gina, most +4470 numbers are probably routed to Nigeria, but many will also be routed to mobile phones in other countries. The important thing is that they are basically *never* routed to a UK number. They’re used to make it look like someone is UK based when they’re not and to hide their real phone number, which could be in Nigeria, Malaysia, Ghana, Spain, Netherlands, … you name it. The mobile phones the call redirects to can not normally be traced.

    Any pictures used in online scams tend to be taken off other people’s personal websites or sometimes even off modelling websites. Assume them to be totally unconnected to the scammer’s real identity.

  21. Lora Kelly Smith.
    Dating site scam.
    Claims to be from Liverpool but currently in Belfast. Claims to work for Aviation industry as an airport security manager/assessor. Past been an air traffic controller. 34yrs of age. Will invite to add mobile number +44 70 2407 0834 to whatsapp. Try calling the number directly and the ring goes funny. Charged at approx 0.80ppm. Claims to have a mother who is a retired nurse and a pensioner and a younger sister just finishing school & dad to have deceased. Mother being Portugal and dad being English. Blocked her the moment I got this information of this number being of scams use. She tried to call me multiple times from an unknown number. I wonder why? Scam busted bitch.

  22. Just a note, in the ‘ol days it was only +4470 numbers.

    But it seems they ran out of numbers and now scams start with +447

  23. address 64 Station Road
    North Chingford, East London.
    E4 7BA
    Dr Stephen Sandler
    Please i want to know this adderss is fraud please infom me

  24. can you help me to trace this no.+447045704211 with a name Nicholas Osemwengie he say he is from London.

  25. Hello thai, the thing to remember is that nobody who really is in London uses a +4470 number. It’s a number that performs international call redirection, which you wouldn’t need unless you were outside the UK in the first place! So you can safely assume anyone who claims to be in the UK but uses a +4470 number to be a scammer. These numbers are inherently untraceable, that’s why criminals use them.

  26. Kindly say about these numbers



  27. @Najeem: They are probably also call forwarding numbers. +447589035206 was originally assigned to a company called Yim Siam Telecom, but according to Companies House that corporation has been dissolved. They used to offer call forwarding services that redirect calls to a UK number to numbers in Thailand. The number is probably offered by a similar service today.

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